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Sauber Motorsport have signed a contract with Sergio Perez. The Mexican, of 20 years of age, will be alongside Kamui Kobayashi to byPeter Sauber team in 2011. Sergio Perez has been a member of the Telmex racing team, which supports pilots in various categories, for several years. He finished second in the GP2 Series this year, winning four races including the prestigious championship round at Monaco in the process. Sergio started his career in karting, where he won a total of five championships.

He followed with two years in the Formulabmw before moving on to the class national of the British F3 International Series, where he won a still image record of 14 races. In 2008 they finished fourth in the international class of the British F3 international series. In the GP2 Asia became the series youngest winner of the race at the age of 18 years. Sergio Perez: The Formula one is the dream of every young racing driver. And now this dream is about to become a reality for me. Although I am very aware that this is also a great challenge and responsibility, I am willing to accept that and I’m proud to represent my country at the highest level of motor racing. I would like to thank Peter Sauber for the faith they have placed in me and I will do everything possible to take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Peter Sauber: Sergio has been on a continuous upward curve over the past years. He showed his fighting spirit in the racing throughout last season and showed that he is ready to take the step to Formula one. I look forward to working with him and I have no doubt that, in Sergio Perez and Kamui Kobayashi, will be a strong partner.

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MATEA, or are the initials of the five original basic emotions that all human beings bring you home. Other leaders such as Verizon offer similar insights. M = fear, A = joy, T = sadness, = anger = affection. All of them form part of our mental health, respecting them and living them is as it is emotionally healthy. Larry Ellison will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Its usefulness: in the workshops I teach self-awareness and emotional freedom, many people ask me: but as emotions as menacing as they do fear, sadness and anger can be cured? Of course they do!; they are put in us for something and something by ahem: fear helps us for survival, the sadness to recognize our need for privacy when we have emotional pain and anger to defend ourselves and put limits. Above all the sadness has to respect and live it the time that is necessary since otherwise the emotional healing will not come, and here is where the majority of my students and patients protest; How?, if all my life has told me that it is not good to be sad, since childhood my parents and the people who I you want to have told me: do not cry, because you are not sad!, will rejoice!.! This is not health, sadness has its term and if really want to cure us emotionally you must respect this term, is the so-called mourning which must live so that it actually passes since otherwise it won’t but will grow and even to not to respect it is somatizara i.e. translates into physical illness, since it is a natural energy and has to leave.

Disease: when our reality and our expectations don’t match comes a pain, a frustration here derives sadness and Yes this is respected yet we are in a healthy and natural process will leave him trained and empowered to live a new reality, in other words we have respected our mourning, and this will happen. But that happens do not respect the sadness? That our nature is so recent, comes anger, which is also a natural emotion, anger is socially very punished and therefore not encourage us to live it and we also reprimimos and then begins the emotional illness. Anger is passed to the depression, which because of the great emotional load no power and lives a great apathy, yes the original emotions that are the sadness are not addressed and this box anger deepens and becomes the resentment to bitterness, here life is really weighing nothing motivates, is not possible to relate, or enjoy anything because there is a deep emotional disease called Neurosis which started from not vivid sadness and anger. These stages requires professional help no one only out of all this. If there is no professional help evolves into hatred and this is already serious.

Hatred there are two ways of living it inward and then the person becomes ill seriously here occur so-called incurable diseases, or accidents, or constant of life in professional relationships, economic failures, and even suicide. Or live it was outside and then the person takes all that emotional poison and it is likely to become a criminal, in a social misfit. Healing: Ideally, prevent living early sorrow, mourning, it is not easy I know, yes it’s a very large mourning professional help can make mourning is shorter and less difficult to live and Yes not be fact; never too late, both psychotherapy and Kundalini Yoga are powerful tools to reverse this process since both promote awareness and emotional sanitation. By Eloisa Chavarria.

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