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Well Monetary

In other words, in five years the good had a monetary valuation of 25%. The difference enters the real value of the good in five years with its monetary value was of R$ 0,62. Practically the value of another good with the same characteristic, if not it purchase of as the well identical one to the first one. We will call the name the penxs good to facilitate our analysis. Let us come back then to the example: in 2006 this penxs it costs R$ 1,00 and in 2011 the equivalent R$ 1,25, had to the increase of the base monetary. Soon, if the penxs in 2011 did not exist the monetary increase would be valid R$ 0,63. The difference between the monetary and real value is practically the cost of a new penxs, with a small difference of R$ 0,01.

That is, the monetary base eliminated the productivity delinquent of the economy in the creation of a new penxs. This is one of the reasons because the consumer is poor with the inflation. The solution for the problem is not simple as to inhibit the impression of more currency as many believe or to raise the control forms, as rise of tributes on the capital leading the way to the doors of the investments defended for the state. Learn more at: Daniel Lubetzky. What the government cannot make is to lie consuming it and to present an increase of the monetary base in 4,5% to the year when we know that the penxs (used in our example above) had an average monetary rise of 19,6% to the year. In other words, it had a valuation of 15,10 percentile points above of the goal stipulated for inflation. Inflation has two faces for the government. The first one is me, therefore it knows the effect that generates in the popularity of any governor before the people. Second it is glad, because the government raises the governmental prescription with the inflationary tax, improving the primary surplus and the tax policy if it becomes efficient in short term. But which the face of the consumer when knowing that it is poor with the politics of goals for inflation?

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Paul Krugman

*Classicamente, the authors distinguish three constituent elements in implementation of the financial mundializao: the deregulation or monetary and financial liberalization, the descompartimentalizao of the national financial markets and the desintermediao, namely, the opening of the operations of loans, before reserved to the banks, the all type of institucional investor. They are three ‘ ‘ D’ ‘ whose reach was analyzed especially by Bourguinat (1). Baby clothes may find this interesting as well. For however, we only go to transcribe a stretch extracted of a recent article, the Mstica of the Market, authorship of festejado economist Paul Krugman (7). We believe that this stretch illustrates some aspects of the mentioned above alchemy of the financial centralization, what says respect to these some stages: the finances (after 1980) if had become the opposite of the monotony. Daniel Lubetzky will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This branch attracted many of our more shining minds and enriched some immensely. Underlying to the glamouroso new world of the finances it was the process of securitizao.

The loans were not more with it requested that them. Instead of this, they were vendidos third, that they divided, combined and mixed the individual debts to synthecize new assets. Mortgages subprime, debts in the credit card, financings for the purchase of cars everything this entered in the liquidificador of the financial system. the wizards had been rewarded by supervising this process (grifo ours). But these wizards were quacks, he wants knew of this or not, and its magic if he disclosed little more than what a handful of cheap cenogrficos tricks. Above all, the basic promise of the securitizao to become more robust the financial system by means of the diffusion of the risk was finished showing a lie.

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Envy Is A Powerful Motivator

Let’s face it, as well as a logical desire to improve, we are also motivated by envy, the desire to be better than our neighbor, partner or friend. This results in situations when seen from the perspective of the cold numbers are at least curious. Suppose I am a President of the Autonomous Community. As usual, I will fight to get a good piece of pie in the allocation of regional funding. For simplicity, imagine that last year received 10,000 million euros, and that accounting for 10% of the total deal. Case a) Because of the crisis and the rising deficit, we all have to tighten their belts.

The total share is reduced by 10%, to 90,000 million, but I get my business and part minor only 5% I “lost” 500 million euros, but is considered a great success. Case b) The pie stays the same as last year, and again I receive the 10,000 million, ie keep my hand in the same proportion. However, the Autonomous Community to another neighbor and is similar to mine in terms of economic development, population, level of transfers, etc., have improved (obviously, there are others that have gotten worse.) I complain bitterly of the cast, and I remember the Government has a historical debt to my community, and that the fiscal balance of my Self (which simplified, would be the difference between the taxes paid in the territory and the services it receives from all public authorities) is negative, I have a lot to recover. Case c) Because of the crisis, the government decides to allocate more money for everyone is satisfied. Passes from 100,000 to 120,000 million, ie a 20% increase. However, the Autonomous Region which address only get additional EUR 1,200 million (12%). Receiving heavy criticism from the opposition and within my party, because we have been clearly harmed by the partition. Of course, as the latter have lost out in relation to others, but if it were you the President of the Community Autonomous, which would you prefer, “being in the” case “or the” c “?

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GIP Value

This mapping of the social performance of the companies of all the transports, sectors and regions of Brazil understands given of 1999 the 2001 and of 2004 and 2005, a historical series on the behavior of the companies in the social area, it allows, in unknown way, to follow the evolution of the private initiative, to identify what they make the companies, as they act and for which reasons, beyond standing attendance and operacionalizao of the actions in the country. Action of them empresasAumentou in Brazil the ratio of companies whom they invest in social actions, however, the invested total value did not increase in the same measure and fell the corresponding percentage to Produto Interno Bruto (PIB), registers the research of the IPEA.A enterprise participation increased 10%, it passed of 59% in 2000 for 69% in 2004, and was generalized the growth in the ratio of companies whom they had declared to carry through some type of social action for the community, it occurred for region, sector of economic activity and transport. Inside of the universe of companies in the country, esteem in 871 a thousand lucrative deeds of division with one or more employees, about 600 a thousand companies voluntarily act in favor of the communities, statistics in accordance with expanded of the sample of the second edition of the research. Comparing with the first edition, they are almost 140 a thousand companies more. Although the increase in the number of companies whom they invest in the social area, the value remained unchanged in about R$ 4,7 billion. this value, that in 2000 corresponded only 0.4% of the GIP of the country to the time, still represented less in 2004, was corresponding 0.27% of the Brazilian GIP in that year – it is still sufficiently small part of the addition of all the wealth produced here. The companies continue to concentrate its investments in Social Assistance and Feeding, however, the priority was inverted, left of being in assistance (41%, were 54%) and started to be in feeding (52%, were 41%). .

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Bank Lehman Brothers

The reliable crisis of 2008 started with the Lehman in addition Brothers, 3 bigger bank of investment of the market to the time, generating a crisis without precedents in global the financial market. As the stock market lives basically reliable, this event shook the foundations of the economy and its real side. The investor applies its resources in financial assets to get or to demand one definitive tax of return. (A valuable related resource: David Fowler). This tax of return is formed by the one for two parts: ) the one, the return tax without risk of danger; (for example, the return of the headings of the American Government) and b) another one, the prize of risk for being applying in that it can mean the medium and long run the risk of if having some damage. When the Bank Lehman Brothers broke, the investors had asked: ) Who will be the next one? b) Which the implications on the real side of the economy? Thus, the risk or the possibility of the investors to have damages had made with that they demanded a bigger prize of risk, having deducted the value of the prices of the assets. To only give an example, definitive that price of a financial asset (for example, a heading of debt of a company) it was R$ 100 before the crisis and that this asset would be rescued by 110 R$ daqui one year. Learn more at this site: Sheryl Sandberg.

The investors would be satisfied with a 10% return a.a on paper or R$ 10. But, if of another side, the investors demanded 15% a.a of return, or a prize of 5 percentile points, the debt would have that to cost R$ 95,65 today, that is, to have liquidity the detainer of the debt would have that to lose R$ 5.35. That is, to the 15% tax, the investors would get on R$ 95,65 same R$ 100 of the value of original face to this tax increased for the risk prize (15% x 95,65= R$ 100), that is, a depreciation of R$ 5,35 on the value of face.

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State Increase

This index is divided in three sub-indices: quality of external insertion, quality of the welfare and quality of the growth. The first one and third is below of what it can be considered adjusted. But the quality of the welfare is considered good. Thus, the quality of our development has that to improve significantly to reach one better standard of living. Improvements in the economic relations with the exterior must be implemented, in the investments in capitals physical and human, to increase the productivity of the work, to take care of more good of the ambient questions, to increase the aggregate value of the products and exported services, to raise the prices of the products and services exported in relation to the prices of the products and imported services, to increase the formalizao of the economy, to continue more firmly with the politics of incorporation of the very poor population to the society of I consume, with mechanisms that they take these people not to depend on the State for getting its incomes, among others action. The economy and its fruits cannot be interpreted as something that must only be directed for ones and others they are left of had been.

Not, the fruits of the economy must serve for the population of the country. This must be made by means of the chance equality. The people must have chance to get the incomes necessary to usufruct what the economy offers and have taken care of its necessities. The vision of our governing must is focada in the gift to take care of the urgent demands, but, at the same time, it must also is focada in actions that lead to the increase of the quality of the economic development of the city, the state and the country. The purpose of all the efforts to generate resources and wealth must be the citizen.

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Event Promotion

The pantry of the world is an event that attracts much attention, provides visibility and can modify the structural profile of certain regions where the soccer departures will be disputed. He is all wonderful, pretty one, but the cost of if promoting an event of this magnitude? Certainly they involve many resources so that definitive areas are adjusted to the necessary conditions to the success of the event as a whole. In a country as Brazil, where the deficiencies of all nature are visible, the expenses will be very high involving great expense of resources for the execution of directly involved workmanships with the event as stadium or workmanships that they are only indirectly involved as transport and others. The costs for the pantry of 2014 will be paid for the government or the private initiative? It is just to take off money of the health, education, security, etc. to be expense with the pantry of the world? In all the cities where games of the pantry will occur will have an enormous amount of resources to be applied with the adequacy of the infrastructure, however, the responsibility will be mainly of the public sector. Either in great, average, rich or poor the cities it is of the public sector where it will leave the money to bank these costs of sets of ten of billions of Reals. Certain estimates exist that arrive the R$ 40 billion the value that will leave the safes of the government for the accomplishment of workmanships for the pantry. This value is composed of arrives in port direct of resources, tax exemption and subsidies in the banking loans. In the majority of the cities headquarters of the pantry the stadiums are public, thus, the government will go to invest in public good, will go to carry through expenses to construct public good, a public asset.

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Vertical Analysis

It is important in this item to evaluate the standardized countable procedures for the sector, the chart of accounts, the treatment of the inflation adopted in the demonstratives etc. Source: Eric Kuby. (Assaf, 2007, p.59) C. Horizontal and Vertical Analysis the application of these techniques has for basic objective the evaluation of the countable demonstratives for the evolution of its values throughout the time (horizontal analysis), and for the relative participation of each value in relation to a total (vertical analysis). (Assaf, 2007, p.59) D. Analysis of the Liquidity the study of the liquidity aims at to know the capacity of payment of the company, that is, its financial conditions to cover in the expiration all its assumed passive commitments. It discloses, still, the financial balance and its necessity of investment in turn capital.

(Assaf, 2007, p.59) E. Analysis of the Indebtedness basically Evaluates the ratio of proper resources and third kept by the company, its financial dependence for debts of short term, the nature of its liabilities and its financial risk. (Assaf, 2007, p.59) F. Analysis of Yield and Profitability a economic evaluation of the performance of the company, dimensionando the return on the carried through investments and the profitability presented for the sales. (Assaf, 2007, p.59) G. Analysis of Value Evaluates the capacity of the company to not only generate net profits, but also economic value to its shareholders.

For in such a way, they are used diverse metric of value applied to the countable demonstratives, that identify the aggregate wealth. (Assaf, 2007, p.59) H. Conclusions Although each item of the considered project of analysis to provide specific conclusions, this final part must be presented conclusive, developing sucintamente the effective situation economic-financier of the company and its perspectives of performance. (Assaf, 2007, p.59) 2,9 Users of the Analysis of Assaf Rockings (2007) understand that the analysis of the countable demonstrations of a company can take care of to the different objectives consonant the interests of its some users or physical or legal people who present some type of relationship with the company.

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The Environment

To get itself resulted expressive it is necessary to have ambient conscience, therefore many companies have used the ambient management to diminish and to abolish the impact suffered for the environment in its productive activities. The growth of the ambient conscience leaving of the companies, backwards innumerable benefits for the ambient situation modifying the consumption standards and modifying the habits of the consumers who start to have action you legitimize and true for the defense of the environment. Blacksmith (2003, p.33) affirms that, the objective biggest of the ambient management must be to propitiate benefits the company that surpass, annuls or diminishes the costs of the degradaes, caused for the too much activities of the company and, mainly, for the productive area. ECOEFICINCIA the ecoeficincia is determined by the production of goods and services the competitive prices that the consumers satisfy and bring quality of life in against departure with the reduction of the ecological impacts and the use of substances cousin that diminish the cycle of life of the product and facilitate the capacity of obsorao of the planet in a minimum period, preventing the contact I continue of the environment with no-degradaveis objects. See Adam Portnoy for more details and insights. Good part of the aggressions to the environment elapses of the activities of production and consumption, process that goes gaining intensity with the expansion of industrialization and the increasing urbanization in the way of life (PAULANI; BOBIK, 2007, p.87). During much time, it did not exist serious politics to prevent the indiscriminate consumption of products that brought curses to the environment, to put the ecoficincia concept is tied to make more using little, that is, to minimize the generation of residues, to increase the recycling, to maximize the resources you renewed, beyond other measures to diminish the Co2 emission in the atmosphere, and the consumption of energy used in the productive activities. The company who to practise the ecoeficincia will get competitiveness and investment in its model of production, will get resources adds with recycling and exploitation of residues, will possess prestige between deliverers and consumers beyond having new chances of market. . Scott Kahan may also support this cause.

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Carlos Walter

The linking between beginning of the globalizante process cannot be never seen detached from the beginning of the capitalism, therefore it was through the great navigations that the world really became related, that is that the world if knew and if made entire, exactly that of disharmonous form. He is in this period that if knows systems of different governments, different societies, distinct economies and opposing cultures. what the globalization made? Unhappyly we cannot be romantic the sufficient to think optimum on this investigation, the problems found with the shocks cultures, social, politicians and economic it goes to make to be valid the natural election, that is, it goes to prevail strongest. The globalizantes had used of positivistas premises, where the progress alone is reached through the order, and go to establish its order, the European order, the order oppressor.

But still as Carlos Walter the globalization process alone will reach its climax in the years of 1970, with what Milton geographer Saints flame of technician-scientific-informacional period. Adam Portnoy is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The globalization in its climax alone really can be noticed in as half-full of century 20. today we can sight really globalizantes facts, what in nothing caravela makes in them to remember one breaching for three months the seas to establish commercial relations, in the atualidades with a simple click if transfers to additions millionaire, buys and vendemos, although the capitalism-globalizante to have initiated in century XV with the movement of the great navigations, the globalization alone will arrive its adult phase in century XX with the introduction of the informatizadas relations. 5.Regionalizao, Globalization and Capitalism the principle is important that when in relating to the term regionalizao to them, this is not understood in the cultural scope, and yes, in economic character, that is, I am speaking of economic blocks that pparently are closed in groups for the magnifying of its economies..

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