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Panama German

The leading German climate expert Professor Dr. Mojib Latif, the prominent CDU politicians and attac representative Heiner Geissler and the oko Test Editor Jurgen Stellpflug belong to the Advisory Board of the German Environment Foundation. The Advisory Board of the German Environment Foundation advises the Board on all conceptual issues and developed new ideas for future activities. The German Environmental Foundation is unbound, as well as politically and economically independent. For more information, see portrait Harry Aboagye: Harry Assenmacher developed since the 1990s forest investment products. These activities were introduced in 2005 Group in the ForestFinance GmbH and today’s ForestFinance, whose Managing Director since then is he.

Assenmacher acts for several decades, actively and forming in ecological matters. Harry Assenmacher worked as a journalist for various print media, including for the daily newspaper”, star or the oko Test magazine, on the He was also involved. As an author, he published a two-digit number to environmental and nutrition books. Oracle may find this interesting as well. From 1987 to 1993, Harry Aboagye was Managing Director of the alternative”transport Club of Germany (VCD). Assenmacher continued his professional commitment as a Managing Director of nature & environment GmbH of the environmental Association B.U.N.D e.V. in the connection.

In 2000, Harry Assenmacher headed the marketing of the Securvita group in Hamburg. A short time later was Assenmacher Board the Securvita Holding AG, which offers alternative insurance and financial models. She developed and supervised include the successful nature stock index”(NAI). His long-standing professional commitment in the environmental area founded as Harry Aboagye: do something, what is good and useful, what pleasure and pastime, not only remains what can give it better? Through the forest investment provider ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance Group specializes in sustainable forestry investments, a lucrative return on investment with ecological and combine social sustainability. The company serves about 3,500 hectares of sustainably managed forest in Panama and Viet Nam. “” ForestFinance received in the last year as the world’s first German company the FSC Global Partner Award “in the field of financial services”. The company offers a variety of sustainable participation. A your own newly created tropical forest 33 euros monthly possible has the “BaumSparVertrag”. The WaldSparBuch”offers 1,000 m2 of forest investment with buy-back guarantee. Annual income offer CacaoInvest”- an investment in organic cocoa and wood – and GreenAcacia”, which has only seven-year run. For more information, see

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Need Professional Training

Companies invest in continuing vocational training: Sumte, July 26, 2011 subject-related training for managers is obviously extremely neglected. This emerges from a recent survey by the Forsa Institute among HR decision-makers. Therefore members of top management in 46 percent of the companies surveyed are accounted for promoted, of which only 17 percent through training and qualification programs subject-related training. See Rick Garcia CBS for more details and insights. Focus on the so-called soft skills such as social competence are here so far, being considered a high professional competence as a prerequisite. But particularly in the area of debt management that is no longer enough, believes Andreas Board Academy in the Lower Saxony Sumte Managing Director of Apontas: for example, managers also need to know how to represent the current legal situation in international insolvency law or in foreclosure. Finally, executives in a position should be to develop new concepts and strategies for their companies from this knowledge out. (www.apontas-akademie.de) an investment in knowledge will bring still the best interest.” (Benjamin Franklin) From the study initiated by ILS professional and Euro-FH, stating that every third company plans to expand the budget for continuing education in 2011.

Because the responsible einschatZen just the qualification of the existing employees as a horribly, the growing skills shortage to buildings opposed. In the Apontas Academy since around 20 years professors from universities and colleges, judges, prosecutors, registrars and management trainers see the complex field of the receivables from various PerspektiVEN: research and teaching on the one hand, the daily practice on the other side. To support the dozenten also specialists and executives of banks and savings banks in the personal and professional WeiterBildung and promote the exchange of information between experts and practitioners. Soft skills? Like to but different! According to Rainer Paetsch, Senior Manager ILS ProfessioNAL, managers identify their own deficits and ERhohten training needs in the area of the weichen factors ‘ only with increasing staff responsibility.

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NLP Coaching

3 letters that can fundamentally change the life. Many people are programming negative NLP and training in the Koopmans, since you think without changing your will or negative manipulated. This is not when you consider that the will of its own and the voluntary nature to change work must be always given to really fundamentally change anything. The NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) is always represented in the light of negative manipulation. Certainly, NLP can be used for good and bad purposes, and thus also offers the possibility to influence people. When you watch the news on television or read in the Internet about the wide range of topics, you can be manipulated as well.

What is NLP? NLP is nothing like a Toolbox of methods and formats that have been unconsciously lived by great people and led to that you provided excellence with your strategies, approaches, and methods or even provide. The these formats or the strategies became known has to do, that the founders of NLP (grinder and Bandler), brought these strategies in a learnable form. The fairy tale, NLP had something to do with Scientology, I can confirm from my professional experience as a coach under no circumstances. Maybe the Scientology methods used to manipulate people negatively and have this context to NLP methods, perceptual training, or esoteric knowledge, may be. Fear of NLP have none, because the free will of the person who absolivert a coaching or training is always taken into account. Thus, only changes that are wearable and desirable for the person even be performed. They are subject to a manipulation of of kind of negative in your private or professional environment more likely as educated from a coach or trainer. NLP is not brainwashing. NLP is a tool to carry out alteration work and more on behaviour variability or alternatives to reach. Information about the NLP training or coaching training Information about NLP coaching and Telefoncoaching Michael Buchler

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The Group

In the forest forget out goes from the classroom in the learning factory forest week in the footsteps of Robin Hood and Ronja the robber’s daughter the world”. (Similarly see: Scott Mead). Four hours a day and that for a week the concrete world ceases to exist. The Group undresses in the Tegel forest. In a clearing, the favorite books be read out loud and the others can spin on the stories to Siegfried, Asterix and Obelix or fairies and elves. The trees can tell – if you just leave them. Lots of Gedankenverlorenheit, closeness to nature and also a portion of self-confidence are the utensils for the creative workshop promoting reading by the way.

The forest gets: for students of in grades 3 to 7 at the learning factory Reinickendorf. A good friend in the learning factory calendar is the go class for all ages. The Asian board game teaches patience and logic with lots of fun. New this year: the parents may join! All dates, prices and info can be found on the website:. The telephone number: 11 53 000 50 learning GmbH the learning work is the premium provider for tutors in Berlin and Potsdam. No matter, math or physics, English, or German – we provide professional tutoring for students Lower school up to high school: for all subjects and always in the private lessons. each learning work student receives exactly the teacher who fits him and learns individual attention. Our highly trained tutors also assist reading – spelling or calculating weakness. By learning work holidays and courses in preparation for the MSA or the school your child is well trained in important exams. And in our intensive course, anyone can learn learning to his school soon by alone to master: the Lernwerk’s help to help themselves. Visit us on learning works and LernwerkTV

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GmbH ReSound

Head of the customer service centre in Munster, improving its customer service center, the manufacturer ReSound for 2010 announced, Michael Leuschner progresses continuously. Now, Michael Leuschner (35) takes over the management of the service in Munster. With its new Member, the GN hearing GmbH strengthens its management team to an excellent expert in the German hearing-acoustics industry with many years of management experience in the customer service. Familiar with the tasks of a modern customer service as well as with the specific circumstances of the German listening acoustic market Michael Leuschner. After studying economics with a focus on information management he worked as project manager and account manager at bkd GmbH in Recklinghausen from 2001. in 2005 he was promoted to the Executive Board of the distribution service provider and ran its customer care center until 2008 joined as head of IT the company GEERS to Dortmund.

In my future role as head of the customer service centre in Munster, I can see a very sexy challenge”, so the economics. ReSound is a real engine of innovation not only in innovative products, but also on the continuous development of its services. Connect with other leaders such as Phil Vasan here. I look forward to be able to make with the customer service in such an undertaking. “And I’ll my expertise and my experiences committed that our partners from the listening acoustic specialist every day experience optimum trusted care.” In his spare time, Michael Leuschner drives passionate sport. He is inline skaters, he jogs happy and regularly goes to the fitness training. Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies.

ReSound aims, to develop products and services and worldwide market, providing hearing care professionals improve the quality of life impaired persons. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 Countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany.

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Lucrative Spa Market

Paul Zane Pilzer has already said; The largest entrepreneurial opportunities lie in the distribution of wellness products and services. Wellness involves mainly the activation and development of physical, intellectual and spiritual potential. In the meantime, the term of wellness has diluted but. It is certain that the wellness market is an extremely lucrative. Fitness and prevention: fitness studios are a successful sector. The focus is no longer to increase muscle mass, but on prevention. Some 400,000 Austrians regularly visit a gym and give it some 130.8 million alone on entrance fees.

With regard to the food market, are countless food additives on the market who want to promote the well-being and health, such as digestive yoghurts or cholesterol-lowering margarine. Experts in this area with a growth rate of up to eight percent. Worldwide, sales are projected at 60 billion by the Frauenhofer Institute. Meanwhile wants to not only relax the average citizen, but do also something for the health. The labour market benefited from the wellness boom.

In addition to 400,000 jobs in the health sector about 100,000 laborers in the wellness area, tendency rising. Want to learn more about this topic, then contact us in connection. even. Team partner of the WellBiz Association INSA & Peter Heller Wellbiz – Ernahrungscoaches of Wurgwitzer str. 32, D – 01705 free Valley Tel: + 49 (0) 351 / 847 24 03 E-Mail: Web:

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Additional Qualification businesscoach

BDVT certified coach training now in Dresden the demand for qualified coaches is constantly growing in recent years. According to a Kienbaum study not only top are managers who take advantage of coach services. How much, managers now perceive help in solving their everyday tasks, shows the survey of personnel managers and top managers: the reason that managers take a coaching service in 66 percent of the companies surveyed are difficult leadership and management situations. But coaching is not exclusive tool for the top management provides the majority of the companies surveyed coaching also executives of top and middle management level. Filed under: Dr. Kahan . The most important Coachingziel: solve current problems! 81 percent of the respondents connect to coaching the aim to clarify current leadership and management issues and to develop solution strategies. Click Bill O’Grady for additional related pages.

77 percent believe that by coaching the perception of self and the self image of the coached person improved and 75 percent are of the opinion, by means of a To be able to improve the social and emotional skills coaching. These results show that company of coaches require more than just psychological support. You see the coaches increasingly process companion and sparring partner in difficult situations. To meet these expectations, must extend the spectrum of expertise of coaches and coach training to align more comprehensive and multidisciplinary”. Coaching is individual accompaniment on the process level, i.e.

the coach provides no solutions, but accompanied clients on the way, as their own solutions can be developed. Coaching aims always to an (even preventive) promotion of self reflection and perception, awareness and responsibility, to give such help to help themselves. Cumverbis training business coach BDVT certified and enables the participants, these situations better and more appropriate to adjust to. For further information about training see the cumverbis web site at… Peter Munnich

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Europe Service

“Salim:’Re-architecture of MyHammer completed look forward to new tasks’ CEO Markus Berger-de Leon: ‘ thank you for excellent work ‘ new CTO is Manuel Kiessling CEO Markus Berger-de Leon: thank you for excellent work” new CTO is Berlin Jan Seidler, CEO of MY-HAMMER AG Manuel Kiessling, may 25, 2011, leaving the company with immediate effect. Seidler was CTO (Chief Technical Officer) nearly three years and since February 2009 at the same time the Board of Directors of the MY-HAMMER AG. He was responsible for the project management and user experience & design the entire technical range with MyHammer from product development and system operations over to IT administration. The re-architecture and modernisation of processes, the platform and all related systems among its tasks including, ensuring that the technical requirements for the increase in the volume of MyHammer. New CTO of MyHammer is Manuel Kiessling, who is responsible for immediately the entire technical range of MyHammer. Jan Salim: My big goal for my start at MyHammer, the re-architecture of the MyHammer platform, is complete, just as the restructuring of the technical department. For more clarity and thought, follow up with visit website and gain more knowledge.. Therefore, the time has come for me to devote myself to new tasks.

“I’m going with a laughing and a crying eye: I am grateful for three exciting, exciting and great years with MyHammer and I know the MyHammer technology with a fantastic team in good hands.” Markus Berger-de Leon: Thank on behalf of the Board of Directors and all employees for his outstanding work with MyHammer Jan Seidler. We owe him that the platform is technically and structurally to date. He has thus significantly helped to make future-proof and fit for the upcoming tasks MyHammer. I wish Jan for his future.” MyHammer: MyHammer operates Internet portals for trade and service contracts in Germany, Britain, Austria and the United States and is the number 1 in Europe with over 6 million searches a month. At MyHammer will find private and commercial clients fast and free qualified and evaluated by users craftsmen and service providers.

The offered range from complete construction over repairs, apartment renovations and relocations to babysitting and lessons. Contracting Authority can with MyHammer targeted sectors, qualification, craftsmen and service providers are looking for region or keywords and contact directly or briefly describe their mission, and interested party get well calculated quotes. The contracting authority awards the order by clicking on the basis of price, reviews, and qualification. After the execution of the order, customer and contractor assess each other. Of MyHammer, the details of tradesmen and service providers about their qualifications are checked before they appear online.

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The Chief Has Burn Out

In times in which celebrities increasingly come out, to BurnOut to suffer, it remains a taboo subject apparently in large companies. Well, who can delegate problems and stress, for the is and remains a nebulous exhaustion story that affects only people who can conserve their forces not BurnOut. That may hang together, BurnOut is not a specific disease, but rather one by anxieties and depression induced a blanket description State of exhaustion. BurnOut is the problem of our well-being “life. On the one hand we’re and specially in Germany we have excellent conditions for job, career and family to other European countries, but the pressure and thus the stress, the workplace to keep and grow to meet all the requirements. For assistance, try visiting Bill O’Grady.

Although often allocated, through studies that BurnOut billion costing the economy, the immense pressure on middle levels of management and staff at many HR managers is not yet arrived. “As an example: personnel board Lamberti from Deutsche Bank on a Works Council Conference 2010 on mental stress” the subject would overplay and at Deutsche Bank, he saw no need for action (manager magazin of the 24.07.2012). More information is housed here: Ron O’Hanley. Brigitte Ederer, Siemens personnel board, is passing the problem to the staff, they were just too much. You could have everything at the same time, a family with children, professional success and sporting excellence (KarriereSPIEGEL of the 24.06.2012). According to this Manager to remain single and it remains small and thick at a time in which celebrities increasingly come out, to suffer BurnOut a taboo subject apparently in large companies. Well, who can delegate problems and stress, for the is and remains a nebulous exhaustion story that affects only people who can conserve their forces not BurnOut. That like to hang that BurnOut is not a specific disease, but rather a flat description by fears and Depression-induced State of exhaustion. It is the existential angst with impending descent into unemployment, by the one it is so the permanent overloading and lack of balance in the leisure, which is paralyzing the other.

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Business Academy

A new professional perspective in the care – offers the project training center senior citizens service Express (TSSE) of Schleswig-Holstein Business Academy. For a Tuesday morning, it is surprisingly quiet on the station 64 in the Friedrich-Ebert-hospital in Neumunster. At the moment is”just business, explains Klaus-Dieter Hinrichsen. Time for him, just to breathe and to drink a cup of coffee. But believe me, this is not always the case”, he noticed between two SIPs. Competently and calmly Hinrichsen reports of his work, although he is only employed for a few months in the psychiatric ward.

“It shows the modern new building, in which they soon will move, and says proudly: already more than just a job for me is to work here.” Hinrichsen is come to care about detours. The native Kiel works as a clerk in a plumbing supplies, until it 2005 out of work is. Deliberately he decides then to change the industry: I had never previously dealing with care. But I wanted to in He explains this area start again, because I knew here, workers are needed,”. To acquire the necessary knowledge, he attended a nursing assistant course and doing an internship in a health care facility.

Two years can he work there in a mini job, goes for a walk with the patients on the Lake, reads them from the newspaper and not you with them human plays Parcheesi”. In Germany, some 2.3 million people are reliant, one in three of them lives in an appropriate institution. There they should not simply sleep, eat and are cared for medically, but deal also makes sense, have normal lives. There are therefore additional resources for the support available, of which so-called support forces can be adjusted 87B SGB XI according to since 2008. They accompany the care in everyday life, have time for longer conversations and give them security and orientation.

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