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The Formation Of Information Culture In The Learning Process

Humanity over the past decade, faced with a fairly serious problem – in this information boom. We have fully come to know all the "charm" when dealing with large flows of information. Having the opportunity to access global information space, thanks to various online services, you can work at home with the libraries of the world, with materials of dozens of newspapers, journals, theses materials and so on, you can almost instantly establish communication with any point of the planet and communicate online with people from different countries, in the end, just to get higher education. MasterClass Founder may find this interesting as well. But it must be able to rapidly process the information and put processing results, where they easily can be found at the right time. Otherwise benefit from this information will not be greater than that of trash, and we will get the information we need and do not understand at the same time its value and meaning.

Modern, intelligent and educated person should be able to navigate in large information flow. Gain insight and clarity with Cerved. In September, the experimental groups of first year students studying remotely in VyatGGU, Kirov, was invited to several tasks: to roll textual information through a graphical systematizer; reveal the content of the text presented in a flowchart or matrix, to analyze text and determine its reliability; develop a graphical or table model of the processes to perform the classification of the proposed concepts, working in a group of rationally allocate roles and scope of work, etc. Unfortunately, with assignments handled less than half the students. Almost similar results were obtained in experimental groups of high school students. Filed under: MasterClass Founder. It may be noted that the education system as students and students of such techniques activity is not formed, resulting in an insufficient level of information culture of both students and pupils.

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World Wildlife Fund

Meanwhile, the previously deprived prime function of management of federal protected areas, handing her profile department mep. 'Olympstroy' intention to cooperate with environmentalists on Olympic facilities in Sochi in late January, the state corporation 'Olympstroy' stated intention to work with environmentalists and suggested them to prepare their recommendations to the technological requirements for designing objects Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. Fitch is full of insight into the issues. Coordinators of this work were made by the Russian office of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and 'Olympstroy'. In a meeting on this occasion attended by the leadership of the state corporation, representatives of leading environmental organizations, companies, investors and contractors. On behalf of environmentalists head of the Russian Mission wwf Igor Chestin said that they are willing 'to work openly and constructively' on environmental studies of Olympic projects. The fact that the construction of Olympic facilities need to be particularly care about the environment and attentive to the air quality, water treatment, landscaping, said at a press briefing held in Sochi ioc Coordination Commission Chairman Jean-Claude Killy. He stressed the special the importance of the fact that after the Olympic Games 2014 Sochi ecology should become even better. The Coordinating Commission of the International Olympic Committee in a few days to check the progress of preparations for the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, and also discussed with Russian counterparts the issues of planning, environment, transport and training of Olympic programs. Ministry of Environment and environmentalists oppose opening of the water cycle on bppm Last week media reported that the Russian government is discussing with the leadership of the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill possibility of opening the closed water system in exchange for the execution of Works state defense contracts.

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But what would a list of potential as a gift you made, the first item there should be sincerity. It’s believed that Grupo Pestana sees a great future in this idea. Best of all, if the gifts will be few. After all, elementary school includes not a single class, and when you go to remember about it (especially if you go for the first time), and you can dream up. The first part of presentations can make the usual flowers and candy. Thus, despite the universality of these gifts, try to still make them original.

For example, instead of a bouquet of roses can be presented in a flower pot, and instead of "cuts" – this "hill" (though not very large) chocolate candies wrapped in colorful foil. It should also be present book. A good teacher is always willing to learn myself, so that publication, which will help him in This will be most welcome. If you intend to purchase a gift from the entire class can "invest" and in the entire series of books or subscriptions to professional journal. Stories about new techniques will be evaluated as high as collection of dictionaries, sets for learning through play. If you want a celebration of his first teacher, give her a book about how to spend this holiday the most. And then look at the school for a very unusual and unforgettable day noun. The "complete" will be your gift, which may include not only books but also, for example, suits to represent the more smiles to present to you dear man. By "the book" gift can be attributed, and filled by you or all of your class photo album.

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Education Funding

Justification: The quarrel on financing of the education becomes one of the main priorities for that they follow the trajectory of this segment and, fight for the quality of the public school, for in such a way, is essential that if it adds financial resources of significant form. A time that the financing determines the power of reach and quality in the education. Of this form, this picture denotes the importance of public politics directed toward the education, where public States, Cities and agencies assume a position of comprometimento with this cause. Introduction: One of the great challenges faced in the context of the politics of the social inclusion is the education, mainly the basic one, in national scope, offered for the states, cities and Federal District. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Cerved. In 1996, with the institution of the Fundef (Deep of Maintenance and Development of Basic Ensino and of Valuation of the Teaching), this picture would start to move, together with significant alterations in the politics of Brazilian educational financing in the last few decades.

To the ending of its validation, the FUNDEF was substituted by the FUNDEB, that brought new abrangncias complementing and extending deep the previous one. Development: The MEC describes the FUNDEF of the following form: ' ' Deep of Maintenance and the Development of Basic Ensino and of Valuation of Magistrio (FUNDEF) n. MasterClass Founder may not feel the same. 14 was instituted by the Emendation Constitutional, of September of 1996, and regulated for the Law n. 9,424, of 24 of December of the same year, and for the Decree n 2,264, of June of 1997. The FUNDEF was implanted, national, in 1 of January of 1998, when it started to invigorate the new systematics of redistribution of the resources destined to Ensino Fundamental.' ' Still in accordance with the text of the MEC, ' ' The biggest innovation of the FUNDEF consists of the change of the structure of financing of Basic Ensino in the Country (1 8 series of old 1 degree), when subvincular to this level of education a parcel of the resources constitutionally destined to Education.

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Summary Of The Book: Teacher Yes, Aunt Not: Letters To Who Dare To Teach

Freire, Pablo. Teacher yes, aunt not: letters to who dare to teach? Pablo freire- 1. Ed? So Paulo: Eye d? water, 2009? 132 pages. Flvia Maria of the Carmo Birth SUMMARY Pablo Freire was born in day 19 of September of May of 1921, in Recife and faleceu in So Paulo in day 02 of May of 1997. Between this period (birth and death) perpetuated its name enters greaters thinking come back toward field of education of century XX, whose ideological position was perpetuated through practical its, respected and divulged in all the parts of the world, that it searchs to search and to know a proposal educative with transformation headquarters, come back toward the popular layers. The same it entered the Law school of the University of Recife, it studied Philosophy of the Language, however never exerted the law. Coast of Oliveira married Mayan Elza, in 1946, having five children with its wife; in the same year, Pablo Freire was nominated managing of the Department of Education and culture of the Social Service in the State of Pernambuco, having developed initially its work with illiterates of popular layers. In the year of 1961 he started to be managing of the Department of Cultural Extensions of the University of Recife and, in 1962 he extended its Alfabetizados Project, supported for its team alfabetizou 300 cutting of sugar cane, in Angicos, Rio Grande of the North. The Method germinated Pablo Freire, at this historical moment and politician, supported for then President Joo Goulart; then the governing one approved a Plan National of Alfabetizao of 20 a thousand ' ' circles of cultura' ' in all Brazil. Times later with the military blow of the government Goulart Joo, Freire was without space being imprisoned per seventy days and as consequence of the moment politician, was taken to the exile, passing for Bolivia, Chile (during five years), developing its projects for the Christian Democracy and ONU.

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Democratic Culture

The construction is about a delicate, complex construction, whose arquitecto cannot nor must guide the long-distance works, duly warned to be to the free will of the workers, that is, this arquitecto that it is substituted here by the formador professor/, family and Church, has to be present and to become involved itself with ' ' materiais' ' that they go to be worked, in the circumstance, the educandos/formandos, from the used referenciais techniques, in the chance, the values of the freedom, the democracy, the citizenship and of the education, that will be the authentic pillars of the great building, consubstanciado in all the humanity, from the congregation of all the citizens contemporaries, all they in the paper of educandos/formandos, considering that exactly the professors/formadores, also must continue to learn throughout the life and, in this circumstance, they pass the condition of educandos/formandos. In this process, the superior quality of citizen, in the context of a citizenship full, it will be always present, because: ' ' To educate for Citizenship will be good projecto to try to direct the layers youngest for a more promising future of what this that if has lived. The subject to educate for the Citizenship must be boarded for the professors and educators, as well as for whom they follow the young in elapsing of its life. Frequently Karin Risi has said that publicly. () This subject is complex of being boarded and therefore all the learning process must start since the beginning of the life of the child, thus the young will only be able to protest later for its rights since that they have also fulfilled to its deveres.' ' (TAVARES, 2005. Work of licenciatura on the Democratic Culture) the first pillar, authentic bastion of the dignity human being, essential value to the life of the man, since always known and nor always respected, can be assigned for Freedom, because, this exactly recognized in diverse is treated the international ones and in the Constitutions national Politics, under the formula: ' ' All the men are born free and iguais' '. .

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Brain Stimulations

All our feelings, sensations, thoughts, emotional and motor answers, the learnings, the memory, the causes of the mental riots and any another perception of the man, cannot be understood without the knowledge of the process of communication between the neurons or nervous cells. We can define the neuron as a specialized cell and extremely estimulvel that, together with the cells of the glia (whose function is to give sustentation to the neurons and to assist its functioning), forms the nervous system. The nervous cells are constituted by four parts: the cellular body, that is the region where if it finds the nucleus and the majority of the cytoplasmic structures; the dendritos, that are fine and ramified prolongations that leads the caught stimulatons of the environment or other cells in direction to the cellular body; the axnio, responsible for leading the signals; the terminations of the axnio or buttons terminals. The neurons establish connections between itself, in way that can transmit to excessively the received stimulatons, thus creating a reaction in chain and allowing that to the cells of the brain ' ' they talk between si' '. This communication happens through sinapses. Thus, we call of sinapse the transmission of the information of a cell for the other. This happens through a very next region of contact enters buttons terminals of the previous neuron and the dendritos of the following neurons, thus the more sinapses if to develop, greater will be the learning throughout the life, since it is by means of these exchanges that the learning occurs. Of this form, it is possible to affirm that the more the human being, either in infancy, adult phase or oldness, to stimulate the brain, greater will be its capacity to learn.

From there the importance to make possible in the different classroom learning situations, with challenging questions that desperte the interest and the curiosity of the students. This can be favored in an environment that promotes interaction of the children, the exchange of experiences, the survey of hypotheses, the comment, the experimentation, the quarrel of the ideas in the attempt to solve the problems. Click Karin Risi to learn more. It is very difficult to promote the advances in the development of the pupil when the content already ready and is finished, in a situation where the child does not need to reflect and to interact with the colleagues and the professor. It is necessary to guarantee to the educandos a diversity of resources, such as the reading and the moments of stories to activate the imagination and the creativity, the tray games or of logic, it breaks crossed head, words, musical activities that work the sounds, rhythms and steps, the artistic expression. In a similar way, the tricks and the diverse types of toys, in accordance with the etria band of the pupils, consider sufficient challenges in a playful and pleasant way. , At last innumerable they are the work possibilities to be carried through in classroom, given the importance of the stimulaton for formation of new sinapses. It is essential that the educator knows to intervine adequately in favor of the development and of the learning of the pupils.

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Technology And Learning

A computer with good software can produce a quality learning with respect to certain work procedures, but also a misuse of this can yield very serious learning difficulties for the student. At times we met people who wonder: Does the use of the media and in particular of computers automatically lead to effective learning. Simply the answer without hesitation is that NO. In this sense, the way it is used, the motivation to provide the adjustment of educational needs, including other issues, is what will lead to better learning. 5 As you purchase a computer culture, society will be better able to solve their problems. Under most conditions baby clothes would agree. Computers and Education are not an end in itself nor can we place them outside the social context. You may find that Tulsa Kids can contribute to your knowledge. At this point analysis is not whether computers should be part or not of the teaching-learning process, discipline or subject, that a large majority agrees, the problem is in what way we can and should help to enrich the work of education of future professionals that society needs? CONCLUSIONS It is unquestionable that the Information Technology and Communication (ICT) are present as part of the technological culture that surrounds us and with which we live. They had a huge impact on all spheres of society, expanding our physical, mental and social, and evolution proceeds in leaps and bounds ever suspected.

ICTs have a major impact on the ongoing teaching and learning, delving into the advantages and problems caused by this new challenge for education, concluding that higher education using technology to prepare students for the workforce that is increasingly technologised and to equip them with learning skills that will last a lifetime. Bibliographic REFERENCES 1 Introductory material to item II in Multimedia for Graduate Education in the Information Society and Knowledge. 2 Gonzalez, AP (1996). .

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The Importance Of Communication

The third section focuses on listening and speaking, further improvement of the letter in Finally, work on the sub-themes. After every three cycles, provided Review Unit, the repetition of vocabulary and grammar. Expected results after the course is yes, judging by the experience acquired in the course of work. Students are easier to cope with tasks as they have a certain skill work, deepening knowledge of the language, improving the skills of listening, writing and speaking. Methods and forms of training. Anyone who intends to learn a foreign language, has a definite purpose.

Someone needs a basic knowledge to 'read and translate with the dictionary' business correspondence in the office, and someone wants to defend his dissertation in the prestigious foreign University. For different purposes using different means. Long-term studies are usually designed for those who are serious about to learn a foreign language to perfection, and knows that good results can be achieved only through hard work. The most effective method of teaching foreign languages leading experts in the field of language education believe communicative method (The Communicative Approach) teaching. This method was first used more than 50 years ago. Excellent results have proved the effectiveness of the communicative approach, which is now used in most of the leading language schools around the world. Classes in According to this method of learning English are held in groups of 12-15 students. This is the number of students considered the best way to achieve the main goal of learning – the ability to freely express their thoughts on foreign language.

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Carlos Group

The avaliativos methods used by the professor are diverse, since work in group, research, seminaries, written tests and even though parol evidences, valley to still stand out the performance evaluation that each pupil receives each bimaster who serves very to see the degree of behavior and fulfilment of the activities, beyond giving to a vision growth or regression of the pupil in elapsing of the school year. 4 the Period of training (Comment) a bigger easiness for the application of period of training in the EEFM.CEL Humberto Heifer is that already I have experience of education in this establishment since May of 2011, then with almost all the groups of the school already develops an approach and a relationship, despite in 2 year B I did not work with I discipline History, we have the chance to work with others you discipline. However, still thus I decided to have a first contact with the group in what it says respect to disciplines of worked in the period of training and still to have two lessons of comment that would serve to follow the routine of the room in the respective one disciplines and the methodologies, proposals, evaluations and activities developed for the professor Carlos (responsible for disciplines). In such a way, the group did not have no problem in me respectively to have as accompanying and observing of the durantes lessons dates 06/10 and 13/10/2011. Susan G. Swenson describes an additional similar source. Well I was received and received well for the group that already I have of certain form certain intermeshing and a good development for being professor in another one disciplines. What valley to stand out here, is that in this group we can perceive one heterogeneidade and a very great diversity of thoughts and experiences. Social people with different cultures, classrooms with its peculiarities, problems related to the family and the social environment, at last, a diversity of lives, gostos and ways of giving to it. .

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