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Here, it is important that I with iTwin encrypt the data on the way through the Internet personally and me don’t need rely on third parties. Last but not least, can I surf everywhere privately about iTwin on the world through my own company network or the provider of my confidence and also restricts the possibility of attack extremely. Safer isn’t really, to move into the Internet. ITwin as iTwin with the professional variant connect offers in addition to the pure data access include remote desktop functionality, is here a complete VPN solution, especially for small businesses and is self-employed persons who want to access without much effort and without any configuration on their data securely from anywhere. Editorial: How does it work technically? Walker: The data transfer concept of iTwin is simple: after the coupled iTwin – halves to a computer were connected, be they again separated. one half can be connected now somewhere on another computer in the world. The two then, iTwin halves, of which about each weighs 50 grams, establish an encrypted connection between the two computers over the Internet, over which the data is exchanged to. Here to provide the best possible performance, iTwin with Amazon Web services works as a switch.

Any expert knowledge about networks is required nor special software. The professional version iTwin connect offers in addition to accessing data a complete VPN solution which can fully operate remotely via Remote Desktop your PC or Mac and private surfing via its own network. Editorial: How is the distribution structure of iTwin? Walker: at the time, iTwin exclusively through the website itwin.de is distributed on the right. We are looking for sales partners who might be interested, active in their channels to distribute iTwin but also urgent. We wish here system integrators, which are established in the segment of SMEs, as well as software vendors, the iTwin very well as private cloud solution can offer, to its customers. a secure access to the software installed in the company of on the road to offer. Editorial: What does iTwin and what looks like the future planning? Walker: the final price for the professional variant iTwin connect is 199 euro.

To all future updates and new features are included, so that the customers here expect no further costs. The simple variant of the iTwin I can access only on data and encrypt my data on the way to the dropbox personally SecureBox, 129 euros and addressed individuals as a sensible alternative to mobile storage. Our developers in Singapore work on many other features, which also belongs to publicise iTwin for mobile devices. We believe that in the long term only safe products will prevail and the iTwin as very good for the future is positioned. About iTwin iTwin has the iTwin – for remote data access 2010 stick on the market brought, making it access to its own files from afar so easy like that Use a USB flash drive. Today, iTwin went on a decisive step and has created through the introduction of iTwin connect a real VPN.

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Briefly Described Instore

In-store TV: The new way to spread information! Digital signage is absolutely on the rise. More and more entrepreneurs and vendors decide to give up posters and signs and turn to the digital signage. Digital signage used on stations for quite some time. Think of the arrival and departure times. Digital signage works quickly and reliably. The up and hang out or renew can be omitted in this sense now effectively. Digital signage saves general time and relieves the personnel, for example, in hotels. We live in a world that is replete with advertising and information.

Hardly we are moving out of the House, poster pillars marked buses wait on us or with advertising. This diversity has led in the meantime so far that we pay hardly any attention the information carriers. Now there’s a new way but, you can win new customers, for example. Des is the name puzzle solution: in-store TV. Through an in-store TV you can keep both customers and employees.

So can information be passed quickly and efficiently. Digital signage is a new way of communicating. The always renewable content are sent over a network connection to the in-store TV (plasma or LCD). It is very progressive, that the individual contents are manageable in real time. All selected locations can be supplied at the same time with the new information. Surveys clearly that up to 90% of the in-store users are positive to talk TV. Apart from the possibility of rapid information waiting people (at train stations or in the hospital) are diverted through digital signage and entertain. Also in buses itself, this system is used already, to provide some variety to the passengers. So for example the latest messages can be read while driving. Good in-house products can be presented via an in-store TV. Also music videos get well for most customers. You can work according to business advertising strategically by digital signage. The music must fit but also to the products.

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