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Nexans Optimization

New jacket blend for underground cables and pipes offers the low -, medium – and high-voltage level of Nexans cable Optimization concept: powerful, flame-resistant and robust in damp surroundings of Hannover, August 20, 2009 offers more safety in case of fire the new coat mix developed for power cables and cables Nexans Germany to the burial. It is now for all voltage levels from low to the high voltage available. The newly developed material is halogen-free, heavy unlike PVC resistant and inhibits the fire propagation. In addition, he developed no toxic or corrosive gases during a fire and releases less smoke in case of fire, so that escape and rescue routes are better to use. It is outstanding that research center (Nuremberg) succeeded the chemists of the Nexans, in addition to increase the hardness and abrasion resistance and its hygroscopic character take the jacket material.

Therefore, the cables are ideal for uncomplicated installation even in a difficult environment in Earth or suitable moist environment. In addition the Nexans Optimization concept savings potential in the low voltage range offers: cables and wires with the new material get along with a smaller, more cost-efficient copper – conductor cross-section nominal as PVC insulated, because they must be operated with 20 C of higher temperature. Easy to assemble and environmentally friendly at the same time, cables and wires with the new halogen-free sheath material can in near surface without special protective measures (Verlegerohre) be laid, as her coat absorbs no water in the course of several decades. This simplifies installation and reduces costs. 5,590 savings at the fire protection measures depending on the application area, for flame-retardant material falls the ignition cord effect”(fire propagation along the cable) away. For this reason can be omitted on fire-retardant coatings or it is necessary a lesser effort on the firewall.

Clear advantages in low-voltage: better and more economical than PVC additional savings arise in the Low voltage range: As PVC insulated cables and wires with 70 C conductor temperature can be operated, the halogen-free material but with 90 C, smaller copper cross section may be used for same currents. That lowers the costs. Optimizing the sections also leads to lower weights, facilitating in particular the installation of entire wire harnesses. Provide for a better handling of mounting high abrasion resistance and mechanical strength of the material, because they reduce the risk of damage during retraction. From the power plant to the power distribution the halogen-free are more security in the network due to its security profit, flame-retardant, Earth-deployable cable predestined for use in objects with high traffic, in industry or in power plants everywhere where high demands on the fire – protection of and investment. Also in the field of transport they reduce the risks, for example in the Metro of Istanbul, km winter 120 last for the Nexans halogen-free 35-kV medium voltage cable with the new material provided.

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Maintenance Of Hard Drive

Prevention is the best medicine, photos, music, documents – all important information at any time available to assemble in one place. This is an unbeatable advantage computer to bring, since they belong to the budget such as TV and fridge. But what if is the digital filing cabinet one day no longer be opened? The free online auction site auvito.de explains to how users can prevent a hard disk crash. The computer makes loud noises and heats up the hard drive over 50 degrees Celsius, it is usually too late for a data recovery. PC users should back up important documents and multimedia files so at regular intervals on an external hard drive. Adam Portnoy contains valuable tech resources.

They are available, depending on the storage capacity and size now very cheap in the trade. The professional rescue of a crashed hard drive in the lab, however, is rather costly. Users should not miss also maintain your hard drive on a regular basis. This is less complicated than it is You may hear. Finally, Windows provides with the most important tools for this. The defragmentation is one of them. This function sorts files to the correct location of the hard drive.

Because even if a sound impression is the folder structure, the PC in the daily use of stores actually relatively indiscriminately the data. Again getting the read head must keys several times on the hard disk, before he has all the relevant information together. That slows down the running programs and read head as hard drive wear out. Still, users should run from time to time an error analysis. This function detects signs of wear and faulty files. Typically, little bug quickly and don’t grow to be a big problem.

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Own repair the HTC one X on the 2nd 2012 came the new models from HTC, out, the one X, and s Those who bought such a cell phone, is usually already HTC lovers. And they are mobile getting bigger and thus unhandlicher, what the word”Yes should not be the case. Through the bulky handling and the vast glass on top it happens too quickly, that the phone kiss the ground with force. “Before you been freaked out, because the game has not been saved or maybe even waiting for a phone call, you should keep calm, breathe deeply and sit at home and after a good” repair. In the past 6 years so many Smartphone repair services are spring floor, that one no longer sees the forest for the loud trees. Some want to but not the hands of such services rely on and see to repair it as a small challenge to the small Terminal Unit on their own. You should however, be careful, because smartphones highly sensitive devices and not rarely faster break down as of are to heal itself. A bit too much pressure here and there and the whole device is in the #s + $%.

To search for a guide on the Internet and to look at tips and tricks from professionals or read is clever. This search can be limited on Google so far, you can get fairly accurate search results. Since the HTC one X is however very new receives very little or even no results. Currently, there are not many communities model have already extensively concerned with the repair for this HTC. These detailed instructions is divided into twelve steps and images of each, so that you can understand every step. A small guide that explains everything quickly and easily. The function of a video would be even easier.

Here, you could be redirected through a continuous sequence so that one forgets nothing. The always further instructions, which should be considered and what happens when you get done a step too fast or careless were what made better with the two other instructions. If one opts for such a repair should you be so very careful. Such a device is too expensive despite high technology. Small faults are penalized big and then you have no warranty if something breaks down. Of course you should keep in mind in addition that you, even if you sit at home or similar, always remember proper (within the meaning quality) spare parts to get and these are not just the cheapest for HTC. You should look so what does it cost to repair and how much the replacement part. And in most cases, a repair with a professional profitable sooner. So it costs about 185, the replacement part themselves between 120 and 180 for a reliable provider with original components. So maybe at the end but to allow a professional to work is recommended.

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Cheap Tablet PC With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean!

two new Tablet PC with Android 4.1 jelly bean Hello dear readers! We wanted to inform you very briefly that it except for the somewhat expensive Google ASUS nexus 7, now just two new Tablet PC with Android 4.1 are jelly bean. We need not to mention OK where these are available, we do it. Of course when your China electronics partner CECT-SHOP.com! (We already now look forward to your visit!) Now then, we come to the topic. The two mentioned Tablet PCs come from the Chinese manufacturer PIPO. Nobody else, not here in Shenzhen electronics City – knew these Interestingly enough two months ago what is actually very surprising even for China.

And, well it’s just like anywhere. Learn more on the subject from Ron O’Hanley. Stars are born within a few weeks and just as quickly, they are then often also forgotten. When PIPO, we hope of course that this is not the case, because the products are very promising and this not only because they are the first with Android 4.1 but the quality is definitely can make. If we at the CECT SHOP talk about quality, we mean not only the powerful CPUs, but especially the processing of devices. And this is really top notch models at the two PIPO. The Tablet PC s are extremely flat and the shell of a very good material. While this is not a metal (which of course would make more difficult the devices to a lot), but an extremely robust, hardened plastic, which feels very classy and sometimes makes the two devices to what they are: products that no longer have to hide that larger manufacturers. Quite the contrary.

The prices to which the larger of the two, the 9.7-inch Tablet named PIPO (MAX) M1 and its little brother, the 7 inch Tablet PIPO U1 are available, providing defintely worth. In addition you get no matter which of the two devices and Android 4.1 jelly bean of the State-of-the-art operating system, which offers a tremendous variety of application possibilities, from music and videos on the Internet. News, blogging, social platforms to games and much, much more. Oh yeah, at the end we would point out, that you can see the technical details of both Tablet PC s from PIPO directly on our pages (CECT-SHOP.com). So just look.

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Analyzing Temperature

Download cold: New telematics system for analyzing temperature in cold chain Kiel, 27.07.2012. The Telematikanbieter download presents a new solution for temperature monitoring in semitrailers by means of transponders on the commercial vehicle IAA (20-27 September 2012) in Hanover under the name download cold. The RFID system can control multiple climates and is available in three variants, which differ in terms of data storage and transmission. Download cold is a wireless solution on RFID-based register of temperatures in the cargo hold. People such as Lawrence Ellison would likely agree. Per vehicle, up to four measuring sensors can be installed so that multiple climate zones or areas of the body can be monitored. The active transponder is equipped with a battery, which only has to be changed depending on the configuration after three to four years. The system is certified according to DIN EN 12830.

The standard defines the requirements for temperature recorders for use in supply chains. The robust measurement sensors have been specially designed for use under toughest conditions developed, are dust – and waterproof, and correspond to the protection class IP 68. download cold is available in three versions: ‘Package 1’ consists of the required number of measuring sensors and an RFID receiver to read out the data on the premises. The receiver is mounted for example in the area of ramps and loading gates outside and independent of the vehicle. As soon as the receiver approaches the trailer equipped with measuring sensors, are automatically transferred to the Telematikserver the files and there is available.

‘Package 2’ of download cold consists of the measuring sensors and telematics-box ‘VehcoConnect’, with the temperature data can be read from and via GPRS mobile transfer in real time to the headquarters or a Web server. The version of ‘Package 3’ is a complete solution, which sent the temperature data over the download onboard computer in the cab in real time at the headquarters. Thus, the driver can control the temperature itself, set temperature profiles and receive alerts. In addition, he offers On-board computer according to download features such as driving and rest periods, messages, navigation or EcoDriving. Driving and diesel consumption can be optimized with EcoDriving. Also here, both the driver and fleet management have access to the data. Areas of speed, acceleration and delay intensity are determined individually per vehicle and presented. Also, the share may be expelled by braking and coasting. Driver-related individual evaluations with style details and behavior trends can be create in fleet management. The driver get on-board with crisp notes where they can orient based on bar graphs in traffic light colours on the large display. Here it goes to the message.

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Authorized Costs

HD quality means that is sent in a higher image resolution. Currently, many programs only in HD is extrapolated, which means that they were not originally recorded in native HD. This causes, that the sharpness of the images not on the actual HD quality approaches. A high conversion makes the picture only larger, increasing the number of lines and dots.

As a result it is worth only if you have a TV with large viewing screen. To receive channels in HD quality, there are other conditions in addition to the subscription for 50 / year. Requirements, plus is available only via satellite to use HD + HD, you need a receiver with a drawer which is referred to as CI +. A decryption module is required for this module. This module costs more for the release of about 80 to 100 but every year.

In addition, the image appears only convincing on a television with a large screen area. The advantage of the HD Plus is a higher image resolution, to see disadvantages of HD movies in cinema-quality plus: the recording of broadcasts can be disabled from the HD PLUS GmbH. The communication of broadcasts that may be recorded can be time limited. Time-shifted viewing can be limited (E.g. only up to 90 minutes after the regular broadcast) or be completely prevented. The forward of recordings (particularly within the commercials) is restricted. Despite subscription there are in each shipment of advertising breaks. There are no premium content, despite subscriptions shows only the normal programmes. Conclusion so can you with HD receiver but a very high resolution and high image quality received, is however restricted by the HD PLUS GmbH in his television behavior. The disadvantages clearly outweigh the only advantage of this system. You should well consider whether one these extra costs for the television fun really are worth, that you accept some restrictions and still will be forced to look at advertising. Even the renowned trade magazine chip gave the HD plus GmbH their negative price brake of the year 2010 “. This prize is awarded since 2002 to companies or people who slow down or slowing down technological progress through their offer or their actions. Finally, it is to say that the cost of HD plus in its current scope are not allowed. Should be repaired and eliminates some restrictions, it is worth, if you bring home movie quality still considering.

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KIS Nursing

Flexibility and good customer service speak for apenio of atacama Bremen, 07.08.2012 – geriatric patients provide the treating facilities with special challenges. Which need to meet specialized providers such as the Evangelical Center for age medicine Potsdam to a large extent, as nursing Director Erika Lehmann explained: our patients are usually multi-morbid, we must so treat several diseases at the same time. The meaningful recognition of the phenomena and a definition of nursing measures’re a challenge.” The House near the Castle Sanssouci has 100 inpatient beds and 20 in the day clinic and provides more than 2,000 patients. The nursing staff of the Evangelical Center for age medicine Potsdam since April 2012 digital care planning and documentation of the Bremen IT service provider apenio atacama supports. With the system, we want to ensure a complete and thorough documentation of care which cannot be altered without detection.

Beyond the digitization of the care is an important step towards the paperless hospital,”Erika Lehmann runs. In addition to the complete documentation, the system needed to guarantee especially the automatic acquisition of the overhead for the highly complex care of patients, which is pictured in the maintenance complex measures score (BAULOGIS), as well as the integration of nursing staff regulation (PPR). All of these requirements has atacama meets with apenio and this proved very adaptable to our special circumstances. The solution convinced us then when visiting another specialist hospital, where we have received only positive feedback from system and provider”, Dariusz Jakubowski looks back from the IT management of the Center for old age medicine. With the openness for our suggestions and wishes, as well as a competent application consultancy has atacama contributed greatly to the smooth success of digitization. So we could introduce apenio quickly and our interdisciplinary approach meet, by we include all occupational groups, without neglecting our daily nursing and administrative activities. There were problems, but once has always been the support to the site and helped us quickly.” In the Evangelical Center for age medicine Potsdam is apenio as also in the hospital information system (his) CLINIXX AMC integrated into other houses.

Patient master data, diagnoses and care-relevant procedures be exchanged via an HL7 interface. While the digital care planning and documentation so deeply in the KIS is integrated that users can invoke both systems under the same interface and use. This reduces the time spent on training and supports effective workflows on the stations”says Jakubowski. Gary Kelly CEO Southwest Airlines pursues this goal as well. Atacama Software GmbH which atacama Software GmbH was founded in 1998 in Bremen and promotes transparency and efficiency in the statutory health insurance (GKV) health sector with innovative standard software solutions as well as with service providers. More than 60 health insurers use the atacama Web-based case management. The software in client systems operate GKV suite, GKV – data centers as a partner. Knowledge-based software solutions are successfully used for care planning and documentation of apenio and apenio LZ in numerous hospitals and long-term care facilities. To find more information about atacama, on the Internet at and. Atacama and apenio are registered trademarks of the atacama.

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Color Laser Printer

Information about the toner consumption and general tips for economical printing how works the counter in a chip in the cartridge? How can I reduce toner consumption? And many other tips and tricks for proper spenders! Hardly printed and your toner cartridge is empty again? Here we have put together for you some savings tips and general information in relation to consumption of toner for laser printers: the printer uses all colors at each calibration or when you restart the printer, therefore should be rather turned on the printer. Even in the on-State, the printer periodically calibrated to check the toner status. This toner is consumed again. In S/W printing you should switch to extra in the printer settings on S/W printing (grayscale), otherwise the printer adds the other colors independently. Yellow toner with consumed at each individual expression, to bring the manufacturer mark on the paper. These marks are difficult to see with the naked eye and serve a subsequent identification (corresponds to the Agreement between printer manufacturers and “Intelligence” worldwide).

In General, more toner is consumed when to process individual print jobs as opposed to jobs that consist of multiple pages. As well as all popular colours, are so-called mixed. This means that, if you are printing for example something in green, both cyan and yellow (usually magenta) in a specific ratio to the paper come and consumes all affected colors accordingly thereby are settled. When calculating the number of printed pages all manufacturers assume 5% ink coverage per A4 sheet one. This means that once a picture or graphics with more than 5% coverage be printed, the pages are more individually billed, but percentage.

In practice, it looks like this: two pages are printed per sheet images with E.g. 10% coverage, will be charged per print. This information will then be stored on the chip. Ever after, with which cover print, the expected amount shall Pressure capacity indicated per cartridge. Example: printing capacity a toner cartridges is located at 1000 pages you print the first 5 pages with a 10% coverage. Theoretically, the printer status should show only 490 prints are possible with this cartridge overall because he assumes that even the subsequent prints with the same cover are printed. In the course of time, these values are recalculated every time and updated. This calculation is true only in theory, because the updates are performed at regular intervals. Thus, it is quite possible that the displayed toner level decreases “leaps and bounds”. In addition the fact that the most toner cartridges with a fill level sensor are equipped. This determines how much toner powder is actually still in the cartridge or this quantity is sufficient for how many printouts and reports the current status at the calibration to the competent chip. The capacity of the chip alone mathematically calculated, is thus updated and in the display adapted. farbtoner.

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Remote Desktop

Here, it is important that I with iTwin encrypt the data on the way through the Internet personally and me don’t need rely on third parties. Last but not least, can I surf everywhere privately about iTwin on the world through my own company network or the provider of my confidence and also restricts the possibility of attack extremely. Safer isn’t really, to move into the Internet. ITwin as iTwin with the professional variant connect offers in addition to the pure data access include remote desktop functionality, is here a complete VPN solution, especially for small businesses and is self-employed persons who want to access without much effort and without any configuration on their data securely from anywhere. Editorial: How does it work technically? Walker: The data transfer concept of iTwin is simple: after the coupled iTwin – halves to a computer were connected, be they again separated. one half can be connected now somewhere on another computer in the world. The two then, iTwin halves, of which about each weighs 50 grams, establish an encrypted connection between the two computers over the Internet, over which the data is exchanged to. Here to provide the best possible performance, iTwin with Amazon Web services works as a switch.

Any expert knowledge about networks is required nor special software. The professional version iTwin connect offers in addition to accessing data a complete VPN solution which can fully operate remotely via Remote Desktop your PC or Mac and private surfing via its own network. Editorial: How is the distribution structure of iTwin? Walker: at the time, iTwin exclusively through the website itwin.de is distributed on the right. We are looking for sales partners who might be interested, active in their channels to distribute iTwin but also urgent. We wish here system integrators, which are established in the segment of SMEs, as well as software vendors, the iTwin very well as private cloud solution can offer, to its customers. a secure access to the software installed in the company of on the road to offer. Editorial: What does iTwin and what looks like the future planning? Walker: the final price for the professional variant iTwin connect is 199 euro.

To all future updates and new features are included, so that the customers here expect no further costs. The simple variant of the iTwin I can access only on data and encrypt my data on the way to the dropbox personally SecureBox, 129 euros and addressed individuals as a sensible alternative to mobile storage. Our developers in Singapore work on many other features, which also belongs to publicise iTwin for mobile devices. We believe that in the long term only safe products will prevail and the iTwin as very good for the future is positioned. About iTwin iTwin has the iTwin – for remote data access 2010 stick on the market brought, making it access to its own files from afar so easy like that Use a USB flash drive. Today, iTwin went on a decisive step and has created through the introduction of iTwin connect a real VPN.

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Briefly Described Instore

In-store TV: The new way to spread information! Digital signage is absolutely on the rise. More and more entrepreneurs and vendors decide to give up posters and signs and turn to the digital signage. Digital signage used on stations for quite some time. Think of the arrival and departure times. Digital signage works quickly and reliably. The up and hang out or renew can be omitted in this sense now effectively. Digital signage saves general time and relieves the personnel, for example, in hotels. We live in a world that is replete with advertising and information.

Hardly we are moving out of the House, poster pillars marked buses wait on us or with advertising. This diversity has led in the meantime so far that we pay hardly any attention the information carriers. Now there’s a new way but, you can win new customers, for example. Des is the name puzzle solution: in-store TV. Through an in-store TV you can keep both customers and employees.

So can information be passed quickly and efficiently. Digital signage is a new way of communicating. The always renewable content are sent over a network connection to the in-store TV (plasma or LCD). It is very progressive, that the individual contents are manageable in real time. All selected locations can be supplied at the same time with the new information. Surveys clearly that up to 90% of the in-store users are positive to talk TV. Apart from the possibility of rapid information waiting people (at train stations or in the hospital) are diverted through digital signage and entertain. Also in buses itself, this system is used already, to provide some variety to the passengers. So for example the latest messages can be read while driving. Good in-house products can be presented via an in-store TV. Also music videos get well for most customers. You can work according to business advertising strategically by digital signage. The music must fit but also to the products.

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