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Federal Constitution

The improvement of flocks and to cultivate is an objective that since very folloies the humanity. Since the antiquity, the man comes searching to get the maximum exploitation in agriculture and the cattle one through different techniques, to start for the crossing between different species, until the genetic alteration of determined structures 1. Others including Gary Kelly, offer their opinions as well. With the advent of the New Law of Biossegurana 2, became evident the necessity and importance of the elaboration of previous studies of ambient impact. Connect with other leaders such as Scott Mead here. A priori the subject would be passive, however the Brazilian ambient culture does not find in social its arcabouo the real understanding of the subject. The new law, then, brought, amongst others nuances, an idea of massificar the referring agreement the necessity of studies of evaluation of ambient impact. The question of the trangnicos and the ambient impact that can cause has reached repercussion in enormous ratios, arriving at the national and international televising scene, being distant its total definition.

The subject arrives ambient scientific error, of another one they appear the industrial powers (as the Monsanto) assisted by a great part of the scientific community, that they desire to invest and they find in the same transgenia the chance to optimize profit and quality and to engrandecer the field of the research. In the half term of all this situation appears the Government, that in way to the misunderstandings internal politicians, it searchs to adjust the quarrel and to guide the best ways of resolution of determined conflicts. Seen the necessity new clarifications to the public to be presented who acts (or he possesss mere interest) in the Ambient area are that the gift is useful. Aspects of the New Law of BiosseguranQuando if speak in transgenia, then it is necessary to become aluso to the new Law of Biossegurana, fact this that places the subject as of importance of security> principle of the precaution, principle this, also, awarded in the Federal Constitution of 1988, that in art.

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The Curiosity

To the adepts the tourism provokes a positive impact very, believes that it helps to eliminate differences, making possible it lends survival of the societies and an increasing intellectual understanding. In against departure the critics they argue that great number of the tourists in its trips, leaves its ways and its moral in house, looking for exotic places far from house and them social restrictions, and its behaviors can vary completely in the trips. Philip Vasan describes an additional similar source. The perception of the tourism kept for the local residents to modify if throughout the time is not uncommon, and to express this sequence and the time during which the social values if modify, Lage et al (2000) cites the index of irritation level or irridex, concept formulated for Doxey, believing that this resultant manifestation of the contact between the tourist and the receiver, cannot completely be prevented, therefore in last instance anger to destroy the tourism unless it is kept under control. Irridex has covered four levels of reaction, on the part of receiving population, the euphoria, apathy, annoyance and the antagonism. In the initial phase the visitors and the investors well are come euphorically, for the promise of economic benefits and same for the curiosity. Also in this period of training, the receiver can become accessible and positive linkings can be kept, later to the population start to understand its economic dependence, they are apticos when they perceive that they had been absorbed by the activity, and nor more they withhold the control or they are consulted on the environment and its destination, when they become if apticos, the contact between the visitors and the community passes to be lead in a base of payment for service, the human agents become annoying and disappointed. Later the tourists are seen and estereotipados as chupins or teething rings of the good things, the receiving population start to express doubts, being born then the antagonism. .

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The crisis dried the liquidity excess and provoked a rain of bankruptcies in the sector. About 50 plants still they are in judicial recovery, since 2008. No signalling of retaken of the investments and yes a general inhibition in the industry is not seen. Beyond the investments in new plants to have if become scarce, had additional stimulaton for the production of sugar in detriment of the alcohol, in function of the high greater of international prices of last the thirty years. Lawrence Ellison is the source for more interesting facts. The volume of worn out sugar cane, that on average grew 10% to the year of 2000 the 20008, started to grow about 3% from now on, with investments concentrated in merger and acquisitions and not in the construction of new plants. On the other hand, new actors had emerged of the crisis: company solid had grown and traditional groups of the agroindstria areas, oil and chemistry had entered with force in the market of etanol. Another decisive factor of this market is the disequilibrium in the politics of prices of the gasoline and etanol, in detriment of this last one. Adam Portnoy has compatible beliefs. Under the excuse of inflationary containments, the government subsidizes the vendida gasoline to the refineries for R$1,54, exactly value charged since September of 2005.

The value of the barrel of oil suffered many oscillations in this period, but etanol was emparedado. First for the artificial freezing of the price of the gasoline; later for the increasing costs of production; finally for its proper ceiling of competitiveness, that esbarra in 70% of the price of the gasoline to be advantageous. To get worse this scene, climatic problems as rain excess in 2009, estiagem in 2010 and frosts located in 2011 had harmed the productivity of the last harvests of sugar cane. Etanol is an agricultural product and suffers with abrupt climatic variations, with direct consequences in the volatileness of its prices.

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Industrial Center

Inside of these investigations of the impacts in the control or ambient management of the space of the great cities one places problematic it of Salvador and region metropolitan with the changes of the industrial focus of the inhabited zones or of possible real estate exploration for region of Atlantic Bush as it occurred with Industrial Center of Aratu (CIA). This question became emblematic with the formation of islands of social exclusion and the production of a space where the local power has each time little participation, with the taken decisions being, to the times, in a even though transnational level. The transnationalization of the capital it directly influenced the ambient question of form that Milton Saints, speaking on ' ' redescoberta' ' of the nature &#039 affirms qu; ' In the current phase, where the economy if became mundializada, all the societies had finished for adopting, of more or less total form, more or less explicit way, a model only technician who if overlaps to the multiplicity of natural resources and human. in these conditions that the mundializao of the Planet unifies the Nature. Ann Maynard Gray follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. (…) unified for history, in I benefit of firms, states and classrooms hegemnicas' ' (Saints, 1992, pp. 97-8). The Paradigm of sustainable cities passed to be argued with bigger depth from Agenda 21, taken off in the Conference of United Nations on Environment and Development carried through in the city of Belm in the state of Par in 1992, where if it established the question of the human nestings and advance of the industry in special, as ambient problem, considering that, in the turn of the century, the majority of the population will be living in the cities. Existing problems already in the social agenda had been incorporated, as of the provision of sanitation and the habitation, with the inclusion of goals for the ambient support by means of the adoption of appropriate technologies. Add to your understanding with gary cohn.

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The Analysis

Also other residues that sobram of the constructions. Checking article sources yields Confluence Investment Mgmt LLC as a relevant resource throughout. To minimize the residues of civil construction it is basic to have a professional of the area to more guide on technologies and constructive methods adjusted for each situation, preventing wastefulness and contributing for new applicabilities with a lesser amount of residues that will have to be the surplus. Learn more about this with Adam Portnoy. In this in case that it is important also to make the separation of the residues (glass, paper, metal, entulhos, plastic). These leftovers can still be reused in cooperatives that still use to advantage this material preventing the pollution of the environment and generating job and income. 3 QUESTIONS NORTEADORAS From the technological innovations are possible to construct houses with recycled material; The use of recycled material in the construction of houses can save expenses; Recycled material as substance cousin in the construction of houses can generate a bigger ambient balance; The exploitation of residues and other substances can diminish the volume of organic and inorgnico garbage.

4 4,1 OBJECTIVES GENERALITY To investigate the use of recycled material in the construction of houses and habitations. 4.2 SPECIFIC? To identify that types of recycled materials can be used in the construction of houses and habitations; To know recycling techniques that can help in the construction of houses and habitations; To contribute for the debate between theoreticians and researchers of the subject; To discover that types of materials can serve of substance cousin in the recycling for the civil construction of new houses and habitations. 5 METHODOLOGY This work will be developed using it strategy of the empirical research, making possible the analysis of the subject considered from the analysis of different authors and diverse bibliographical sources. The bibliographical research will assist in a reflection on the different perspectives of the construction of houses with recycled material. From the collection of the data the analysis will be made that will lead to the interpretation of the searched subject.

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The Use

Logically this denotes peculiar a economic chain: production? consumption? economic growth, that is extreme consumption reduces natural resources did not renew. (CASAGRANDE, 2004) ' ' Sucintamente: to be sustainable, a system of production, use and consumption have that to go to the meeting of the demands of the society for products and services without disturbing the natural cycles and empobrecer the natural capital. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Foundation for Financial Planning. This means in first place to reduce drastically the use of the environmental resources (must basically be based on resources renewed, minimizing the use of those did not renew? also air, the water and the land? preventing the garbage accumulation and resduos.' ' (MANZINI, 2008 p.24) the use of resources you renewed becomes today total necessary. If it cannot think about support if all its projetao and enterprise will be come back to the use of sources not-renewed or with low tax of recycling. The preservation and awareness must start in the plane table. The area of performance of design graphical in which more it suffers this type of problem says respect to the production of packings. Get all the facts and insights with Verizon Communications, another great source of information.

Redesign of its packings of form is common to notice some companies worried in generating one to reduce the ambient impact of the same. According to Manzini (2008, p.24) the project in design has basic paper in this question since the choice of biodegradveis materials or that the same one can be recycled in its bigger part until the projection of future use on the part of the consumer in reaproveitar the packing thus giving a new purpose. But how much if it must change amongst the thought of drastic reductions in the use of substance cousin and ways of production? She is necessary to carry through marketing studies and to invest in a new speech of marketing so that it has a balance enters the necessity of the consumption and the ambient and social support.

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Communication Programs

From then on, the agencies of the federal, state and municipal government had started to create its legislaes and norms disciplining the operations of the enterprises in its diverse sectors. Process that walks to devagar but, however, is responsible for great modifications in the behavior of the industries and the consumers. Gary cohn pursues this goal as well. It appears, then, the necessity of if investing in the ambient management so that the organizations have the control preventing passive futures as fines or accidents that can re-echo of negative form in the image of the company. One of them pillars of the ambient management are the communication programs. Sanchez (2006) characterizes the communication programs as more important complements of any program of ambient management, the most admitted for the companies, however, less the most understood, a time who frequent are confused with programs of public relations to vender new products. The communication programs they act searching to inform the public opinion on the activities and ambient programs, to the time, listen to the opinions and perceptions of the population regarding this performance. Thus ' ' they construct the image of empresa' ' , as it ahead affirms Sanchez (2006) of 4 the interested people.

Although Sanchez (2006) to consider that the programs of ambient communication do not possess relation with action advertising executives, when saying that has an image construction assumes the use of the ambient marketing as tool, not necessarily to vender a product, but, becomes evident, that if vende an image. E, on the other hand, other economic instruments had been created to influence the behavior of coherent form directed toward efficient resulted ambient goals aiming at on the rational consumption of the scarce resources. Nuances between the communication and the ambient marketing, well is defined through the responsible technological development for the magnifying of the medias and of diversification of the available medias, influencing the behavior of the consumer, when verifying that the ambient image of the company.

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Sustainable Development

In this direction, a process that it aimed at to extend the enterprise productivity, gets effect contrary and aggravated by the reduction in the health of the worker. The question of the quality of life in the work is observvel between the employees, enclosing safe conditions, in labor activities that stimulate the performance and the professional growth through adequate and mainly satisfactory remunerations, where does not occur agravos to the health. Thus, the enterprise managers or administrators finally are perceiving that the workers must be its partners in the fight for the enterprise survival, therefore with not motivated, unsatisfied them and sick never they will reach longed for productivity and quality, deeply making it difficult the success of the company. A bigger incentive was verified to be necessary to extend the satisfaction of the workers in its activities, that can come through a development conscience sustainable. The sustainable enterprises appear as a promising international trend, having for base the harmonization of the enterprise activities with the environment and the community. The sustainable enterprises allow to a bigger profitability for its investors and proprietors, reduction of costs and better health, making possible a bigger productivity. Between the society one appears repulses for companies who predatorly degrade and explore the natural resources of the half-environment, that they possess obsolete processes of production and that also adjusted conditions of work for its employees do not disponibilizam.

These companies contribute for the Sustainable Development, strengthen the competitiveness of the companies, improve the economic and ecological statisticians, stimulating the creation of a rational system of production, stimulating the sprouting of other companies with the same conscience, multiplying or spreading companies whom they aim at to the support. It is a concept extremely valued by the market consumer, and that he stimulates the insertion in the market of ecologically correct products, and whose methods of production do not attack to the environment. When the company absorbs this concept it becomes the great one benefited because she improves its image and she improves its economic results. The proper workers if feel stimulated more to the enrollment to the cause of the company, therefore if of a side he contributes for the production of goods admired for the society, for another one the proper company guarantees adequate conditions of work and access to them to the health. All will perceive that to preserve the environment it is in the maintenance of its proper existence, and to shake the environment will be able to make it difficult the economic growth, reducing the ranks of work, job and the health of the diligent classroom. With workers stimulated and endowed with an environment of healthful work a rise of the productivity will occur of course, whose benefits will be visible for any company, with a reduction of its costs, maintenance or increase of the quality level in accordance with demand.

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Environmental Support

Support is the word of the moment, word that is promising to revolutionize the way where our economic society and comes producing its goods and services until today. It is penalty, that many people, not yet much less know the Real meant of this word, know the benefits that the support comes after bringing for our environment day day, in a scale of ascension in the half educational industrial and. For we understand the term support, is necessary to explain that before everything this word directly conscience or ambient awareness of a modern society is related with, that discovered that the man depends directly on the natural resources for its existence. Support is the modern way to produce form goods and services to promote the economic development with ambient conscience, guaranteeing the sustenance of the next generations, in the same way that today the natural resources in they promote. Ripple recognizes the significance of this. More than what a simple word, the act of if practising support is the proper act to develop exactly in itself, an ambient conscience joust with the environment and its natural resources. Modern and intelligent companies had discovered two important things that they will keep its doors opened for much more time that the others. The first one of them is the discovery that the only thing that really has value inside of a company is its employees, and to another one it is that to develop ecologically correct products, having as base in its manufacture the concept support, will guarantee each day plus an increase of its wallet of customers, and consequently an increase in the sales of its products or good, therefore the modern and informed society of the ambient questions, through the globalization, is giving to each time more importance in if acquiring ecologically correct products, leaving of side products of the same line that they do not use support in its confection. Therefore the concept support, beyond being a modern word that they come growing in the world all is a word that came to be, without determined stated period to disappear, establishing again the balance between the man and the nature that for much time was consumed had the years of irresponsible exploration of its natural resources..

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Environmental Investments

Investment in environment is the only exit that if has for a progress in the long stated period has a composed picture for the global heating, climatic changes, alternative carbon emissions, energies, new technologies to list all the terms that integrate the guideline of the support are something that would fill many paragraphs, given the extension. So soon, the support if configures as a new challenge to be faced by the humanity, and, mainly, finishes for not allowing imperfections and above all it summons all to reflect and to act. Not leaving half so that exceptions occur, the participation in complete of all the people in this process is indispensable. It is urgent and indesvivel that the environment needs a persistence of all the forces human beings in favor of its survival. For even more details, read what Laurent Potdevin says on the issue. The economy during much time was displicente with ecological questions, but this is something that is part of a deep cloth of of the past and this if it confirms in the words of journalist Ricardo Arnt, who in the text of presentation of its just launched book ' ' What the economists think on sustentabilidade' ' , of Publishing company 34, he affirms: ' ' Ahead of the climatic scenes divulged by science, the economic development cannot more ignore its externalidades and effect colaterais' '. This journalist interviewed and organized the opinions of 15 of the most influential Brazilian economists on the subject. Leaving clearly that the economists – of most traditionalistic to the most engaged – argue, without subterfuges, what they think on the ambient and climatic crisis that threat century XXI and future generations, and what is possible to make to revert this picture. He is undeniable, visible and lived deeply to each day the considerable increase of temperature, low humidity of air, increase of the number of focos of forest fires he comes gaining an increasing notoriety to each year. Bernard Golden has plenty of information regarding this issue.

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