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Environmental Support

Support is the word of the moment, word that is promising to revolutionize the way where our economic society and comes producing its goods and services until today. It is penalty, that many people, not yet much less know the Real meant of this word, know the benefits that the support comes after bringing for our environment day day, in a scale of ascension in the half educational industrial and. For we understand the term support, is necessary to explain that before everything this word directly conscience or ambient awareness of a modern society is related with, that discovered that the man depends directly on the natural resources for its existence. Support is the modern way to produce form goods and services to promote the economic development with ambient conscience, guaranteeing the sustenance of the next generations, in the same way that today the natural resources in they promote. Ripple recognizes the significance of this. More than what a simple word, the act of if practising support is the proper act to develop exactly in itself, an ambient conscience joust with the environment and its natural resources. Modern and intelligent companies had discovered two important things that they will keep its doors opened for much more time that the others. The first one of them is the discovery that the only thing that really has value inside of a company is its employees, and to another one it is that to develop ecologically correct products, having as base in its manufacture the concept support, will guarantee each day plus an increase of its wallet of customers, and consequently an increase in the sales of its products or good, therefore the modern and informed society of the ambient questions, through the globalization, is giving to each time more importance in if acquiring ecologically correct products, leaving of side products of the same line that they do not use support in its confection. Therefore the concept support, beyond being a modern word that they come growing in the world all is a word that came to be, without determined stated period to disappear, establishing again the balance between the man and the nature that for much time was consumed had the years of irresponsible exploration of its natural resources.. Cyrus findshadow has much to offer in this field.

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Environmental Investments

Investment in environment is the only exit that if has for a progress in the long stated period has a composed picture for the global heating, climatic changes, alternative carbon emissions, energies, new technologies to list all the terms that integrate the guideline of the support are something that would fill many paragraphs, given the extension. So soon, the support if configures as a new challenge to be faced by the humanity, and, mainly, finishes for not allowing imperfections and above all it summons all to reflect and to act. Not leaving half so that exceptions occur, the participation in complete of all the people in this process is indispensable. It is urgent and indesvivel that the environment needs a persistence of all the forces human beings in favor of its survival. For even more details, read what Laurent Potdevin says on the issue. The economy during much time was displicente with ecological questions, but this is something that is part of a deep cloth of of the past and this if it confirms in the words of journalist Ricardo Arnt, who in the text of presentation of its just launched book ' ' What the economists think on sustentabilidade' ' , of Publishing company 34, he affirms: ' ' Ahead of the climatic scenes divulged by science, the economic development cannot more ignore its externalidades and effect colaterais' '. This journalist interviewed and organized the opinions of 15 of the most influential Brazilian economists on the subject. Leaving clearly that the economists – of most traditionalistic to the most engaged – argue, without subterfuges, what they think on the ambient and climatic crisis that threat century XXI and future generations, and what is possible to make to revert this picture. He is undeniable, visible and lived deeply to each day the considerable increase of temperature, low humidity of air, increase of the number of focos of forest fires he comes gaining an increasing notoriety to each year. Bernard Golden has plenty of information regarding this issue.

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The Measure

The author defines the costs with the objective to know the necessary investments for the implantation of this project. 7 STUDY OF PROJECT 7,1 SITUATION OF the AREA IN STUDY the situation area in study cited for the author, really condiz with real situation, analyzed in-situ, for the authors of this article. We verify back in visit the same situation that the cited one in the old project, irregular invasions, land divisions, suppression of vegetation, hunting of wild animals, pollution of the courses d' water, we add to this important aspects of the ambient point of view, factors not cited for the author as the presence of invading exotic species, degradation in areas of permanent preservation as rising and streams, use of the area for creation of bovines, opening of roads dump. According to Milano (2001): ' ' to the measure that the existence of the units of conservation must reflect the concern of the society, or part of it, with the inapropriados uses of the natural resources, that constantly they are threatened of disappearance, means a guarantee of the state to the citizens of whom at least some significant samples of the patrimony of the nation permanently they will be protected of the threats of disappearances that sofrem' '. 7,2 PRELIMINARY MEASURES the cited peripheral survey in the project mentions the georreferenciamento to it of the area in study and is a basic tool for the accomplishment of the project. Through it will be possible to verify with clarity the gifts irregular invasions and land divisions. The necessity of the survey of the confronting proprietors I register in cadastre verifying it of property of the city with the purpose to adjust and prescribed the confronting properties to the limits of the park are of vital importance. 7,3 ALTERATION OF the ORGANIC LAW the project aims at modification of the organic law of the prescribed city the perimetria of the preservation area.

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Mszros Work

It allows us to understand, equally, that in the conception of sustainable development in the logic of the democratic support, the relation work and environment are not subsumida to the hegemony of the capital, but the categories work and nature articulate in the perspective of magnifying of the quality of life of the populations and overcoming of the inaquality/social exclusion and the socioambiental inaquality. As Mszros (2001) the sustainable development will only be reached with an effective culture of the substantive or material equality (social justice), sending the debate for the structural causes of the socioambiental degradation, that is, the way of capitalist production. 3 CONCLUSION Already is well-known currently enters the companies who the investments in the technology of the information had represented an increase in the productivity of its employees as well as in the reduction of costs, essential elements in a organizacional environment dominated by strict deriving competitiveness of the globalization process. But the search wild for the profit it left relegated as plain the worker and all its necessities as human being. On the other hand, the globalization caused the companies, the necessity to extend the competitiveness with its rivals, on behalf of its proper survival and thus it appears an attention redoubled to the productivity and quality, as well as to the reduction of costs. This context brought a reduction of well-being in the relations of work due to magnifying and intensification of the hours of working, in the eventual resignations, for the reduction of wages and of the social benefits that they reflect in the health of the worker. Fatigues, estresses, ansiedades and a sensation of constant desproteo and unreliability appear, that influence in the emotional and psychological sphere, riots emotional, etc. The agravos to the health caused by the extreme work and an environment of hostile work contribute for a reduction of the quality of life and the labor health. .

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Rio De Janeiro

However, the sprouting of hotels, as the known ones nowadays, treating strict as economic activity occurred in the end of century XVIII, stimulated for the industrial revolution (DUARTE, 1995). In it would hotelaria it to Brazil appears in the colonial period, where travelling illustrious colleges and monasteries were received in. Amazon and Moraes (2007) cite as example, the College of Jesus, in Salvador, and the Monastery of Is Bento, in the city of Rio De Janeiro. The tourism in its beginning, was a practised activity as it searchs of new knowledge, with passing of the time became more including. Being then carried through of different public different forms and taking care of with heterogeneous necessities. The tourism, when organized and planned well, can contribute sufficiently for the local development, a time that the generation of new jobs foments, increases and distributes the income, being, therefore, a viable alternative for the incentive of the partner-economic development of one determined area. In this context of differentiation, the agricultural tourism appears before the escape necessity of ' ' urbano&#039 estresse; ' of the great centers, providing a segmentation in the market of the tourism.

Being the agricultural areas looked by the inhabitants of the great urban centers. Agricultural tourism the activities developed in the agricultural way are all, promoting integration of the cultural to environment and compromised patrimony with the farming production. This type of tourism, even so a recent concept for Brazil, already comes being practised widely in countries of the Europe and as Zimmermann (1996) is an activity that grows aceleradamente in the world, and is esteem that its growth will have to be remained in development. However, the agricultural tourism, cannot be understood, as the mere transference for the field of the tourist equipment, is also the exploitation of the structures of the country property, with the possibility of the participation of small entrepreneurs; integrating in such a way the local community, environment and the regional culture the all conventional tourist equipment.

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