There are more factors to consider and more people must be taken into account, harder is a decision. Choose a job, a House, a couple, or make personal or professional decisions of relevance, can be easier simply by clarifying our intent. When the intention is clear and positive, decisions are more simple, because what we do is focus on what matters most, and be more selective. More information is housed here: David Rogier. The results, then, they are more in line with our wishes. If we are writing a letter by negotiating terms of a contract, for example, is not the same have the intention of winning at all costs without importing us the other party, that have the intention of proposing points that can be beneficial for all. Our intention will be reflected in our proposals. Talking about emotional issues, when we think of an emotional commitment, oddly enough, also change much the decision we make depending on the intention behind that. It is not as simple as someone fall in love and is already.

If what moves us when choosing a partner is creating a relationship without problems and stable, possibly look at our partner different qualities which would be important if we were looking for a partner with which we can live more intensely, or in a more adventurous way. Frivolizando the topic, and finally with the examples, let’s see what happens when we go to buy clothes. Without intention: we bought a pair of jeans that we love, and then we need to change them for a party dress that we need for the next week. With intention of being practical: we go directly for the prom dress, and chose also bag that has the more discreet label to be able to return it later. With intention to take away the sadness of above: we go to a very expensive store and buy the dress, shoes and bag.