It is easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice. Albert Einstein general life time that we are given to each is relative, we ignore when just us the term that is given to us, however, we must concern ourselves with being awake, take advantage of it, know cultivate virtues since it helps to stay within a behaviour, spiritual behavior that favors our growth, service line, as well as know how to properly use our fountain of love towards a better integration with our similar day to day We must feed our spirit with actions that give him strength, and follow the true path to which we must travel to allow us to assess that we have both grown. Notes habituate us to detach ourselves from the pomp and assess the usefulness of things. Everywhere is a vice that is excessive. We give input to reason on the difficulties: may soften the harsh circumstances, be given amplitude to the narrow and the serious press less to those who support them with elegance. Not envidiemos to those who are above us: things that seemed more exalted collapsed.

Who theme to death, will not never anything by a man alive, but those who know that this fact was agreed at the same moment that was conceived, will live according to the law of nature, and, in turn, with the same strength of spirit, will remain strong so that anything that happens to him is unexpected. It is more tolerable and easier to acquire not to lose. That not seizes us inconstancy, Vice in extreme enemy of serenity. Hear other arguments on the topic with Southwest Airlines. Who is engaged in many things, often delivered to luck the domain itself. It is man’s own laugh at life before complaining. It is better to accept calmly the public customs and human flaws, and that do not escape involuntarily neither laughter nor tears.