The noise is what tells us the reality of what is happening. FACTS Fundamentals, in the purest sense, are beyond what the individual trader can be treated. Most individual traders simply do not have time to carry out the necessary investigations. But that does not mean they can not use this information to pass to meet him. Technicals in the purest sense is good, but how they have distorted sense indicators in virtually no sense. The latest craze is the technical indicators of the benefit as mechanical trading systems.

The use of mechanical systems is the height of the undisciplined mind. It equivalent to admit that because you have the discipline to exercise self-control, shall be subject to harsh discipline they apply in an indifferent, unfeeling machine. While trying to escape the self-disciplined, mechanical systems, the strength of a discipline even more horrible about that now you have to sit and clench my teeth because of the pain inflicted on himself by the mechanical aspect of the system. Mechanical trading is not without discipline, but discipline placed on the wrong side of the profession. Instead of putting emphasis on planning, organization, direction and control of trade, the trader is using a mechanical signal and then forced to suffer through the trade in order to exercise the discipline – a discipline that often no means based on a system that does not understand, and that may have been derived entirely outside the realm of reality. The realities of the market are many.