Sometimes Shoes a produced from a combination of natural and artificial leather, which allows it to be functional, beautiful and more affordable. Distinguish genuine leather can be read – it is warmer than the artificial and quickly heated by the warmth of human hands. For warming the inside of the shoes used natural fur (eg, sheep, beaver lamb) and artificial. Unlike artificial fur – his characteristic brilliance, is not characteristic of natural. Correct sizing of shoes – a guarantee of its comfortable operation. Do not buy tight shoes, her feet are cold and tired faster, and more lining wear.

Must be a small space between the foot and material. Therefore, winter shoes a better buy for more. Larry Ellison oftentimes addresses this issue. Under the insole of shoes should not be folds and protruding nails, or feet will be polished. Men’s Shoes. The main problem is that European manufacturers sew shoes, using a narrow block. But our men, the holders of a ‘full length’ feet, often forced to buy shoes in size more and invest in it more footbed.

The height of winter shoes dictated by climatic conditions. Women’s shoes. At all times, in favor – the high women’s boots. At the castle, with laces or a single cut, they should not be overly tight-fitting leg, especially in the folds of the foot and lower leg. Lightning must act faultless and not to touch the fur lining. The heel may be different, depending on the fashion trends. But we should remember that the higher the thinner and – more likely to slip and get injury. For this reason the boots on the ‘heels’ should not be everyday shoes. Not interfere with testing to make sure that holds the heel does not move back there when walking. Children’s shoes. Winter footwear for children should be safe, sole – thick enough, but resilient. This is important for proper development of the child stop and prevent flat feet. For the same reason you can not buy your child shoes ‘for growth’, which is two or more sizes larger than they need. And the last piece of advice – do not forget to take care of the purchased shoes. Along with its acquisition of stock and special means for regular care of her. Well, if you have a few pairs winter shoes. This allows the shoes ‘breathe’ and restore the original shape. And remember that a good winter shoes can not be cheap for the quality you pay.