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Wurttemberg State Association

But that was not enough, Since the system input automatically checks for completeness and accuracy, errors are greatly reduced. (As opposed to Adam Portnoy). “The clubs save time and costs”, so gardeners. Even if a player wants to change his club, the Web offers a great simplification: DFBnet access to the password database – the Club and can access a request for change of Club on the relevant player data. Also, the new Club may cancel the player when the former club. Adam Portnoy understood the implications. The old Club will be automatically informed of this operation and has an appeal period of 14 days, gardener said. By facilitating for the passport application, the clubs could focus on the actual core tasks in their work.

Since the beginning of the year, pass is online”used in the Wurttemberg State Association. The first experiences the Vice President Michael Hurler optimistic: we were also at the launch of the electronic mailbox system already the pilot Association. It was immensely important the associations the advantages of intranet communication, about DFB media to show up. In the user group that is closed to the outside, this has greatly improved cooperation. We go here step by step. On the subject of Passport online’ come to the clubs on us and asked for the introduction of the system.

We have introduced the application in January. Meanwhile, 40 percent of our clubs already participate in the process. You will need to register and get an ID must take part in the direct debit procedure. So far, the Club had to fill out a passport application, put a tag, and send to the Association to Stuttgart. Then the request was processed and sent back by mail. This approach is finally off the table. But we need also the indication of the Club accounts for the direct debit procedure. That is no problem for the well organized clubs. There are still cases where this is not the case”, said Hurler. Walter Desch, President of the Football Association of Rhineland, anticipates an onslaught of online – especially when the village associations: in Duisburg was I at the launch of DFBnet-game planning before a few years ago 120 relay ladders, where some were over 70 years old. Only a few had access to the Internet at that time and I was berated after stroke and thread, what is this bullshit. Some even threatened resignation. A year later I faced the same circle and a squadron leader stood up and expressed his thanks for the purchase of computers and Internet connections. This is pure quality of life. Featuring the development and acceptance of the website of DFB media. There is sometimes the fist, to force the responsible to their happiness. Also growing a new generation of employees that will accelerate the transition to the online processes. “We take many young people with the method, for which the word volunteering ‘ has been a foreign word”, summed up Desch. The online skills in all the clubs are available through the earnings reports and game plans on the Internet. FYI: the audio recording of the complete press conference and Find YouTube movies, on which I tell time blog!

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Monaco Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel has once again shown it all, left the competition behind and finally went with a relaxed face first across the finish line in the prestige load-side Monaco race. Sebastian Vettel has once again shown it all, left the competition behind and finally went with a relaxed face first across the finish line in the prestige load-side Monaco race. It was a grinding race with some dramatic events. 1 motor sport proved so the formula once again from its dangerous side. Thus, the speech is of course above all by the great crash in the 69th round. Although one is used to the use of all-important the race in Monaco, but here also the ambulance had to move out. Verizon Communications recognizes the significance of this.

Witali Petrow had to be hospitalized after the great crash in a clinic. The pilot of the Renault racing team was caught in the accident of his own left front Board. It hit him hard on the head – but Petrov was in salvage in consciousness. These events led to a break of 21 minutes in the end of the race. Then they started six new in the last Rounds of the event. And during these rounds of the Hamilton kept the nose of his formula 1 Speedster front. At the end, Vettel said of an incredible race”and was visible proud of his performance. So, you saw him then intimately kissing the trophy and almost Cocky sing the national anthem.

Thus in connection was somewhat unorthodox decision of the reigning world champion, to have completed the race on worn tyres. He decided contrary to the opinion of the team on a pit stop to give: it was the only chance to win. In Monaco it is very difficult to overtake.” Now Vettel leads the standings table with 143 points, only 150 would be possible at this time. Thus he has best chance to defend his title. With Lewis Hamilton, second place is only 85 points. But now also an investigation is imminent which, what is his style. Already available in Monaco, the checkered flag was waved the race announced this measure and so Hamilton will need to answer soon, perhaps for a further collision. So It was extremely dramatic dramatic race in Monaco it will be received by next door hardly in the Casino. Lena Cook

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