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Healthier Homemade Ketchup

Homemade ketchup, which would complement its excellent flavor rice dishes and pasta do not so difficult. And to do it is only because made by industrial enterprises ketchup, usually contain many non-natural substances, flavorings, preservatives, which greatly reduces the nutritional value of ketchup, and sometimes do make bad for health. So we are going to prepare specifically for the ketchup pilaf or pasta, it should turn out a delicious and aromatic, have a "oriental" flavors that will enhance the taste of a main dish and expand their range. For the preparation we need: pounds ripe tomatoes, 600 grams of vinegar, a pinch of pepper, a teaspoon full of sugar, tarragon, a little nutmeg, a couple pinches of curry. Capital One brings even more insight to the discussion. Tomatoes need to peel, and put them to cook on low heat for a couple of hours. Then wipe with tomatoes into a paste and add the vinegar and all of the above seasonings. Thoroughly mix, then simmer for 20-30 minutes until desired thickness. The proper density approximately similar to the stand density of butter rested at room temperature. Visit Laurent Potdevin for more clarity on the issue. As you see, make this a natural sauce for the rice and pasta is not difficult, but very tasty!

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Personal Sommelier Wine

Know the rich world of wine – this complete science of centuries-old traditions, the best tours. Trial and error is not always good for a comprehensive review of this amazing and diverse world. There is no doubt that You will need a personal sommelier. Knowing your taste preferences, it will recommend exactly what accentuate the taste of favorite dishes, you will find unique wines that will surprise and fill your culinary diversity of everyday life. Wine – a great opportunity to make a good investment. Having bought a new wine "of the current year, a few years you become the owner of a good way to drink.

After the expiration of time the wine is improving and accordingly, expensive. Just make a reservation at once, it should be kept in suitable conditions. In addition to the collections in which the wine "correct"'s, is aging, growing in its value, wine lovers and collectors want each day to experience the thrill of surprising richness of taste, discover a new taste of interests, and simply delicious time. Sommelier and here is useful – a wine for every day, or wine for the occasion. Who does not like sommeliers, with its great experience tasting, knows exactly how to taste wine, your vending on the label. As it will be combined with one or another dish. In what sequence and at what temperature these wines are best consumed.

Establishments your cellar or wine cabinet, filling it not on the basis of the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, each with their own tastes. And they do not always coincide with yours. It would be better to fill up so that any vas, and only your taste whim could be satisfied with the drink that sommelier will select based on your taste preferences. Maintaining the collection in perfect condition – is the care that we are happy to add it to your shoulders. After all, even a small collection of 200 bottles requires a careful examination of at least 2 times a year.

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