The USD trade today’s early Close panic market Dominoes. There is no other explanation for the American surge, but the panic Vista fair on Monday night, the market will be closed The announcement of the G-7 will probably be the focus for Monday times EASTERN (-4 GMT) Bank Holiday in the United States Monday is a day without major changes. The USD continued to rise, and continued stock market tumbling in New York. Crude, and other metals, and certain commodities also suffered in the trading session. The meeting of G-7 looks to provide solutions to the current financial crisis, however, dominated the market panic. It highlighted the USD / CANADIAN DOLLAR, as recorded highs in the 1.2126 area, and there was no other explanation in the pair rather than the spread of panic in the market, since most closely followed investors collapse of world stock markets. The pound remained low and the yen remains the safe haven, the British currency in the area recorded minimum of 1.6789 and then traded in the 1.7000 area at the end of the day in New York, reaching 1.6960. The euro held steady during most of the day in the area of 1.35/3550, but then by sales, saw stops at 1.3400, in New York recorded session lows of 1.3258 area. Apparently traded currencies against the dollar are not dominated by fundamental data, or technical issues, but by panic, fear and uncertainty. However, several operators are optimistic and consider that a solution will give birth soon, for the purpose of alleviating this crisis, but the question is when this will happen.