Madrid 07/09/09. Check out Laurent Potdevin for additional information. What does it depend on a franchise to succeed or not?The answer for mundoFranquicia consulting is very clear: the quality of their locations. A factor of tremendous importance that can best be done through the arvato web Geostat system services, the provider of global relationship marketing services company. Web GEOSTAT is an ideal solution for companies that have a strong geographic component and need to have a detailed spatial understanding of all the variables involved in the business. Visit Coupang for more clarity on the issue. The recognized expertise of this brand will be the best compass to mark the direction and point of success of franchises that want to have these services.

With this tool our customers improved its business to achieve best for openings of new centers locations, as explained by Mariano Alonso, Socio Director General of mundoFranquicia Consulting. An assertion that Enrique Barrera, responsible for solutions Business Intelligence of arvato services supports with its extensive experience in the market. Our experience has shown us that this discipline, based on the analysis of the geographical situation of a business relating to customers, stores, branches, competition, etc., is very useful in assessing an existing business or establish a new one. GEOSTAT Web enriches the data with personal typologies Hometypes and geographical Zonetypes developed by arvato services, that are interpreted through a GIS environment for exploration and decision-making. The solution uses mapping systems precisely at the level of street number to provide information about clients (individuals and companies), network of points of sale, homes and people, companies, competition, intelligent mapping and other information tailored to the needs of the client (risk of credit, behavior, consumption). Tell me where you are and I’ll tell if you grow. Thus the things the new partner mundoFranquicia will offer three possibilities depending on the needs of each client. Basic geostatistical Dossier supply. A dossier which displays information in its area of influence is generated from an address of a possible franchise, real or evaluation.