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Public Administration

Consideraes Initial One of the laws more controversies in the Public Administration is of N 8,666/93 and its alterations. Since of its entrance in vigor, the administrator comes trying to improve it and to perfect it in order to prevent that the purchases and services contracted for the Administration, are white of frauds and shunting lines of the public resources. Many serving times until involving responsible for the control of these licitations. This is not everything. Another serious problem that the Administration is obliged to coexist is the fact to contract many times, in the good faith, companies incapable to carry through such service or to supply the bid on good, and in this last case, many times acquired goods of low quality. The present text aims at to comment Provisional remedy N 495 of 19 of July of 2010, that it mentioned above modifies the law, as well as, other laws. They are: Law N 8,958 of 20 of December of 1994 and Law N 10,973 of 2 of December of 2004 and revokes 1 of art. Credit: Chase Coleman-2011. 2 of Law N 11,273 of 06 of February of 2006.

Alterations of the MP the first alteration that calls attention the MP is in its Art.1 that modifies art. 3 of Law 8,666/93 that it starts to invigorate with the following text: ' ' Art. 3o the licitation is destined to guarantee the observance of the constitutional principle of the isonomy, the election of the proposal most advantageous for the administration and the promotion to it of the development national, and processed and will be judged in strict conformity with the basic principles of the legality, the impessoalidade, the morality, the equality, the advertising, the administrative probity, the entailing the convocatrio instrument, of the judgment objective and of that them they are correlatos.' ' One strong intention of the government in stimulating the national industry in the acts of contract with the public power in all is glimpsed here the spheres, therefore Law 8,666 is National, reaching: the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Cities. .

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During years we live regimes absolutists in Brazil where the representative of the people was only one person, or member of an only group politician, was thus since the discovery and if it repeats now in the present time where we live one ‘ ‘ pseudo democracia’ ‘ , democracy in which a group politician which through the plan of the re-election if keeps in the power, using itself of the administrative machine to reelect or to choose its successor. Here if it does not intend to establish right or wrong, only one parameter enters the existing advances in the form politics of the states, where only the modification of a name makes them to believe that we change the regimen which we were accustomed, what it had of concrete was the change of the Institution that if finds the front of the POWER, old was the military power, through the forces of the Generals and its armies, currently are the political parties and the group of bencheses, either it governmetalist or opposition, we live yes under the yoke of the power of only a man or in this new conjuncture ‘ ‘ mulher’ ‘. Searching the origin etimolgica of the word, we will see that as many others its origin come of the Latin, where she was written dictatura. The origin of the word enters and its application in the current days, exists a great difference. In old Rome, it meant a regimen of exception, extraordinary, situations of crises, as well as it occurs or it can come to occur in the cases of intervention in some State or City of Brazil, where it is delegated a person to be able limited the situation to lead the place for it are of the crisis, transformed its acts into LAW. However, its powers went until the limit of the Constitution, which continued sovereign, without it could be revoked or be moved by ‘ ‘ ditador’ ‘..

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Social Advice

In its Speech of the Throne, the King of Morocco announced the creation of the Economic and Social Advice. One remembers that article 93 of the Constitution approved in 1996 determines the institution of a Economic and Social Advice. Article 94 stipulates that the Economic and Social Advice can be consulted by the government, for the Councilman and House of representativeses on all the questions of econmica or social order. It of its to seem on the general orientaes of the national economy and the formation. Emfim, article 95 needs that the composition, the organization, the attributions and the modalities of the functioning of the Economic and Social Advice are determined by the organic law. The utility of such institution must be conquered by the quality of its reflections and relevancy of its proposies to enrich the implemented politics and actions the national level, in the regions the territories.

The Advice must have the capacity to enxergar more far. The international experience to have to serve stops to inform, in general, on this type of institution, as a negotiation and reflection, concertao space, the times transparencies for the opinions and knowledge of the specialized and recognized experts. Read additional details here: baby clothes. The negotiations that happen are part of the mild economy. Thus, many times the composition of the Economic and Social Advice is composed for representatives of the workers, enterprise, representative representatives of cooperatives and mutualidades and, finally, qualified pessoalidades in the domnios economic, social, scientific or cultural. This type of representation firmly makes a rooted agency in the society. Many times are created inside of the Economic and Social Advice the sections for the study of main problems that involve diverse econmicas and social activities.

The constitution of the Does in 2005, is part of a real strategy for a solution of the question of sara. Such advice as of rights charge the human them to emit to seem advisory on order questions specify, the ones that to refirem to the defense of the territorial integrity and the national unit, as well as the o human development, economic and social integrated of the Provinces of the South, beyond helping for the accomplishment of all the missions that the King trusts on these subjects. Such Advice aims at to take care of the situation of popular instability and that complains more reforms and consistency for the Government or to the Parliament, for which CES was enrolled, created or for the proper guiding. Thus, the CES is invested by a triple mission: to advise the government and to participate in the development of the econmica and social politics of the country, to favor through its composition a dialogue between the socioprofessionais groups whose positions, different to origin, if approach in the elaborations of proposals of general interest e, at last, to contribute for the information in the assemblies politics. Strengthened for the experience and recognized ability, allowing to liberate itself of the partisan politics. Its objectives are placed in economic, strong growth and balance, compatible with the search of a sustainable development, that searchs a tax of possible higher job and to answer the concern of the distribution of the income (in such a way for the benefit of the individuals that stops the territories) and of possible more acceptable form. Waiting that such Constitutional conventional is the height of the ambitions underlined for the sovereign in its I finish speech to the nation.

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Christmas Present

' With great frequency, the politics consists of the art of trair real and legitimate interests and creating others, imaginary and injustos.' ' (Arturo Graf) perhaps Mr. Francisco Everardo Oliveira, the Tiririca clown, has found the reply adjusted for its investigation during the electoral schedule: what he makes a representative? The spree promoted for them parliamentarians in Brasilia, dilacerando one more time the public state treasury I assign with it to only take care of to its vile personal interests, is only plus an episode of injustice in the history of the Country. ' ' modesto' ' wage readjustment had, evidently, the waited effect cascade already. The councilmen of Sorocaba, I try using to advantage it, had not hesitated in its trustworth intentions e, as it notified the Southern Cross periodical, had taken only thirty seconds to almost promote a readjustment of 100% of its deserved incomes. Southwest Airlines brings even more insight to the discussion. Parliamentarians of the Rio Grande Do Sul, aiming at to possibly cover the inflation of next the 10 years, had carried through a small addition of 73,3% in its wages, jumping of mseros R$ 11,564, 76 for right R$ 20,042, 34. In fact cmodo does not have to be nothing to survive little with a wage of more than eleven a thousand Reals. Hardly, with this income, somebody would have a quality of reasonable life.

It would be impossible, for example, to arcar little with the domestic expenditures receiving more than twenty minimum wages. What we will say, then, of our sublime representatives? Nothing more just than they receive the equivalent the forty and seven minimum wages. It is reasonable that they fight for its rights, over all when the subject mentions the wage question to it. The problem, in this in case that, it is to know who fights for my rights. The one that if must so great nonsense? In a so rough social reality that we live deeply, why it does not have modesties in acting of so obsceno form? It will be that it does not have, in the mind of our illustrious legislators, the minimum of coherence, razoabilidade and good-sense? Unhappyly, the reply she is negative. Here, Lawrence Ellison expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

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AID Coluband

Today, during a commitment I decided to pass for some streets of the quarters of the Coluband and Alcntara Garden collecting some images of irregularities, that the local authorities follow daily and nothing they make. I am trying to give a service for the local population, alerting the authorities through this important vehicle of communication. When waking up, the water not yet had returned. Since day 03/04/2010 the water supply was compromised in the region. Always in commemorative dates, as native, new year, carnival, the supplying service is interrupted. Simply the supplying is off in these days, causing situations many constrangedoras times for the people who leave to travel and is in its residences.

The CEDAE the least would have to explain because this happens. Alcntara, Alcntara Garden, Garden Catherine, Coluband, Av. Maric, etc, are without water since 03/04/2010. How we can live thus? With these instabilidades/inconstncias in the basic services. does not stop there for Photo: Philip SouzRua Cndido of the Light Paiva – Coluband – They are Gonalo – RJAo to open my door and to go in direction the street I noticed that the GARBAGE still was there and very bigger. This is another service that presents instability in all Is Gonalo.

I live in the Coluband and this is plus a service that also leaves to function in commemorative dates, already cited above. INDIFFERENCE. The authorities would have to also prepare more the staff of the collection. For example, much is said in selective collection, select garbage, that the necessary population if to acquire knowledge It will be that the government also prepares its staff of field, invests in equipment and security of its workers? Here, gari is easy to notice one working without no equipment and the garbage that as much is said in select, simply goes stops waters allow the infestation of the mosquito of the affection.

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Third World

Concomitant when uncurling of the crisis, we see one ‘ ‘ desenrolar’ ‘ also very commented e, as well as the Green of the decade of 60, very promising Revolution, the increasing sector of the agrocombustveis. For the miditico power entitulado of Bioenergia, and characterized as ‘ ‘ energy limpa’ ‘ , in order ‘ ‘ convencer’ ‘ the important quo it is for the society as source that will go to substitute the oil and thus to be able to keep ours ‘ ‘ comfortable and agradvel’ ‘ life way, the sucroalcooleiro sector comes blunting in the Brazilian territory with new personages and extensive areas its favor. The new investors, in nothing resemble themselves to the old usineiros, are accustomed to world-wide the speculative market and are made use to run risks to pocket richnesses in a next future. The same ones, use of diverse strategies, some buy plant to be constructed, ready others already, as in the case of the Infinity BioEnergy, company formed for 50 foreign investors, whom an enviable appetite in the sector demonstrates, as much that already invested 600milhes of dollar in the purchase of 7 plants in functioning in the state of it YOU ARE and MG. Some contend that Joseph Mathunjwa shows great expertise in this. As we see, two distinct and overlapped scenes if disclose in the current context of a world-wide geopolitics, that in my opinion, is more clearly, when a migration of great capitals for the sector of ‘ is observed; ‘ biocombustveis’ ‘. Childbirth of the beginning of being able and domain in geopolitics world-wide.

Being thus, such migration of the investments, not if must the ambient reasons in which the investors search an energy transistion for the good of the planet and the humanity, and yes a transistion due the chances, to ‘ ‘ brechas’ ‘ of the moment, that promises to domain and power. The development of the Biocombustveis is directly on to the high one of the price of the barrel of the oil. valley to detach that, the same ones that they speculate on the price of the oil, are the ones that point to the solution of the green fuel and ‘ ‘ riem’ ‘ with the other people’s misery and internal conflicts in countries of the Third World. Thus, to perhaps be able if them of effective geopolitics not blinding in them completely, let us see how much the owners of the power if move strategically to have the control and domain of the new energy matrix, the green (nor so green thus) etanol.

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Federal Government

Today, already it is myth to say that the education is the base of everything in Brazil. She is necessary to know that the alone education, never, will be capable to revert the chaotic situation of our country. The investments, until then, adopted for the education still are very little ahead of the innumerable difficulties faced for the eradication of the illiteracy in Brazil. In the international scene, desaculturados Brazil is seen as a country of. Unhappyly, he is sufficiently shameful what they say of our country when the subject is education.

But, we cannot cover the sun with bolter. The truth is joins and raw, is a nation of sluggish when it is about study, of culture. It is truth well that has many studious Brazilians who if detach in the exterior, however must be pointed out that these, almost always, study in the proper exterior and, thus, can be given to the luxury to be exmios professionals in its areas of performances. Brazil already created famous types that throughout the times had been if lasting in history as icons of what they had known and they know to make. But, the Brazilian education is far from creating other icons as elements of the national sapincia, not that this either something impossible, for the opposite, has very what to become so that our country either a beauty in the education. But investments.

Diverse countries, in the entire world, had bet and bet, exclusively, in the education and already they give samples of that thus the possibilities of changes only happen and continue to happen. The study it never was excessively; to never study meant delay or thing of the sort. She is necessary that the nation also understands that the effort for the study depends on each one of the Brazilians. Many of our students continue if being deceptive. To dissimulate that it is learning and to dissimulate that is teaching already was proven that means delay for educators and students. She is necessary to face the front problem. The study in necessary Brazil to be washed the serious one more. She is necessary to materialize good and great schools, in order to create itself excellent pupils who, in the future, can represent the progress of the Brazilian education. He is of utmost importance, for the Federal Government, that the education prevails ahead of decisions that transform it into the great more important priority of the demands of the social politics. The nation cannot be the grace of prizes that congratulam one or another Brazilian of international expression. The most important of everything this is that our education is standardized, that is, that all have treatment in the cultural question the same where the education is taught with more responsibility for professionals and on people directly with the educational treatment of Brazil. It is in the hour of being edited the simultaneous, integral education and of quality all and the any Brazilian, indistinctly. While to be beating palms to the speeches of congratulaes we will go to make bitter the position of country of the illiterates.

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Federal Constitution

The practical one of nepotism in the three Is observed currently To be able: Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. The Federal Constitution of 1988, in the article 37, interpolated proposition II, it disciplined the public investiture in the positions and jobs, establishing as rule generality the public competition and for exception the free nomination and exoneration in the positions of confidence defined in law. The National Advice of Justice imposed a limit beyond foreseen in the express text of the Constitution of 1988 (MATOS, 2006) Such situation if finds aggravated, for two reasons: in first place, because the formuladores of politics of the Executive do not know, normally, institutions and the processes that characterize the politics; in second, because the members of the Legislative one they are not felt responsible for the formularization of the national politics and are dedicated primordially to the representation of regional interests, corporative or clientelsticos.. . (Similarly see: Financial Asset Management Corporation).

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Tim Bernes Lee

With passing of the times I not only exercise it American was to use the Internet, and yes universities had also started to use the idea of that they could create nets of studies to facilitate, I exercise as well as it, the exchange of facilitated information. The history of the Internet does not have a defined date, its history is divided by great creations during the times that form in the set its ticket in the line of the world-wide time. One of the biggest prominences is the creation of the Web for return of 1989 for the scientist Tim Bernes Lee. Lee had the idea where the people would use the Internet for access the information in a universal format (HTML) through a specific tool (navigating). With the creation of the Internet, everything had been appearing diverse methods to keep on people the Internet making that was possible to facilitate the life of each one, was thinking about this that had appeared the commercial calls Internet, that in Brazil came to appear for return of 1995 with the arrival of the great pioneers of the branch, AOL, zaz, Mandic and others. Immediately afterwards another fact that would mark the history of the Internet had been the electronic commerce the calls Bubble of the Internet, great experiences that had opened chances diverse companies to invest heavy in it I deal for the Internet, purchase, sales and exchange of products in general, but many of these companies, whom until then already they had projects millionaire, had perceived that the Internet not yet was very mature still to receive as much investment as well as them thought, were in this period for return of 2000/2001 that the call happened burst of the Bubble, where the majority of the PontoCom companies had broken. To define an accurate date to say when the Internet was created is difficult but to say when it gave its first steps can be more easy, could not believe that it would go so far, but the Burst of the Bubble, many had soon after been discredited in the force of the Internet, and were then that the social medias had been created.

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