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The Power

Very handy feature when ironing over-dried or things made of thick fabric (denim, linen). Vertical steam – steam iron in an upright position. This lets you iron a coat, jacket, etc. without removing the hanger. Spraying (spray) – by pressing the button during ironing, iron sprays water ahead of itself – handy when ironing folds around cuffs, etc.

braun irons not only squirt water, but also give out a jet of steam from the spout – very handy when ironing the same folds. Read more from Oracle to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Tank. The larger water tank, the longer the iron can operate in ‘standalone’ mode. Drip (dripstop) system. In the process of ironing at low temperature in the iron does not have time to form pairs, and the water can just flow out of holes, dripstop-system allows you to avoid this. Fire protection. People such as cloud computing would likely agree. Modern irons, if you forget to turn it off or simply not use it 8-15 minutes (do not move), is automatically disconnected from the network, which completely eliminates the possibility of a fire. Ease of use iron in depends on the length and softness of the cord.

It is also important to maneuver his mount. In most cases, the cord can move ‘back and forth “and” right-left. ” But it’s much better when it can be rotated through 360 – it is much reduces the likelihood of rubbing coil. In a good iron provides a groove for the buttons, ie, edge of the sole is so thin that, even on the most elegant blouses, you can easily take an iron to iron a button and the fabric under ney.Kolichestvo holes on the soleplate affects the quality and comfort of the ironing. In good irons to 50-110. Protection from scale. Formed in the iron scale significantly hinders the formation of steam. Modern irons are equipped with removable anti-scale (anticalc) rods (sometimes to provide the best protection against scale manufacture ceramic models), and also have self-cleaning function of scale, enabling casting of iron in tap water. However, the best recognized built-in protection against scale, which provide pre-cleaning water. So what is the iron you choose? First, you need to decide what features you need. If you do not like go to the crumpled coat, then you need an iron with vertical steam. If you like, often wearing jeans and erase, and other things made of cotton, flax, it would be useful to have a function in iron ‘turbopar’ etc. Please also attention to the power of iron. We recommend the use of iron with ceramic soleplate. These irons are more expensive than conventional irons with metal soles, but it pays off durability and ease of care for these irons. The best irons with soles offer companies tefal (seriyULTRAGLISS) and philips (seriyAZUR 4000, mistral 2000).

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History Of Toilets

The appearance of the word "toilet", we are obliged to Spanish company under the great name Unitas (which means "unity" or "Union"), who established the first mass production of pottery bowls at the beginning of xx century. In the future manufacture of these useful devices involved in hundreds of companies around the world, but go down in history was to only Spanish. The most common model today is the cd. It consists of the bowl, cover and cistern. Hear from experts in the field like Gary Kelly for a more varied view. Increasingly becoming popular today suspended and "Italian" bowls. They are attached directly to the wall, which built the system flushed. The difference between them lies in the fact that the suspension, in contrast to the "Italian", has no contact with floor. Of course, to install it requires a fairly powerful supporting structure steny.Standartny drain the tank, most compact designed to 6 liters.

Filled it with water through the side or bottom connection. Today all the leading manufacturers move to lower the connection that fills the tank with water completely silent. New models of toilets have a shortened horizontal outlet (connected to sewage pipes – knee), at which can easily be put on a knee at any angle. Common in our earlier slash production continue to do just factories of cis countries. You can combine separate bowls Slavuta Budfarfor. Slightly higher than the class considered Belarusian plant Keramin. But the most popular in our market are Polish companies kolo, Cersanit, and Czech Jika. Wide range, own the designs and modern facilities – all this allows them to retain the lion's share of the market.

In addition to the name of the manufacturer, the best guarantee of quality is the presence in Kiev of its service center. Practical advise people to buy toilets with flushing the system economical. They touch of a button you wash off six liters, and the second, only three. Overpaying 5-10%, you can save on water for many years. – 1596 – Sir John Harrington had created for Queen Elizabeth I, a working model toilet with a cistern and water reservoir. Inventor named his brainchild Metamorphosis of Ajax. The first closet cost to the author of 30 shillings and 6 pence. – 1775 – soon after in London plumbing enterprising watchmaker Alexander Cummings invented the first toilet with a sink. – 1778 – Joseph Bramah invented a cast-iron toilet and hinged lid. This unit was very popular with Londoners cleanly. – 1883 – the first ceramic bowl first appeared in the apartment Queen Victoria. – 1891 – a mechanic from northern England, Thomas Krepper patented bowl with a U-shaped bend, cut-off room from the toilet sewer pipe. – 1909 – Spanish firm Unitas started mass production porcelain toilets near Barcelona. Prices for popular models of toilets in Kiev Model Manufacturer Price, uah. eco 2000 Cersanit, Poland 580-590 baltik Jika, Czech Republic 550-560 solo Kolo, Poland 550 city Keramin, Belarus, 380-390 colombo Budfarfor, Ukraine 40-350

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Force Majeure

With the "smart home" can easily create the necessary atmosphere control not only lighting, but also the curtains and blinds. Video and audio surveillance Almost all parents know the state of tense pauses – the child has finally fallen asleep, apparently, you can relax, to do their business, but we listen to every rustle of the child – then he wakes up, come on tiptoe to the crib and see if everything is ok. More efficient use of spare time to help the device Wireless video and audiocontrol, ie baby monitors. If the child began to cry, such a device immediately displays the picture of the baby on the monitor. Even if you can not just come into the room to the baby, you can something tell him to two-way communication, he will hear your voice and calm down. Control over the possibility of electrical control appliances save parents from the fear of unintended contacts of the child with a technique to avoid accidents. In addition, thus can be dosed time children spent watching television.

You're just programming it to work only at certain times. System "Multiroom" can also restrict children's access to objectionable for viewing channels. "Home Alone": safety of children as your child grows, grows, and its degree of awareness in the management of "smart home". Gradually to explain to him the principles of the intelligent building. If your system is connected to a central alarm station, it is important that the child knew that an incorrect key is pressed can work and home alarm system come security.

Many of the available systems, "smart home" is designed to enhance the solution. In this case, you can supplement the system of special "alarm button". This single-channel key ring, in the event of any Force Majeure child, just click one button to call the parents. If you spend much time at work, "smart house" will allow you to be closer to their children. Through the Internet you can connect to your home, in any time to see the baby and talk to him. To deepen your understanding Rick Garcia CBS is the source. As you can see, home automation can make life easier, and parents and children. The child in the "smart house" gets him the desired comfort and feel completely safe. All systems – climate control, multi-room, security system, lighting, etc. – Ready to help you and your child, eliminating the unnecessary hassle and fear.

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