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Personal Liability Insurance

Not everything is taken over by the private insurance everyone knows the personal liability insurance and yet this is still not part of the security of all people and households in Germany long. Larry Ellison has similar goals. According to a survey by the Foundation financial test in the summer of 2008 turns out that 30 percent of all households with a private liability insurance are equipped. Where is this insurance of utmost importance when it comes to be able to regulate damages to third parties. According to the civil code, the obligation to reimburse damages caused consists basically in Germany. And yet the personal liability insurance does not belong to the compulsory insurance. When the personal liability insurance the insured that must make sure but that certain loss events in their area fall. So participation in road traffic as a pedestrian or cyclist is insured, but damages which occur in connection with the use of a motor vehicle not covered by the insurance.

Here are excluded Machinery with a maximum design speed of 20 km/h or other motor vehicles up to 6 km/h. If damage is caused by a motor vehicle, not the use of the motor vehicle must be the trigger for this. An example: The passenger waiting on the driver operated the ignition to light a cigarette. Edward Scott Mead follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Vehicle this against another parkendes the car is started accidentally and jumps”. Also at the sport you must make sure very well in what role you enter. Are covered such as damage caused by the insured person as a sportsman, so apply with some sporting activities other standards. The Jogger who crashes and subsequently caused an accident, enjoys the insurance protection. Contrast, it looks in the exercise of hunting as a sport from or racing events with horse or bicycle.

For these areas, no cover carried the personal liability insurance in case of damage. Pets are to some degree in the personal liability insurance with secured. However when larger pets a separate insurance for dog or horse needed. Because here a greater threat coming from the animals, which clearly exceeds the scope of smaller pets such as rodents, cats and birds. Here each holder should worry about a dog liability insurance or horse liability insurance.

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Research Institute

Expand exposure to the crude oil sector Akura capital management AG and Akura II capital management AG, Wurzburg, in November 2009: from 2010 the global economy coming back to drive will allow the global demand for crude oil increases, so the forecasts of many experts. Investors can benefit from the positive demand development on a large scale with oil investments. Akura capital management AG gives its investors of the opportunities of the Erdolassets and further expanding their equity commitment. Ch?rl?? Lee may help you with your research. Is a global oil price rally imminent in the coming year? Current forecasts of international economic Research Institute suggest a clearly positive development in the energy sector given the price trend. Already this year the price of the barrel increased crude oil of nearly $ 40 in January to the temporary peak of $ 82.

Even more pessimistic economists expect to rise further to around US$ 100 per barrel for the coming year. The Akura capital management AG and the Akura II capital management AG account with one positive price development on the market for fossil energy sources and refer to the excellent return opportunities for commodity investors. Experts say is at least from mid-2010 in industrialised countries with a gradual exit from the recession and increased economic growth expected. Industrial and emerging markets for crude oil demand is at the same time experience a significant increase despite relatively high inventory levels. Against the background of these trends, the special opportunities of crude oil investments for investors of Akura capital management AG and the Akura II capital management are clear: to invest his fortune, now in Rohstoffassets gives you not only a highly effective inflation protection, but provides at the same time first-class opportunities profitable to participate so the opinion of Akura capital management AG and the Akura II in the expected development of demand capital management AG. Just in time for the impending boom in demand in the crude oil markets Akura capital management AG has their commitment in this sector and promising investments in the oil business. The Akura Sachwert plan of Akura capital management AG as a timely investment option presents itself investors wishing to benefit from the projected global economic recovery starting in 2010. About the Akura capital management AG’s Akura capital management company operates shares investment funds, investments, securities, real estate and alternative investments since 2000 (Akura II capital management AG since 2004) in the areas of business.

In their investment decisions, an up-to-date strategy the Akura capital management AG and practiced a scattering of different forms of investment. A part of deposits by Akura capital management AG is invested in short-term money market deposits, time deposits and securities, to secure the liquidity of the companies. The Akura capital management AG’s products are considered basic dividend with 6.25 per cent highly profitable. For the quality of their products and the customer service was the Akura II capital management AG 2007 the awarded with certificate of TuV Rheinland and the Akura capital management AG’s 2009 with the quality seal of the European consumer consulting (EBCON). Sandra Schinnerling conducts the business of Akura capital management AG’s. If you have questions relating to investor Dieter Hans farmer is answer. The companies Akura capital management AG and Akura II capital management AG is Wurzburg.

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Investment Fund Advisory

“In addition to the professional qualification (at least three years experience in a managerial function of a Bank), the personal reliability and the necessary equity capital amounting to EUR 50,000 are mainly a comprehensive insurance protection, a continuous auditing, membership in the EdW (compensation scheme of securities trading companies) and compliance with comprehensive control requirements of banking supervision required.” Ulf Niklas explains how to do this. Stephanie Lehmann reported: from our point of view only the stand-alone permission can ensure continue authentic independent advice. Laurent Potdevin has compatible beliefs. “” Because by the costs that the tied agent “will be made of its MiFID billed of course there not for nothing is the protection of this group mainly a financial pressure.” How this actually works, differiere by Vendor to vendor. Usually it asks a minimum sales volume through the platform of the liability umbrella provider. Also the tied agent could”not decide what cheap products and services he specifically recommend its customers. Real independence no more mention can be from our point of view within the framework of a liability umbrella solution so.” Ulf Niklas explains: the absolute majority of the smaller, self-employed financial advisor, which can play out its cost advantages to an established bank in favour of the customers, not meeting the requirements for their own approval. Then no other way than to go back either to the pure Investment Fund Advisory or but to join the roof of a liability with the corresponding consequences for the quality of their own advice remains to them.

The compulsion, either for economic reasons or the missing qualification to connect a MiFID, is a serious threat for our opinion “real consumer protection objectives of MiFID represent.” The experts were agreed that the number of truly independent, free financial services will reduce dramatically. The numbers seem to support this: in Berlin and Brandenburg alone less than a handful of advisors have sought since the introduction of MiFID in the last year to a separate license. “This means: almost all independent consultants have gone under a liability umbrella, hanging in the air” or have retreated to the exemptions. Now the latter has with a comprehensive investment advice but nothing more to do.”there will be hardly any provider, which can continue to independently operate with an own permit and at the same time share the cost benefits of a small, independent financial advisor to their customers. But exactly this combination we offer and want to be pioneer of starting in Germany, new consulting culture: the independent honorary consulting. With unbeatable cost and Quality advantages for the customers.

This is the decisive argument.” Stiftung Warentest have responded to sharply increased consumer interest in its current issue from February 2008 and extensively tested the offer of honorary advisors. Key quality factors the Foundation with a high consultant qualifications, (2) name (1) sufficient insurance protection of the honorary consultant, (3.) is a comprehensive recording of customer data, (4) a professional asset analysis, (5) a detailed documentation, and (6) a reasonable job Offerierung. Ulf Niklas explains: we meet exactly these criteria as part of our consulting approach. “Particularly in the area of professional qualification, we belong to in whole Germany only around 300 DIN certified financial planners, who are at the same time working as a certified financial planner.”

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Financial crisis is forcing companies to the rethink, benefit investors the financial crisis is currently dominant theme of the global economy. Not only the losses of banks, but also their impact on the overall performance of the economy, inflation and private consumption are discussed heavily. Almost all companies are affected by the current crisis, which will be probably for a longer time. Increasingly spoken of recessions, even depressions. The impact of the financial crisis are already being felt. As consumers and businesses less invest, the economic forecasts lowered. A winner of this crisis seems currently to be the oil industry, because their profits are at record levels. Even if the price of oil is currently again, he will mark soon again new records due to the finite nature of the raw material.

The rising oil and gas prices to burden the economy, not only companies, but also private consumers. A completely different industry is therefore also the winner of the crisis as one considered the renewable energies. It makes it necessary to deal with alternative energy sources such as the water and wind power, and solar energy, and to promote this rising oil prices as well as the environmental impact of the CO2 emissions related businesses as well as for States. The renewable energy act in Germany, for example, promotes the construction of such plants on the one, at the same time ensures the law, especially in wind and solar energy, a fixed remuneration, so that investors can plan very well. In addition also biogas plants establish themselves further, which in turn raises a production boost in agriculture, caused by the increased demand for corn and wheat. Even the wood industry can benefit from the demand for renewable energy. The current financial situation will move many companies sooner or later, to take advantage of cheaper alternative energy to be in the future less dependent on oil prices.

As a result, that the area of renewable energy will continue to grow, because the demand is increasing. Of course eco-Fund and environmental investments, investing in these sectors of the economy will benefit from this development. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. has much to offer in this field. Of course, already strong thematic funds, such as solar fund fall under these ecological assets. A comparison of these funds clearly shows that some of them much better cut off in the past as a wider spread of equity funds. Especially long term ecological funds are a strong and future-proof alternative, because they are less susceptible to economic cycles.

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German Money

Let your money effectively to work information and everyone wants to multiply his money wallpapers to investments without the slightest effort. For this are different money systems available. Some bring more interest, some which allow only a lower rate of return. Usually investments that promise a high rate of return, are also at risk. The savers, who receives less interest for his savings, but can it build on a safe investment is on the safe side. It is important, however, that the investment is secured. In Germany, this is done by the Einlagensichersfonds of the German banks. Abroad, however, is an investment with risks.

While foreign banks are with enormous interest, but how it looks with the protection? Not every country has a deposit insurance. In this country, the banks offer many opportunities for investment. There is for example the traditional savings account. Not worth it however, because here the interest rates are very low and start with a 0 before the decimal point. Otherwise, however, it looks at money of the day. In the past, already almost six percent could be paid out interest. Here, there is no risk of loss. The only risk is, that interest rates vary because they are based on the general situation on the financial market.

You can get dementsprechen, but also fall. Does that mean a lower profit. But the money is safe. A further opportunity is the lending of money at interest. In the past emerged a new form of credit is, the model loans from person to person. A well-known Internet portal offers this opportunity. Interest rates are attractive, but savers have to forgo long his money. There are still more ways to multiply his money. While always a risk should be taken, because the yield is higher, the risk of loss is higher.

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Investment Strategies

New provider on the market and so far stable interest rates make 2008 an interesting year for investors overnight interest rates are stable now in the new year already up to the mid-year 2008. So far, despite interest rate cuts in the United States, there has been no short-term adjustments of the rates for Europe, the European Central Bank (ECB). Follow others, such as Bill O’Grady, and add to your knowledge base. For investors, this means that at least in the first half of the year interest rates at a high level for money market accounts were possible and may also continue to be available. Particularly closely was the market entry of new participants in the area of money market accounts: the Kaupthing edge Bank as well as the Indian ICICI Bank gave both her debut for private investors in Germany and offered high interest rates, thereby partially above the 5% mark. But also incumbents were laid out in the stuff: such as the range of the GE Money Bank with its offer of 5% interest, guarantees for new customers by the end of the year. Good: The Bank is a member of the deposit insurance fund of the Federal Association of German banks. So are also Investment amounts secured, which go beyond the statutory minimum requirements.

Learn more about the GE Money Bank day money, see the following link. So who expects a rate cut is imminent that in the near future, for which it might be worth soon to choose a suitable offer for money or even fixed-term deposits. “The interest rate guarantee of some suppliers can thus preserved some time” are. An appropriate and current day money comparison can be found online or in the relevant trade press. Be taken into account but should that money market accounts are often limited to Park money in the long term”. The long-term rate of return is often only low due to inflation. But once the system is better than a savings account: the low interest rate means that the real value of receipt of money is often not even secured on the bank deposit: of investors despite a numerical plus on the account has lost, then, if necessary, even by the decline in value at the end of the term. You can see: the Classic savings account is actually today. Peter Schill.

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Trade Signals Investment Strategies

Successfully speculating with the help of trading signals in particular parking on current trading signals has proved particularly effective. The superiority of this investment strategy is clear. Parking on trading signals allowing a quick response to the current developments in the market. State Street Global Advisors might disagree with that approach. No other strategy makes it possible for the investor to make effective decisions on the pulse of the market. A leading source for info: State Street Global Advisors. In particular parking on Exchange-related business messages, which sometimes favored the trade for trade signals, may not be such a response.

Although the Informationsgestutzte allows the estimation of the market development of specific shares trade within a certain framework. However, an accurate and up-to-date analysis of the development is not possible, because the development of the market of numerous factors depends on, that are hardly predictable. This chess site starts trading with the help of trading signals. Trading signals are determined by a so called technical analysis. This is of course of the share under certain mathematical aspects considered and evaluated mathematically. In this way points can be determined in the course, which give rise to a trend reversal in the price of the stock.

Simplified this can be represented as follows: the price of a stock has for a certain period of time largely linear behave with only minor fluctuations in off. On the current trading day, of course, but shows a strong, identifiable by the mathematical parameters rash upwards. This gives rise to the assumption that the share price now will develop within certain parameters, which are determined from the previous values, upwards, which is a trading signal for the purchase of shares. Also trading signals for the sale of shares can be determined in the same way. With these considerations obviously again the clear superiority of chart analysis and action on the basis of trading signals. So, this trading strategy allows a neutral and quick response to market changes. In particular the pure mathematical values is compared to a instinkt-or Informationsgepragtem actions preferable, because the exact market history with instincts can be estimated as well as with information – be always inaccurate or may be differently interpreted by the market not exactly.

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United States

The gold price continue collect coins – passion or investment by the continuing world economic crisis increases. The last few days, he was more than $1050 even for the first time. Many punters have taken probably in the last few months and have taken refuge in precious metals as safe gold. Until a few years ago, the gold coin collecting was a hobby that was granted to only the rich. At the moment it seems but rather so that more and more gold coins and small bullion drawn feel. Most coin dealers have as yet hardly any gold coins. And if, then only with huge mark-ups where the coins value clearly exceeds the value of the gold.

Some of the international coin presses such as the United States and Canada have already the requirements of their coins significantly increases only to the collectors rush to tackle. We can assume that the gold coins in the year 2009 average all very high requirements will have even. The gold price will continue at a high level expect some gold collector coins even for the year 2010 still higher requirements. Here, the gathering is expected to definitely just to the complete the collections are but never to the increase of the value of coins which is Yes eh already very heavily dependent on the international gold price. Most collectors I’ve spoken in the past few months see it exactly like me. The current vintages of 2009 and 2010 will make there no huge jumps.

Most take care of there at the moment rather old issues from the last and second-last century. These are mostly in the prices now stable and no fluctuations more subjected to. Many say even the new coins after that soon get worn after them on the exchanges because it already has everyone anyway. These vintages should have maximum due to the gold value an investment. Dirk Werner

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GmbH Buro Hamburg

WealthCap makes so that approximately one-fifth of all payouts in the industry. WealthCap – for 25 years on the market. Success requires passion. The wealth management capital holding GmbH (WealthCap) achieved a remarkable success in 2008 for their investors. As one of the major initiators of closed-end funds in Germany, you could afford your investors, despite the tense economic situation, a total of over 712 million in dividends. According to the market figures for 2008, published by the VGF closed Fund Association, the distribution of the WealthCap to the total distributions of the industry (VGF members) is approximately 20%.

In the design of their fund investments the WealthCap focuses main safety aspects, an attractive opportunity-risk ratio and high value resistance. This, a conservative forecast policy as among their principles such as a high degree of transparency in the processing of information. As a subsidiary of HypoVereinsbank, their distinguished Long-term stability and continuous income from investments. The WealthCap and its predecessor companies have since 1984 and thus for 25 years on the market. These values, coupled with the passion of staff, to obtain the highest possible success for investors that lead to this results extraordinary for the industry and prove impressively the sustainable stability and know-how of WealthCap. With this result we send a clear signal to invest in property investments in the WealthCap”, explains Dr. Rainer Krutten, spokesman of the Executive Board of the WealthCap. The 25-year experience and the consistent implementation of our investment philosophy are the pillars of this success and the confirmation for our customers, that their confidence in the WealthCap at any time is justified.” Contact peer M.O. Sauer wealth management capital holding GmbH Buro Hamburg grass basement 2 20457 Hamburg phone + 49 40 3692-6350 fax + 49 40 3692-6304 E-Mail Web:

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In finding an optimal form of investment are a lot of requirements in the space which is the investor of the desired product. The most common requests are as low risk, while a high rate of return, a flexible availability about his money, as well as possible, no costs for the investment. Want to get fulfilled all these requirements, you should deal with the day money, because the day money account combines just these four benefits. Return the overnight interest rates are relatively high in comparison to other systems, as for example the traditional passbook savings, and thus fulfil the desire after a good return. Risk other than in securities and in particular in the stock trading there is no risk at money of the day. There could be no more than a small change in interest rates when the Federal Reserve increased key interest rates or decreases. Availability of the big advantage compared to, for example, the deposit is absolutely free and especially daily availability on its entire investment balances. In addition, there is no The minimum investment sum, allowing the savers from the first penny can benefit from the good conditions.

Cost remains the last desire of low cost, also being met because the day money is usually free of charge and there is really no factor which might affect the good yield in any way. The day money offers so many advantages, without that one can find a single drawback. Competition among the many different providers ensures that banks try with different conditions and special offers to win new clients for themselves. Through a day money you can choose again exactly the product comparison under the money market accounts, which really promises the best return and satisfaction.

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