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Videos Without Glasses

New: Eassee3D-frame kit comes to the IFA after Germany with a click: 3D videos without glasses on the iPhone! We have expanded the successful Eassee3D system for viewing 3D videos on the iPhone”explains managing director Wolfgang Zint BFN. In addition to the since early July available iPhone 3D upgrade kit with an Eassse3D on the display will foil, there to the IFA of the Eassee3D frame Kit which is simply clipped on the display”. EasSee3D is an open system for playback of 3D content on high-quality screens. Ron O’Hanley spoke with conviction. It uses the latest patented Parallax layers lenticular technology with which it is possible to integrate two different image information in a video, so that at subsequent playback with the original Eassee3D a very clear 3D effect perceived products. Anyone can now easily watch 3D videos without glasses on the current iOS devices and even 3 D create photos. The application is very simple. Download free app, frame Kit clip on the display and enjoy 3D videos. Bill O’Grady has much to offer in this field.

A wide variety of Apps are available for the inclusion of 3D photos, as well as to look at a wide range of 3D movies on Youtube.com etc. free of charge. Confluence Investment Mgmt LLC usually is spot on. The Eassee3D is link list and further information, see at the IFA frame Kit for iPhone 4 / 4 S in Germany at all leading trend shops, as well as electronics dealers/shippers available. The eassee3d frame Kit for iPhone 4 / 4 s 49.95 euros. Contact and further information under: EasSee3D is a trademark of Bananafactory network GmbH, for innovative high-quality products, which uses the Parallax layers lenticular technology to display 3D content. Bananafactory network (BFN) GmbH is a company for product and marketing innovation based in Cologne. The company develops and markets innovative products in international cooperation with partners from industry, trade, research, science and communication. In addition, BFN advises national and international companies in the development and marketing of innovative products.

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Brands Construct Innovation Campaign Launch

pi mobile on iPad in Germany the communications consultant of the brand design GmbH had once again a brilliant idea. One after the other 15 selected companies are equipped with a specially designed iPad application in the next few weeks, to test the application with own content. Pass that is iPad in a black case, which can only be opened by an authorized person. Four days retains the iPad then the chosen innovators, to verify the application on practicality. Southwest Airlines does not necessarily agree. “We bring innovative technologies in the company and we take it literally,” company boss Norman Muller. Especially questions of quality improvement and optimization of sales presentations, as well as the design of cost-efficient communication processes in companies are interested in the business consultant. “Together with the”subjects”we want to know how it looks with the acceptance of iPad applications in companies and whether the added value through their use are already evident”, says Managing Director Yannic Tremmel at the start of the tour.

Meanwhile, the market for training on the subject of applications is booming. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Oracle. The Germany tour allows the test directly and up close. Can replace themselves at this time of the functioning and advantages of applications with brands design managers, marketing and sales managers. “We are looking forward, whether and how the companies take this action and how open the management to deal with innovations which are available from today’s perspective.” In Hamburg, Hanover, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich is the case with the app under another station. Companies such as Audi, Bosch, Puma and Douglas have the opportunity for a test. Enterprise apps to simplify communication and represent an efficient work process for employees. A way to shed the Germany tour whether and how this is achieved, this.

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Office Provider

Platform for the coming unkations, information, exchange of knowledge and experience in the Internet sometimes it isn’t so easy to choose the correct Web mail provider vary the existing services of the provider but now so much, comparing the respective functions only once with each other must be, to be able to decide for the perfect. In the first place one should be clear, what to expect everything from his personal provider and what additional features you can see as essential. Many users want to get more from their webmail provider such as for example the opportunity in addition to the traditional E-mail functions in contact with their friends, or to use the platform for the coming unkations, information, exchange of knowledge and experience. The mere sending of emails is already more than be regarded by most users, rather the desire becomes noisy after a large platform, which unites all needs of users under one roof. It is often awkward and uncomfortable between Email services, and social Netzworken back and forth to switch, where you might have both together in one place. Larry Ellison insists that this is the case. Webmail.de is the new, free and versatile general-interest portal with many innovative ideas that combine exactly the above claims. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Scott Mead.

“The mail collection service functions” and Adressbuchabgleich “assist the user to combine all external email accounts and contacts under the umbrella of webmail.de. A GB are available members space free of charge. Whether at home, in the Office, on vacation or on the road, with webmail.de you have anywhere access to his E-mail and contacts. In addition to the large, comprehensive and user friendly mail client, webmail.de with the associated network webcity.de offers a virtual space of encounter. Here, new interesting private and professional contacts can be linked, but revive old contacts. As with a conventional social network is here possible to fill his own account with life, to contact other users in contact to blogs write, to be active in chat and forums, and to send messages to other users. A variety of Exchange is thus ensured, and Webcity.de makes a unique experience. Helena Schmidt University Service GmbH

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Magento Online Shop As A Customer Service Tool

Profectis technical service now with online shop the Profectis technical customer service GmbH & co. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Coupang. KG was the Kundendienstleister of the parent group’s source and was purchased in January 2010 by the Bavarian service provider RTS Elektronik Systeme GmbH. The online store is a typical example, using modern technology to support and improve customer service. In addition, it is an example of the flexibility of the used system Magento. The visitors of the shop can are looking for spare parts for his device in two different ways. According to Gary Kelly, who has experience with these questions. On the one hand you can search by article number.

But even customers who do not know the part number of your appliance, come to the target. The search about the device”provides a structured assistance to get over the choice of the brand and the product type to the target. Spare parts available for this unit are displayed after you select of a device. Then, the spare parts typical mechanisms of online shops can be purchased. Through the online shop, the company increased the Transparency about the available spare parts while providing a comfortable and modern way of ordering. Realized with the online-shop of technical service GmbH & co. KG the Aachen/Hamburg-based Magento agency team in medias, once again a high end shop-application with the community version of Magento.

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TerrSound Customer

TerrSound.de now with his own music catalog and online store now can access high-quality sounds and music as background music for films, advertising and games quickly and directly commercial users. TerrSound.de serves a wide range of different music genres, PopRock, film music, easy listening. All pieces are professional and top notch produced. The songs are clearly divided into categories and pre-listen to the built-in player in full length and can be licensed directly if necessary. The operators of the website and highly experienced audio producer Dag Reinbott is also composer of all available pieces. This can be entered on editing requirements of the customer, such as a special edit version or compositional adjustments of songs, direct and uncomplicated. This personal collaboration with the licensee produces excellent results: advertising with clear product statement audiovisual precisely tailored to their target audience, dynamic computer games with live character or movies and sites that evoke a wide range of emotion. While the cost to the customer remain always transparent and manageable, because with the price of the selected license type, precisely the desired use setting the customer is covered and no further musical societies, such as E.g. Credit: Facebook-2011.

the GEMA, flat-rate fees must be paid in public performance or reproduction of the pieces. All pieces of music it is music, royalty free which should be interesting for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Fans Are Customers

NGR for the most beautiful gardens in Germany Osnabruck, 28.09.2012. The rapid growth and the increasing importance of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google + shows for companies and also private users, that it is not only a short-term hype, but social media has become an important part of today’s multichannel strategies of companies and continue to be of great interest. Professional corporate representations in social networks and fan acquisition through intelligent switching ads increasingly into focus especially for medium-sized companies. So also for NGR stones from Rheine, the specialist for top-quality natural stone products from all over the world. To fans it skillfully to customers to make the company relied on a professional collaboration with the Osnabruck Internet Agency and advertising agency team4media. Social media is communicating with people. It appears at first glance very easy and cost effective. In addition, that this type of communication the target groups reached directly and appealing.

But to be truly successful with a Facebook presence, and at the end to turn, fans into potential customers it needs professional help and know-how. Building a convincing appearance and a large fanbase is mostly not easy and requires much patience and tact. Also the company NGR – stones from Rheine has discovered the possibilities of social networks for themselves and saw an inevitable step in the direction of modernization in the corporate presence on Facebook. For the support of corporate marketing, search engine optimization, relationship management, and an intensive customer interaction, social networks like Facebook & co. are the perfect stage. The focus is the production of fans, a global network and filling the page with life and information. To effectively and precisely align the customers, the company which is specialist for top-quality natural stone products from around the world since 1991, the advertising agency team4media entrusted with an intelligent and individual solution for a Facebook page.

The direct address of the user in the best case leads to new fans for the corporate side and thus proper online marketing strategies to potential new customers. Users can get important information about the company and receive an intensive insight behind the scenes”. That creates trust, sympathy and increase in sales. In addition, the Agency has programmed a clever interface between Magento webshop system and Facebook, to synchronize the maintenance on the Facebook ads. Through intelligent switching from Facebook ads and ads on social networks, fans become customers and the company successful online marketing operates with constant care. This is a promising solution to the customer acquisition for the middle class with the appropriate professional support. Be there where the customers are a good idea for over 23 million Facebook users in Germany.

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Managing Director

Versandhaus expands offering with shoes in plus sizes Dorverden-Frankfurt (August 24, 2010): the specialist for shoes in plus size schuhplus.com is represented with its range of products now on the Internet presence of neckermann.de. Here, the powerful plentySystems partner interface ensures a proper listing of products. Schuhplus.com’s portfolio includes almost 10,000 pairs of shoes for ladies in the sizes 42 to 47, as well as men in the sizes 46 to 55. The cooperation with schuhplus.com is an ideal extension of the existing offer for neckermann.de: “We are pleased to have a partner shop at neckermann.de, who perfectly rounds off our offer in this area as experienced plus size specialist for large ladies and men’s shoes with schuhplus.com”, explains Franz Wurz Berger, senior product manager of neckermann.de. Despite its own successful Web page, Managing Director of schuhplus.com Kay Zimmer stresses the added value of the young cooperation significantly: “markets are changing, and it is no longer sufficient to operate a separate page. Customer focus and look like right and left.

The online-shop of neckermann.de is for us as a strong partner with intense experiences in the mail order business. an excellent platform to the presence of our great shoes” Two houses with numerous data and highest security standards to combine smoothly: That was the challenge from the interface Pro plentySystems in Kassel, a software development company, specializing in multi-channel distribution. “We made available a further high-quality marketplace with lots of potential users of our eCommerce solution with neckermann.de”, so Jan Griesel, Managing Director of plentySystems. About schuhplus.com: It schuhplus – the footwear company company GmbH is a leading European, multimedia eCommerce company with POS integration, specialized shoes in plus sizes on the time synchronous, centrally controlled multichannel distribution in the product segment. As a licensed Trading partner of national as well as international brands stretches over the entire cover of cause-related shoe fashions the portfolio.

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