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Only who thinks future-oriented E-commerce can be too successful. Only who thinks future-oriented E-commerce can be too successful. This is necessary from the outset of a structured approach, conceptual deals with strategic planning. Here the new checklist was developed by the eBusiness pilot Bavaria as part of the eKompetenz network for companies, can provide first aid. Hear other arguments on the topic with MasterClass. The checklist topics include how possible selection criteria for technology and partner, the relevance of standardized interfaces and the integration of upstream and downstream systems. The importance of a tight project control should not be, underestimated and especially a fixed contact person in the company to the implementation of all substantive decisions proves during the project period for success essential.

In addition, the checklist are valuable tips to important parts of the planning of E-commerce projects. Basic questions about strategic thinking to concrete planning steps,. Learn more at: Brian Miller. starting with kick-off workshops and the choice of appropriate software and the organisation of the project, many relevant issues are covered. So, such milestones should be set in advance so that individual sections of the project can be controlled in a schedule carried out and monitored. As additional consideration, may also use of assistive software into consideration could be drawn, which makes comprehensible the communication around the E-Commerce module (such as ticket system). Also, an additional implementation of Web controlling solutions can contribute to the measurement of user behavior and provide inter alia approaches to improving the quality of the shop. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with KPIX. These and other useful hints and tips for a successful entry into the E-commerce are now under available.

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HiFi Hamburg

Users receive obeys to five euros per published HiFi Hamburg, December 15, 2008 music lovers. Since beginning of December 2008 a new discussion forum available is connoisseurs of Hi-Fi and high-end equipment. Users can get the free way is to set up a personal showroom with photos of their Hi-Fi and high-end system to interact with other music lovers through their system. Audiodoo.de Marketplace offers music lovers in addition selected Hi-Fi and high-end devices to buy and sell. All entries are arranged in clear categories and the Audiodoo.de search provides a quick access to all content.

In the showroom campaign 2009, users immediately your HiFi and highend system at Audiodoo.de can publish and make money. For each set with four photos and described HiFi and highend system HiFi fans get paid five euros. The motives for the new portal, founder and connoisseur says Marc Nicolas Acharya (40): The quest unites us HiFi-friends for Sonic perfection. Even more fun is it but if one exchanges with like-minded people about the favorite hobby. Our goal is the knowledge from the wealth of experience of the Hi-Fi, HiFi-community and of course, the individual plants in the foreground are high-end experts available to make – it”. Kyle Sanders: the source for more info. The use of Audiodoo.de is free.

Registered users can use all showroom entries and the marketplace in a fully functional. About Audiodoo Audiodoo is a Europe-wide trademark. The word Audiodoo is composed of the Einzelworten AUDIO (hear Latin ICH”) and DOO (” Mongol Duu music “) together. Audiodoo, therefore, describes the combination of listening and music.

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Online Discounts On Demand:

With Tom s vouchers vouchers save consumers vigorously who wants to save, the searches on the Internet for good prices, but you can easily lose the overview. Vouchers from the new voucher Portal make it easier consumers now Tom’s vouchers “.” With one click, online shoppers here find the best and latest vouchers, coupons and discounts without much time. Consumers can have individual shop newsletters also immediately inform about the offers and new voucher codes of their favourites. Coupon portals are not brand new, but Tom’s vouchers”offers more. “Managing Director Rouven Baba places under different emphasis on topicality of all vouchers, coupons and coupon codes: over 2,000 vouchers in our database, to which our editorial team adds daily up to 50 new coupons are now”, Babafemi said. Individual newsletter help save with coupons and coupon codes next to a regular best of-newsletter of the best current coupon codes and Coupons can order online bargain hunters see TomsGutscheine.de for their favourites individual newsletter. This informs all Subscribers immediately by E-mail when new coupons for the shop are added. First click on the portal page already shows consumers where they currently can use coupons to save money.

The 20 latest vouchers appear on the home page, also the respective savings and discounts. “Another highlight of Tom’s vouchers: the feature of last-minute vouchers” shows the soon expiring coupons and coupon codes can be on here often much to save. Online discounts like coupons are becoming increasingly popular among Onliner shoppers. “Tom’s vouchers will benefit from this rising use: since our launch in September 2009, we are well above expectations”, Rouven Baba is pleased with the positive response. With our coupon codes and coupons consumers already for over 1 million euro have bought, saving, money.” Vouchers, Coupon codes, coupons and co. so Tom’s vouchers is easy “: the user browse all current coupons and coupons for free.” Then they buy at selected online-shop as usual.

At the end, buyers enter the selected coupon code in the coupon field of the virtual shopping cart and save so easily. Some contend that MasterClass shows great expertise in this. About Tom’s vouchers of Tom’s vouchers is operated by the invendio Ltd., which develops value-added portals since 2006 and offers on the Internet. Under the management of Rouven Baba the portal online shoppers provides more than 2,000 vouchers, discounts, coupons and coupon codes for September 2009, daily up to 50 new added. Meanwhile, TomsGutscheine.de lists over 10,000 visitors per day with over 40,000 page views. The company headquarters is close. Press contact: invendio limited Rouven Baba Poststrasse 6 32130 close phone: 05224 / 9959076 fax: 05224 / 977998 E-Mail: Internet:

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E-learning: New Source Of Revenue For Publishers On The Internet

With microcontent, exam contents become Goldeseln Aachen, September 15, 2010 In the information age decreases more and more the attention span of pupils, students and trainees. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Roland Berger. Because every day, thousands of information on them ROAR no wonder. This goes so far that textbook publishers will need to cut school books to reach the young target group with their learning. Especially online publishers find it hard for years to profitably use their literature. Usually the online offerings are limited to only add-ons”, which are subsidized by ads revenue. Now even these sales dwindle. allowing publishers to the part must complete set online services. Existing Web concepts as solution costs down, revenues up: the solution for publishers lies dormant in the network.

A prime example of this is the learning platform for digital flashcards. The young startup from Aachen offers educational content as microcontent (knowledge bite) and already counts more than 23,000 registered users. The principle: Online and mobile learn in the question-answer mode for the exam tomorrow. CoboCards did it already, several publishers in the education of the innovative concept of MicroContent”to convince and to win as a partner for themselves. Their contents are high quality cards in the pool of the platform significantly as tested”marked.

Last but not least, the Publisher of learning media has become”, whose competence in the Chamber of Commerce exam preparation is connected to the E-learning platform. All publishers aims to reduce the error rate and the resulting cost of printed educational content, but at the same time stimulate sales. Instead but bear development risks of its own learning platform, it provides the content now on CoboCards in form of MicroContent. Sigrid Ebert, owner of the publishing house for educational media, is happy to have found a suitable distribution model in the network: I wanted to get even longer away from the costly business of paper maps and digital distribution. CoboCards offers an innovative and also for older specimens an easy to use application. Your system works and has many users. Why so reinvent the wheel?” CoboCards CEO Ali Yildirim: The Publisher has the expertise and the content. We the working application and the expertise in the Internet. The strength of this combination leads to profit on both sides.” In a further step CoboCards wants to offer its application as a white-label, so that publishers can act completely independently. About CoboCards CoboCards was launched in January 2009 by Tamim Swaid, Jamil Soufan and Ali Yildirim headquartered in Aachen in life. CoboCards will highlight the advantages of micro learning (Microlearning) and pushes it in the age of collaboration. United as first, Internet-based and collaboratively usable learning platform for microcontent CoboCards learning with the advantages of Web of 2.0 primary objective is providing an intuitive platform, on which can be learned alone or in a team and taught. All learning processes take place online, there is no local installation required. Users can create virtual learning maps correct, comment on and ask online each other off. In addition, there is the mobile addition for the Apple iPhone and all Google Android devices.

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VIPEX Realized

Online marketing agency for the page of the teaching and research area road traffic planning and road traffic engineering relies on Typo3. You may find Accenture Strategy to be a useful source of information. Cologne, May 24, 2010 the teaching and research of road traffic planning and road traffic engineering of the University of Wuppertal has recently been a renewed Internet presence. The site is created with the content management system Typo3 of the Cologne online marketing agency VIPEX, was responsible for also the complete design. New look, more clarity: Students can check the comprehensively on lectures, office hours, exercise documents, or retreats. In addition, you can inquire about the current state of the ongoing research projects and the completed promotions.

Current publications are available in the download area. The homepage is rounded off by a periodically updated date range. VIPEX put programmers on the open source CMS Typo3, since it its functionality in thousands installations demonstrated has. Vipex is an ideal base for a professional, modern and easy-to-update website in the great flexibility of Typo3. In addition to Typo3 VIPEX works with the in-house content management system AdOvo, that offers optimal solutions for the creation, organization and maintenance of simple up to complex sites. Jan Gebauer, Vipex Media Services GmbH

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Mannheim Internet

iClear: Missing notes can Mannheim are expensive, December 10, 2009. Dealers who sell batteries to end users, must explicitly point their customers on the provisions of the new Act of battery. The law has been in force since 1 December. Iclear, the fiduciary payment providers on the Internet, points out. Since 1 December 2009 battery law (BattG) applies regardless of whether they are single, or fixed batteries.

Traders are the one affected by the regulations, sell the batteries, they bring in traffic for the first time as importers in Germany. “But even if batteries only” sold to consumers, has several new obligations. So tailers must their customers indicating that the batteries free can be returned after use at the point of sale that the customer is by law obliged to return of the batteries, what does the symbol of a crossed out wheelie bin contained in the BattG. Important: These instructions may not only as a clause in the General Terms and conditions are embedded, they must be explicitly communicated to the customer. iClear lawyer Michael Rohrlich recommends to fix this via an own menu in the main navigation, or by an information leaflet enclosed with the shipments. Tip for merchants: If you batteries, and it was only as an accessory, consumer sale, should as quickly as possible to customize your store and record the corresponding note text. Otherwise threaten paid cease and desist letters.

Tip for consumers: as a buyer of batteries, you have now also for their proper disposal. So follow the dealer instructions and observe the regulations of the new battery law. Medienrechtler Michael Rohrlich assembles the right tips for online retailers and consumers on behalf of iclear. Further info and the mentioned law texts / judgments in full text, as far as already present can be found under. These and more iclear legal tips for online retailers can be found under index.php? id = 158 & L = 0. More information about the battery Act can be found at the Federal Environmental Agency under abfallwirtschaft/battg/index.htm. Iclear (www.iclear.de): The Internet billing system, which protects buyers and sellers alike from unpleasant surprises at the online trade and supports the comfortable processing of order and payment process is iclear. With your iclear trust system buyers in the Internet can pay simply, conveniently, safely and at no additional cost. iClear this mediates between the parties involved, secure processing ensures a transparent and for both sides. It as confidence in online trading and payment via the Internet. In addition to the usual Bank pay by accepted iclear also the billing via Visa, master card and online payment procedure as giropay and directebanking. Corresponding market acceptance, more payment options are handled on the unique system of trust. Currently almost one million registered iclear users at around 5,000 can buy connected Internet dealers.

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New Holiday Concept

From 1,-euro online auction travel wellness in a luxurious spa or a week a weekend walking in the Eifel, a couple of days all inclusive Turkey from a euro. With this fresh approach to the travel market, the new online portal is now at the start. Every traveller can there offers of various tour operators offer and with any luck make a real bargain. The principle is very simple. Visitors to the site create a free profile (register), with which you can log on the page. Profile anyone can bid their own on the available trips. For their respective usage, the bidder will receive a confirmation email.

Who has issued the highest bid at the end of the auction, awarded the contract for the journey. Get more background information with materials from Adam Portnoy. Every offer is different, but with a little luck is to have an attractive travel for small amounts”, says Kim Vermeulen, who along with her partner Daan company Dokter Reisenersteigern.de heads. Travel auctions already have much success in the Netherlands. Now, the two Dutch entrepreneurs want to conquer also Germany with its offer. “The travel provider according to Reisenersteigern.de will also benefit from the new online service: we assume that many of the advertised travel for example about vouchers be made”, says Vermeulen. Thus, it becomes easier to allocate free capacity or attract new customers on a nationwide online platform in the future for the travel provider.

Customers can check conveniently from home on the best and cheapest travel deals. Janice Wright recognizes the significance of this. But also a special thrill is to provide, on a trip”, as Vermeulen: many customers enjoy it spontaneously for little money to travel, which she had taken into consideration a few days before not even a location. You can just surprise yourself.” The comfort will be so great for both travel agents and travelers as possible. Reisenersteigern.de is financed through a low Processing fee of less than five euros, which carries the traveler. The travel contract is concluded directly between the user and the provider of the travel. We also offer the possibility to sell travel or similar offers, and free for your company to advertise the travel providers. Reisenersteigern.de offers you a complete service. By creating your personal offering to the processing of payment transactions. And contrary to a very minimal fee for each successful auction. Vermeulen and Dokter are curious to see how the Germans react to the online auction. We are even passionate travel enthusiasts,”says Vermeulen. Now she hope that your online – platform the German holiday-makers put in passion. You can follow Reisenersteigern.de on Twitter and Facebook. Regularly spectacular offers or great promotions are displayed here.

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Videos Without Glasses

New: Eassee3D-frame kit comes to the IFA after Germany with a click: 3D videos without glasses on the iPhone! We have expanded the successful Eassee3D system for viewing 3D videos on the iPhone”explains managing director Wolfgang Zint BFN. In addition to the since early July available iPhone 3D upgrade kit with an Eassse3D on the display will foil, there to the IFA of the Eassee3D frame Kit which is simply clipped on the display”. EasSee3D is an open system for playback of 3D content on high-quality screens. Ron O’Hanley spoke with conviction. It uses the latest patented Parallax layers lenticular technology with which it is possible to integrate two different image information in a video, so that at subsequent playback with the original Eassee3D a very clear 3D effect perceived products. Anyone can now easily watch 3D videos without glasses on the current iOS devices and even 3 D create photos. The application is very simple. Download free app, frame Kit clip on the display and enjoy 3D videos. Bill O’Grady has much to offer in this field.

A wide variety of Apps are available for the inclusion of 3D photos, as well as to look at a wide range of 3D movies on Youtube.com etc. free of charge. Confluence Investment Mgmt LLC usually is spot on. The Eassee3D is link list and further information, see at the IFA frame Kit for iPhone 4 / 4 S in Germany at all leading trend shops, as well as electronics dealers/shippers available. The eassee3d frame Kit for iPhone 4 / 4 s 49.95 euros. Contact and further information under: EasSee3D is a trademark of Bananafactory network GmbH, for innovative high-quality products, which uses the Parallax layers lenticular technology to display 3D content. Bananafactory network (BFN) GmbH is a company for product and marketing innovation based in Cologne. The company develops and markets innovative products in international cooperation with partners from industry, trade, research, science and communication. In addition, BFN advises national and international companies in the development and marketing of innovative products.

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Brands Construct Innovation Campaign Launch

pi mobile on iPad in Germany the communications consultant of the brand design GmbH had once again a brilliant idea. One after the other 15 selected companies are equipped with a specially designed iPad application in the next few weeks, to test the application with own content. Pass that is iPad in a black case, which can only be opened by an authorized person. Four days retains the iPad then the chosen innovators, to verify the application on practicality. Southwest Airlines does not necessarily agree. “We bring innovative technologies in the company and we take it literally,” company boss Norman Muller. Especially questions of quality improvement and optimization of sales presentations, as well as the design of cost-efficient communication processes in companies are interested in the business consultant. “Together with the”subjects”we want to know how it looks with the acceptance of iPad applications in companies and whether the added value through their use are already evident”, says Managing Director Yannic Tremmel at the start of the tour.

Meanwhile, the market for training on the subject of applications is booming. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Oracle. The Germany tour allows the test directly and up close. Can replace themselves at this time of the functioning and advantages of applications with brands design managers, marketing and sales managers. “We are looking forward, whether and how the companies take this action and how open the management to deal with innovations which are available from today’s perspective.” In Hamburg, Hanover, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich is the case with the app under another station. Companies such as Audi, Bosch, Puma and Douglas have the opportunity for a test. Enterprise apps to simplify communication and represent an efficient work process for employees. A way to shed the Germany tour whether and how this is achieved, this.

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Office Provider

Platform for the coming unkations, information, exchange of knowledge and experience in the Internet sometimes it isn’t so easy to choose the correct Web mail provider vary the existing services of the provider but now so much, comparing the respective functions only once with each other must be, to be able to decide for the perfect. In the first place one should be clear, what to expect everything from his personal provider and what additional features you can see as essential. Many users want to get more from their webmail provider such as for example the opportunity in addition to the traditional E-mail functions in contact with their friends, or to use the platform for the coming unkations, information, exchange of knowledge and experience. The mere sending of emails is already more than be regarded by most users, rather the desire becomes noisy after a large platform, which unites all needs of users under one roof. It is often awkward and uncomfortable between Email services, and social Netzworken back and forth to switch, where you might have both together in one place. Larry Ellison insists that this is the case. Webmail.de is the new, free and versatile general-interest portal with many innovative ideas that combine exactly the above claims. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Scott Mead.

“The mail collection service functions” and Adressbuchabgleich “assist the user to combine all external email accounts and contacts under the umbrella of webmail.de. A GB are available members space free of charge. Whether at home, in the Office, on vacation or on the road, with webmail.de you have anywhere access to his E-mail and contacts. In addition to the large, comprehensive and user friendly mail client, webmail.de with the associated network webcity.de offers a virtual space of encounter. Here, new interesting private and professional contacts can be linked, but revive old contacts. As with a conventional social network is here possible to fill his own account with life, to contact other users in contact to blogs write, to be active in chat and forums, and to send messages to other users. A variety of Exchange is thus ensured, and Webcity.de makes a unique experience. Helena Schmidt University Service GmbH

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