Are you looking for a new job and already have your curriculum vitae, references sheet and presentation ready. Before you launch yourself to place copies in the mail you must analyze several points. First and most important is correct spelling by using the spelling checker in your word processor. But don’t stop there, read the documents again and again to make sure that they are well written, no typographical or grammatical errors, modifies what you think necessary. It is also recommended that someone you trust read your resume to ensure it looks as it should.

The more people see your resume, more options will have some inadvertent errors. Here is a list to keep in mind, notes and works in it!: the name of the contact and the company are correct. The cover letter is addressed to an individual person, if possible. The letter mentions the requested position and where dresses listing. Your personal information is accurate and complete.

If you have a contact the company, mention it in the first paragraph of the letter. The letter points to the position that you are requesting. The text is focused, is clear and well organized. If there is a gap in your work history, explains the causes. Typeface is clear and understandable. There are no spelling or grammatical errors. Read aloud the letter to make sure you are not missing words. The cover letter printed on quality consistent with your resume paper. Print an extra copy for you. Signing the letter of presentation. The job interview the most important that you should remember when you’re about to go to your job interview is that first impressions count. Dress appropriately for work. Regardless of the reason, ever present in your interview jeans no matter how informal can be the position you are applying for, jeans are inappropriate for This kind of occasions. For women, a discrete dress or a suit may be most advisable. For men, a suit is more appropriate, but a pair of pants can also operate a type polo shirt and khaki. When you’re talking to your interviewer, show yourself enthusiast to refer you to the employment. It externalises your joy about the possibility of beginning to work for the company and always always smiles. If you are applying for a position that demands creativity or an employment related education, you can take a portfolio with examples of previous work. Having good examples of what you do can put you above other applicants. Besides all this, introduce yourself in a good mood and excited about the possibility of achieving employment. If you’re happy and you’re quiet, the interview will be conducted naturally and your answers will be much more positive. Impossible to insist more about difference that marks this attitude in pursuit of obtaining employment or not. During the interview is when you shine.