Over the past decades China it heels us. UU. on his way to gain economic superiority and conquer new markets, what does successfully. The only question that should be done is when will Washington give its leadership to Beijing? When the economic collapse occurs? World experts and political analysts are unanimous on the fate of us. UU. and only disagree on one thing: when its economic collapse will occur. Researcher Gideon Rachman of The Financial Times, believes that the first world economy is threatened not only by a crack but by an eventual decomposition in small territorial associations, what you expected to happen in this century. For assistance, try visiting cloud computing.

In general, according to the Organization for cooperation and economic development, the castling between China and USA. UU. It will take place before 2015. For its part, the IMF believes will happen in 2016, while the World Bank set in 2030. An analysis wider of The Economist believes that China has already overtaken us. UU. more than half of the 21 main indicators, including manufacturing production, exports and fixed investment. China and its unstoppable advance the economic dominance of China extends gradually.

By 2014 the Asian giant could become the largest importer in the world and register greater sales to the retail. While the defence budget of China is growing rapidly, recent growth rates recorded in the United States military sector will remain the largest until 2025. In any case it seems clear that the global economic setting changes drastically. The imminent Chinese jaque on the economy of the United States is explained by high rates of growth in the Asian giant since in the manufacture of steel, cement, concrete, building materials, petroleum, cereals products and many other Chinese goods has exceeded widely to United States. Being the world’s largest exporter and the country that holds the largest reserves of gold: 2.65 billion dollars against the United States of $ 150 billion. The Asian country is also the largest industrial region of the planet, the largest consumer of energy in the world, the leader in terms of population and in education, which is several times higher than the U.S. level.UU.