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MicroMeetonline Conferences

“Press release ProDyne – Ratingen Dusseldorf modern communication technology simply usable make time and anywhere a must to communicate” in our ever changing business world. “If customer visits, meetings with the entire sales force, fine-tuning work processes, there are a variety of ways in which virtual collaboration dates on the spot” can replace equivalent. This microMeet impresses with its simple and user-friendly operation. The general functioning of all microMeet products is easy and losungsbezogen. This solution is basically without a software installation and can be used universally even with slow Internet connections and corporate networks. No matter where or when, to be microMeet a variety of meetings, presentations, etc. realize, providing a more efficient, team-oriented work. Further details can be found at Verizon Communications, an internet resource.

Modular structure offers various solution approaches whether conferences, online meetings, online training, remote support, Customer care, remote maintenance, live presentations, microMeet is in each Division can be used. With microMeet conference, an online meeting can be started at any time, around the world and anywhere. Adam Portnoy does not necessarily agree. Whether global player, medium-sized or small enterprises, microMeet conference will increase the efficiency of cooperation and reducing time and travel costs. microMeet admin allows access on a remote host at any time. So maintenance can be done comfortably and reliably, computer downtime can be reduced significantly. microMeet desktop suitable for interactive sales and the flow of business processes.

The salesperson presents online new products or discuss deals, contracts, designs or other business details with the customer. You can not simply discuss on the phone microMeet – cross-industry online solutions contracts, technical designs or other synopses must be each at a meeting. Conclusion: Perform successful negotiations, meetings and conferences to can, must have all documents in mind all those involved in the decision-making process, which is provided by microMeet. You can also make flexible by documents on the screen for all visibly altered or consulted experts in addition online conferences. The architect presented a change to the building its builders, explaining his offer in detail seller, advises a large group over a draft treaty or provides training content, the list of cross-industry application can be any continued. an easy-to-use and low-cost, Web-based communications tool is microMeet with its new transmission technology of the highest quality to speed microMeet – an online tool for all cases to communicate with customers, partners, employees and suppliers. The user-specific benefits at a glance: real time meetings regardless of location online issues discuss, fast Decisions to be able to make high-quality voice, video and screen sharing project and team work be accelerated significantly shorten travel times, save costs and protect the environment PCs, notebooks and servers worldwide remote administrate with online meetings sales cycles significantly shorten. Efficiently qualified customer leads through online presentations more time for more intensive customer care and acquisition of new customers increasing customer satisfaction due to faster problem resolution

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Thailand Promote

Prices for hard drives remain still high cause the recent flooding in Thailand, that computer manufacturers increasingly stock up on the gray market with hard drives. Because the flood disaster has resulted in October and November of this year a fall in production, which currently supply bottlenecks for hard disk drives are. As a result their prices have risen significantly – a problem that try to bypass computer manufacturer on the grey market. Stellar data recovery considers this a worrying development. A development that has resulted in, that there are many products, PCs, laptops, or servers of the lower price range might lead to loss of quality. “We keep the impact of this development in the course of our business right in the eye and watch any increase in the number of”grey”disks”, says Kees Jan Meerman by stellar data recovery (www.stellar.nl) have the floods in Thailand all markets, including the market for hard drives, dealt a heavy blow.

Factories were closed and production of hard drives has been partially set over several weeks. This is when a demand is unchanged. As a result the prices of hard drives have risen sharply and it is not likely that it comes in the next few months to a price decline. The currently still available disks are reserved high-end products, i.e. products that are destined for a zahlungskraftigeres customer segment. The number of currently available drives of good quality not sufficient however by far, to serve the entire market.

An alarming development of the lack of good quality drives has resulted in that computer manufacturers are trying to obtain the required products in other markets, and other channels. There are the grey market might look as an attractive and simple alternative. Stellar data recovery observed this alarming trend with a watchful eye. This for the simple reason, because hard drives from grey market sources the likelihood of malfunctions higher Data recovery. Stellar has a total of five solutions for data recovery for all kinds of data loss on sale and is internationally one of the five largest companies in this sector.

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Global Fame

GLOAME the new app for creative photo artists and all those who want to become one! Hamburg, 24.07.2013 with the GLOAME app is limitless creativity more. Smartphone users can at any location of the world perpetuate themselves now, by a photo shoot, imaginatively painted and share it on Facebook. Thus, Gloame to the community for all creative to virtual tagging, is spraying and fashion. Read more from Verizon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. How does GLOAME work? The free app is quite easy to use. Man shoots a photo of the place, where just staying now, edited it with colorful pins and stickers or paints a small work of art directly and pins it to the corresponding virtual wall.

Through a location based service can determine which walls”in the district already exist or can be created yet. Through the integrated photo – and time function, the artworks with edding markers and the new can be designed edding permanent spray. So, the user can at will beautify the pictures and edit. Each creative mind creates its own small piece of art! The user can perpetuate the GLOAME app on all earth buildings, attractions, parties, concerts and cool locations. Artworks to exciting and funny parent terms are created on topics of walls”: so the favorite sneakers or the best junk can be food of the city in a creative way immortal. All incurred Gloames”can share with friends and the rest of the world via Facebook.

Who wanted to paint its school or uni with a slogan so ever or spray, can do this with GLOAME legally. The app contains some typical game and motivational items. The user points and Awards (badges) and thus can ascend to the rank. Peer Svent Kortmann, one of the creative minds behind the Gloame idea, says: “I greatly look forward to the launch and hope to a lot of feedback from the app enthusiastic community!” Gloame is now available in the Apple app store and Google play store. Click here to go directly to the app: Apple app store: iTunes.Apple.com/de/app/gloame/id621238969?Mt=8 Google play store: play.google.com/store/search?q=gloame&c=apps GLOAME has an own website and blog. News, announcements and changes can be found here. The blog can directly through the app under news/services”will be opened. The homepage can be found at. About tisoomi GmbH, the tisoomi GmbH was founded in Hamburg in November 2012. The company specializes in developing software for iOS and Android, as well as on design and programming of Web apps, Web sites, and promotional materials.

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Future Customer Service

Ecenta calls to medium-sized businesses on technological basics to the test with services four times as high margins can be service of the strategy consultancy Bain & company to achieve with the sale of goods, according to the latest study of growth. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Larry Ellison. According to the study companies with a service component suffered from sales by more than 30 percent less under the economic turmoil of the past two years than its competitors, where the customer service plays a small role. For the Ecenta AG, to SAP Business Suite specialist software and consulting, a clear indication that even for the middle class still considerable potential to improve customer service and an increase in the share of the service is located at many German companies. However, many companies in which must first create the necessary technological basis. Edward Scott Mead wanted to know more. The constant pursuit of more sales and the hunt for new customers can be not only answers to the challenges with which primarily Medium-sized companies are facing”, explains Joachim Schellenberg, business development manager of Ecenta AG. The study by Bain & company makes very clear, there are great potential in expanding the customer service and strengthen customer loyalty. The study shows how the operating margins benefit from the service business.” In addition to a reorientation of the strategy and an adjustment of processes, Schellenberg sees yet another task that must be mastered to profitably expand the customer service at many medium. Although many companies already have modern IT and communications systems, but these are too often isolated and operated.

The combination of data applications such as CRM with communication channels such as the telephone is an important step towards to the powerful and therefore profitable customer service”, so Schellenberg. Nearly 90 percent of survey Manager see considerable improvement in the services offered by your company. Without the better integration of Voice and data are to develop many improvements but not their full effect. Especially the medium-sized businesses should take advantage of the upswing hinting at to reconsider the technological foundations with the goal of improved customer service.” About ecenta AG: Ecenta a product and consulting company, is on the challenging implementation projects in the areas of SAP Business Suite, especially SAP CRM (customer relationship management) and SAP BCM, and SAP NetWeaver, specifically in the areas of business intelligence, master data management, process integration (Exchange infrastructure), composite application framework and Enterprise Portal specializes. ecenta, due to its professional expertise and successful cooperation in the areas of CRM, MDM, business objects information management solutions, process integration, application server, identity management, BPM, and banking in the SAP special expertise, program was recorded.

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SLA Awareness

IT needs control instruments! How is the movement of your IT operations ticking? A look at the service level agreements shows it. IT needs control instruments! How is the movement of your IT operations ticking? A look at the service level agreements shows it. The fingerprint of your IT decides at the customer about Yes or no. Teams, interdisciplinary thinking are needed! The IT-Mittelstand is often overwhelmed with the topic of service contracts, (service level agreements SLA) and involved high risks. Perhaps check out Virgin Airlines for more information. The missing performance demarcation towards customers leads to exaggerated performance claims on the part of the customer and wasteful “carry on” in order to keep the customers. A cycle that must be broken. Instead of E.g. 20 consultant-days (= EUR 20,000) to buy and create an island knowledge within the company, it is to raise awareness of important all team player.

For all these costs, a change of consciousness can occur – an effect that is so not to make. The playful access to the “dry” topics like a thriller shows that IT is exciting. Straight IT operations closes its eyes to problems and better serving the customers further. The IT steering wheel teaches, how and which failures, bad luck and breakdowns occur and serve as can be accommodated in. This is the playful access via animations. Keep adhering problems in the minds which could carry much more than this “boring” technician slides permanently in consciousness, ever. The challenge of the awareness workshop “IT steering wheel” is a transfer of knowledge for all who work in IT and serve customers. The professionalisation of the customer interface is a big challenge.

In IT, the service level management process was created to control the customer communication. where’s happen? The communication between the customer and the technicians is often difficult. Different ways of thinking are the background. The service level manager acts as a translator. His work is comprehensive and is usually not understood or supported enough. Here is the workshop. The steering wheel IT shows what can happen between customer and IT, if you does not control. IT inhale on the basis of illustrations and animations that stimulate a smile is taught high-calibre knowledge on service contracts by an experienced service level manager. Dr. Robert Scholderer provoked vivid manner and ruthlessly exposes the neuralgic points. With specially produced drawings and brain teasers is the participants created a new awareness. After the workshop, a new basis for discussion in the IT team is created and which promotes sustainable customer communication. Create more than just added value the theme of service contracts to get in the handle created in places appropriate to the Organization and occupied. Often is bought a still a consultant, created a template for service contracts as the philosopher in the own House is nothing. The knowledge to service level agreements remains with the competent contracting authority. The team then sees the service contracts only as a bureaucratic evil and not the necessary importance attaches to this. Aware that the IT steering wheel rest of the team. Awareness raise the awareness workshop IT steering wheel provides the customer awareness. True to the motto: recognized danger, danger averted can act according to the awareness workshop IT-ler and must not respond when the customer feels poorly served.

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Energy For The E-Commerce: PORTICA Supports Suncharger.de

PORTICA GmbH marketing support now supports the SolarWorld AG, one of the world’s leading solar companies, with E-commerce services for the solar power SunCharger. Kempen, June 7, 2013. The optimizing for marketing, sales and information logistics has designed the Web shop where the SunCharger has been available since December, 2012. In addition, he translates the financial and customer management and handles the complete logistics and returns management. The Web shop is based on the PORTICA shop of a flexible platform on the basis of the award-winning and a certified E-business solution oxide”eSales, explains Markus Ramirez, Managing Director of the PORTICA. He has many features for B2C and B2B situations. An ergonomic interface, different methods of payment and extensive backend features for administrators are just a few of them.

The Web shop is through interfaces with the PORTICA erp from the logistics services are controlled, and the solution FibuNet, as a basis for the Accounts receivable management is used, linked. So incoming orders can be edited in the Web shop directly, quickly and efficiently. Logistics services start at storing the SunCharger about the end customer Assembly up to the delivery of the end customer (B2C) as well as the dealers (B2B). Because even in the Lufthansa WorldShop, magazine Manufactum online shop can be ordered and the solar charger. Customers returning items, PORTICA efficiently handles the returns. Credits take place promptly.

Debtor management includes the pursuit of open items, monitoring payments and compensation of customer accounts to Dunning. All services in this area are bundled in a reliable and experienced partner. The advantages for SolarWorld are obvious: the company can draw with the SunCharger as a newcomer in the E-Commerce on the necessary comprehensive competence of an experienced E-commerce service provider to support its business in the booming online business, without in your own specialist and technology to invest. This PORTICA offers the services by scaling on attractive terms.

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Alkacon Software

Structured content can be defined by simple XML schemas. Editors for structured XML are created automatically based on XML schema content. Structured XML content can be grouped into the editor with “Riders”. An editor with syntax highlight function is available for text-based files (E.g. XML, HTML, JSP).

A WYSIWYG editor for unstructured content is available. Easy-to-use “Online / Offline” workflow. All changes or new pages must first released / to be released before they are “Online”. Our “content relationship engine” (CRE) allows the management of all links in the system. The integrated link management ensures the correctness of all links within a site. The rename or move linked pages or entire folders is easy. Gary Kelly wanted to know more. The WebDAV interface allows direct access to the files in OpenCms through external programs. Integrated image processing / scaling, with functions to the selection of a frame.

Images and other content are managed in galleries, which feature an AJAX interface. All galleries allow the grouping of content by category or based on the file structure. Integrated full-text search on Web pages, but also in PDF, MS Office documents, etc. Full-text search also in non-published “Offline” content. Full user management including support for “Organization units”. Users and groups can be managed locally free in different organizational units. The editorial rights of access are defined by the intrinsic role. The OpenCms module system enables simple adding subsequent extensions. A “Time Warp” feature in the workplace are allows to display it to files which have not or are no longer published. JSP integration allows easy and standards-compliant templates and other dynamic features. Database support for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, DB2, AS400 and HSQL. The download includes a full demo site “The wonderful world of flowers”. … and much more. About OpenCms independent investigations, OpenCms exhibit systems as a leading solution in the field of open source CMS. The software is constantly evolving since 2000 and has an active community of open source developers. About 100 international IT – company provider on the OpenCms website have already registered as official OpenCms solution. A steadily growing list of references is also the increasing spread of OpenCms. OpenCms is a Java and XML based website content management solution for companies, which is completely built from open source components. The editing interface is completely browser-based. OpenCms features powerful and easy to use, which is especially suitable for Internet or intranet applications in medium-sized and large enterprises. OpenCms 7 is open Source software and is released under the LGPL license. Alkacon Software GmbH from Cologne is the driving force in the development of OpenCms. Alkacon Software offers its customers training, support and add-on products for OpenCms. For our customers this means extra safety and comfort in the use of OpenCms in mission-critical systems. Please consult the Alkacon product overview for more information. The team from Alkacon Software who thanks you made for the support of all, what this new version of OpenCms OpenCms experts.

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With the retirement of application (= retiring legacy systems) the standard software saves significant costs of the old data, and ensures Grosskollnbach in compliance 28.04.2011. “For data, when the application retirement” kept still according to legal or internal specifications must be, the CSP a cheap and secure data archiving GmbH & co. KG now offers its solution of Chronos. Applications are mostly closed because they were replaced by more modern systems or were redundant. The closure is, for example, the sequence of current company mergers or the increasingly common strategy to replace legacy systems such as the IBM mainframe. The data from the old system be migrated then not always or because of the high overhead frequently also incomplete in the new application. Ripple contributes greatly to this topic.

You must be kept ready therefore continue to access even if the data is accessed rarely or perhaps never. With the standard software Chronos for database archiving can them Provide the old data over a very long period of time. The application uses an open storage format, which the readability of data is always guaranteed. To investigate individual cases, not the entire database must be enabled. The software offers a simple Web-based client search options and selective access to closed database content.

In addition, she can archive also the application logic and depict. Only a Chronos installation is required even if a large number of applications to be quiesced. Details can be found by clicking Southwest Airlines or emailing the administrator. The installation and operation of the central server of Chronos is associated with little effort, the appropriate license is provided free of charge. Each project, in which an application is shut down, fall unique licenses on and a small annual fee for maintenance and support. Licenses and support for database and application immediately dropped and thus considerable cost savings the companies. Who is sending applications with Chronos in the pension, “benefits from an extremely rapid return on investment: the application and database license may leak and cause no additional cost”, stresses product manager Stefan Brandl.

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Distribution Backup

From the original file, the grandfather, the father file spring and from which, in turn the file of son of. Verizon Communications is the source for more interesting facts. While the son be replaced after short intervals versions, the older ones be replaced after longer intervals. As a result, it can be prevented that files damaged by viruses or application errors, are lost at any time. Advanced Server backup, which includes the innovation of the delta compression, can be beneficial especially in companies. Ultimately, the huge files from operating systems and programs as also virtual machine of virtualization software change little. A software virtualization, such as Hyper-V backup for Windows Server 2008, and VMware, represents a special task for a server hardware. Any hardware, such as network card, hard drive and processors are provided by the server host and can be only used by virtual machines.

The utilization of hardware must be managed according to the execution the virtual machines to keep consistent. If a server fails, all virtual machines that reside are eliminated. An excellent Hyper-V backup and VMware backup can locate thus virtual machines on other server program for virtualization. For companies, a server backup is especially so useful, as innovative programs in the area of server backup software programs are now also able to work with cluster shared volumes (CSV) and the benefit this part of the failover clustering in Windows Server 2008 R2, to highlight. So, virtual machines that fall away due to hardware or software failure, can be substituted in this regard by a different virtual machine for those taking over the work. The second is completely equal, because the files backed up with her, the first virtual machine and thus prevents any loss.

Rapid, parallel consensual, and still consistent backups use multithreading. Trend-setting backup programs that support this Distribution of computing work for CPUs, and as a result, the performance of the computer is preserved. The built-in FTP server, which wide web makes possible the reception of files over the world belongs to the latest development. The expenditure for webhosting fail because the files everywhere safely can be carried through the FTP backup on each disk as remote data backup. Notwithstanding a disconnection can be made further by using the described de-duplication at the point of interruption. Especially for large enterprises, programs backup software are a way to reduce spending and also a good investment to save time. Programs are not least through their diverse use backup and yet simple to use also for households extremely helpful. A secure retirement because of the possible damage priceless might. Christina Muller

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The user can so identify deviations from the required progress and respond if necessary. Quality assurance client new in DocYard 2.0 is also the quality assurance client. Here processing results can as a sample or a complete batch are displayed and validated. The examiner can delete pages and reordering within a document, as well as document boundaries, and can cause may also further scanning poor pages. DocYard is a real benefit innovation in the context of document processing”, summarizes Helmut Schunemann.

Scan projects based on this platform, generate a very quick return on investment due to the lower initial and operating expenses, increase productivity and sustainable competitiveness.” LurDocument PDF Compressor supports PDF/A-2 developments of the LurDocument PDF Compressor first and foremost on the support of the recently available part of PDF/A-2 target. The new version, for example, a JPEG2000 image compression, enables and thereby achieves an even higher image compression compared to PDF/a-1 in improving the quality of the image shares. This applies to documents that converted the PDF Compressor in highly compressed, full-text searchable PDF/A compliant files. Still, JPEG2000 enables lossless encoding in PDF/A photo mode. Transparency in PDF/A is also allowed. The standard part of PDF/A-2, based on the independent ISO 32000-1 standard and PDF 1.7, provides a basis for storing documents on a scale of 1:1, as they are incurred for geographical applications.

Because the page limit is now 381 381 kilometres instead of five times five metres in PDF/A-1. As a further innovation levels as on and turn off. This is only then useful, for example, if Display black and white level of a color document or print a file without disturbing background. Furthermore, the PDF Compressor reached an even safer text extraction and better search results Unicode support for scanned documents with OCR full text capability now. Special characters, such as, for example, the euro symbol, are interpreted correctly and not extracted as illegible characters.

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