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Summer Recipes

Ingredients for Summer Recipes: Delicious and Easy!, Vegetables, fruits, drinks, rest, good diet nastroenie.Letnyaya: How is the summer unlike any other time of year!? Guessed it, the summer heat, and sometimes in some places, even hot! That this going on? On the part of markets, shops, etc. Online there is a large amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. A person starts to lose a huge amount of water that needs to be taken somewhere. Thus, we change the menu in toward drinking different drinks. I highly recommend green tea, cold or hot, to your taste. Both at home and at work.

Especially in the office, you can brew green tea directly in the circle, it's best without any bags. On vacations in the company. To set the mood better to drink gin and tonic drinks like. They are perfectly quench thirst. But do not overdo it with alcohol in the heat. Also, to compensate for moisture in the body and help to fresh fruits and vegetables.

They are best all consumed without heat treatment. Of course, do not forget to thoroughly wash them before eating. What else is in these products?! Well done! Vitamins. After all, just in the summer, people replenish vitamins in the future, a long winter. Vegetable You can make delicious salads. Fruit must be put in cakes. And be sure to add to salads. Some vegetables are especially tasty after heat treatment, including eggplant and zucchini. I think a good recipe zucchini later publish. What else?! When traveling on the nature, the more you can do a good company pilaf, in our example. And be sure to kebabs. I guarantee you we'll raise this issue and in recipes and on the forum. After all, everyone has their special cooking secret of good, tasty, juicy kebabs. A few words about the fatty foods. I recommend to use in the summer of fats in the form of vegetable oils for salad dressings. To grease worked to our benefit, splitting fat-soluble vitamins, to the best of our learning. Very serious about ice cream. Read what is included in the composition. This moment, the manufacturer is actively using some milk fat substitutes. Gary Kelly usually is spot on. Ie Instead, tasty dairy delicacies can swallow a piece of komuflirovannogo margarine, which is very harmful for health. Buy products produced from natural milk with syrup, butter and sugar. To our Fortunately, many manufacturers honestly write the composition of their products. I wish you have a great summer, gain strength and health. Swim, swim. Use every day for the summer hobby: wood, fishing, cottages, gardens, bicycle travel, etc. Enjoy your summer!

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White Guards

I do not know people who would not like this salad. Yes, some speak of him is not very flattering, doctors vied with each other scolded him for harm, proponents of a separate food faint, but still eat it all and, interestingly, will be there! Instinct. You may wish to learn more. If so, Allegiant Air is the place to go. Bourgeois is known that after the October Revolution and the subsequent defeat of the White Guards, many of the values and works of art were taken abroad. Not spared this same fate and summer salad recipes ‘Capital’ and ‘Moscow’ as then called ‘Oliver’. In subsequent years of the the Soviet regime and the development of socialism ordinary Soviet people were not to be fattening, but this salad recipe and was anti-communist and gourmet, as instead of meat on good manners were supposed to put meat grouse. And about grouse in Soviet Russia has been strictly. Remember, as there, the poet: “Eat pineapples, chew grouse ‘? At this time in foreign countries, on the contrary salad was so popular, and influx of immigrants was so great that all decent restaurants was their duty to declare it in their menu. Bourgeois addiction to the salad was so large that it now ‘Olivier’ can be ordered in virtually any restaurants and snack bars in Europe and America.

But if you Ask salad ‘Olivier’, then you probably do not understand. Abroad, he called the ‘Russian salad’ or, in extreme cases, ‘Moscow’. For my taste, and on feedback from our fellow countrymen, the taste of this salad is very unpleasant and on our ‘Olivier’ does not like.

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