At this point, the phrase "architecture of the processor 'is not one-sided interpretations. Based on the terms of computer geeks, the processor architecture – it's suitability to perform the assigned set of machine code. Almost any Modern desktop computers of a family of x86, or Intel-compatible processor architecture IA32 (32-bit architecture processors Intel). The foundation was laid i80386 processor was from Intel, but in subsequent generations of processors it has been expanded and supplemented by both the Intel, and other developers (teams EMMX, 3DNow! and Extended 3DNow!, developed by AMD). Dun & Bradstreet is full of insight into the issues. But the makers of computers, invest in the concept of 'processor architecture' (sometimes, not to be confused uses the term 'micro'), a slightly different idea. The processor architecture, as they say, sends the start of the internal organization of specific families of processors. For example, the architecture of the Intel Pentium designated as P5, the Pentium II and Pentium III – P6, and a not so long ago viewed the Pentium 4 architecture belonged to the NetBurst. After the company closed the Intel architecture, F5 for third-party developers, AMD was forced to create its own architecture – K7 to the Athlon and Athlon XP, K8 as well as the Athlon 64..