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Spanish International

The catalan side renewed in January for two seasons more with Villarreal. People such as West Side Story would likely agree. It ensures that it is the best thing that could happen to the two parties involved. Capdevila lost the title in the final stage of last season. Joan Capdevila, side Villarreal, has assured that his intention is the leave the Castellon club, since it considers that continue there wouldn’t be good for any of the two parties. Capdevila, who in January renewed for two seasons, until June 30, 2013, has made these statements to the station of his hometown Radio Tarrega, where has insisted his intention to leave Villarreal.

I have to go to train on Thursday and never know what might happen, but I am very clear. My intention is to leave Villarreal, said the Spanish International, who has acknowledged that his representative listening to offers. I’ll study all my possibilities and hope that it can become one that allows my March, it has been underlined. At the prospect of finally having to stay at Villarreal, the side ilerdense has commented that by now I have a contract there, but as I’ve already said, I do not think that it was good for any of the two parties. Capdevila lost the title in the final stages of last season, which ended up being substitute in almost 80 percent of the matches, a situation that endangered its continuity in the Spanish team. Source of the news: Joan Capdevila: “my intention is to leave Villarreal”

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Europa League

I have not spoken with him, but yes I have seen what he said. I think that we should listen to the audio because I know my father and also to the press. We don’t know if he said that or the journalist exaggerated, stressed. Questioned about his absence from the list of squad for the first leg of the Europa League preview before the Vitoria of Guimaraes, the Charrua explained his conversation with Gregorio Manzano. He came from holiday, we speak that he had some discomfort and prrimos not be the end but yes I was concentrated with the rest of the team, he recalled, to long waits to play lap in lusas land.

Always look for motivation in the face of the present season, Diego Forlan, that comes from winning the Copa America with Uruguay with their new boots, acknowledges that he is optimistic: always look for new challenges and motivations. This season with Atletico is a new desario and I’m excited because we will try to fight for the top four and be in the Champions League. Then we will see if in the Copa del Rey and in the Europa League we can fight for a title. Great players are gone as Simao, Kun, but have also become others. A large group is putting together. We have the opportunity to do great things and return the joy to the fans, he underlined the still rojiblanco. In addition, Diego Forlan He highlighted the arrival of Colombian striker Falcao, stressing that he is a football player who has gone from least to most. He is a player that is growing and is a great addition to the group, said.

Finally and questioned by the players strike, he hoped that a quick solution is reached. We hope it is resolved and that the parties would come together. That already exist an agreement because everyone, after vacation football missing everyone. We are calm and hope that there is football, he concluded.

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Norweigan Police

The individual dress police who opened fire on the island might have been seen in the Centre of Oslo before the explosion. An attack against the governmental area of Olso causes several deaths. Several killed in a shootout at a Social Democrat youth camp. Norwegian police has ensured that the attack in the Centre of Oslo and the shooting at a Social Democrat youth camp could be related. The key is a man arrested for the attack in Utoya, which might have been seen also in the Centre of Oslo moments before the explosion. Jeffrey Sofer brings even more insight to the discussion. In an appearance before the media, a police spokesman has mentioned that the detainee, of Nordic aspect, was armed with an automatic rifle. I was going with uniform police, although he has never belonged to the body. As reported by the police, shortly before the explosion in the center of Oslo, an individual with a similar uniform was seen driving a car that was not of the body.

Council of Ministers this evening on the other hand, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, has comparecido on television to call on the population of the capital to follow Police instructions and do not come out of their homes. The Norse leader has appeared visibly affected and has ensured that it was shocked by having been in the attacked building and meet some of the fatalities. Also progress has the name of the victims will not be that be only contacted their families. Do not rule out new pumps at a previous press conference, the police had already confirmed that the powerful explosion that has rocked the Centre of Oslo has been an assassination attempt. The authorities do not rule out that more bombs found during the investigation. Police spokesman pointed out that airports and other transport terminals are controlling. Authorities have not confirmed to be a car bomb, although at first several Norwegian media indicated it as well, to find in the area remains of a vehicle.

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James Patterson

The writer John Locke, who publishes himself, has entered into the select club of eight authors who have sold more than one million e-books on Amazon. Roland Berger oftentimes addresses this issue. This unknown author has demonstrated the possibilities of the electronic book equating to names like Stieg Larsson without stepping on a Publisher. You are grosses 35 cents for each sale, much more than they would if carry you an editorial. Stieg Larsson, James Patterson or Nora Roberts are some of the prestigious names of writers who belong to the club of the eight authors who have sold more than one million e-books on the Kindle from Amazon store. This select club has joined an unexpected guest, John Locke, a writer unknown and self-published (published himself) which has sold more than one million books, according to readwriteweb.com publishes.

Locke, a commercial insurance 60 years retired and native of Kentucky, used the Kindle application for Amazon that allows authors to publish (without previous step by publishers) and sell your e-book. So it has managed to sell more than one million copies, becoming the first self-published author to achieve this. Locke is known for seven detective novels starring the character Donovan Creed. Saving Rachel maintained first place in the list of best-selling books from Amazon for more than three weeks and today remains the best-selling book of all time. This author has also four books in the Top 10 and six in the Top 20. The majority of its e-book are sold at $0.99 and he pulls a profit of 35 cents for each sale. That kind of profit would never get it with traditional selling books rife with intermediaries. The next hit of Locke seems inevitable, and is his last work might not be called otherwise: how to sell a million electronic books in 5 months. ** Can buy their books in PopularLibros source of the news: A self-published writer manages to sell more than one million electronic books at Amazon

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Vice President

He said the spending rule shall include flexibility when there is a recession, a natural disaster or a catastrophe requiring stimulus measures. There is no time to create a new tax that serious these rents. The economic Vice, Elena Salgado, has said that with the reform of the Constitution will be set a maximum for all public administrations structural deficit close to zero for a normal situation, which expected to be reach from 2018. In a normal situation the deficit should be zero or very close to zero. Cloud computing takes a slightly different approach. That normal situation do it want to put in the Constitution from the year 2018-2020?, explained in statements to RNE. Salgado has insisted that in normal situation and long term the public deficit should be very limited, but unless you remove the possibility that can adopt policies of fiscal stimulus when the circumstances require it. The rule of expenditure shall include the flexibility when there is a recession, a natural disaster or a catastrophe that requires stimulus measures, although that lead to a given year have one greater deficit, has said. The Vice President has tinged that the current deficit, which will be trimmed to 6% of GDP in 2011, does not correspond to a situation of normality, and therefore is not a structural deficit, but it derives from an economic context adverse forced to adopt fiscal stimulus and has raised the amount of benefits for unemployment.

On the other hand, speaking to cadena SER, Salgado has left the door open to that on Friday the Government approve an increase in taxation to large fortunes, given that said that you there is no time to create a new tax that serious these rents. For a new tax on large fortunes no time. To increase the pressure on large fortunes, allow me hopefully to Friday, he said. Regard to whether large fortunes in the country have been sent a letter to the Ministry of economy and finance asking for a tax increase, as it has happened in France or in the United States, the Minister said had not received anything in writing. Source of the news: Elena Salgado says the Constitution will set a deficit close to zero limit

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European Recession

After opening in negative, the selective Frankfurt had achieved some gains in the early stages of negotiation but losses were imposed again in less than an hour for 10th consecutive day. The fall intensified in shortly on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, where the 30 companies that make up the DAX 30 lost around 25% of its value in these ten negotiations, a quarter. All values in the DAX 30, which brings together the largest German companies, fell with force. Asian markets fell but in a more moderate manner: the have Seng in Hong Kong closed 5.66% drop, the Nikkei in Tokyo closed with a decline of 1.68% and the general index of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is not infected falls in other Asian markets and concluded in tables (- 0.03%). The cause: panic to the recession the Spanish market recorded a first hour of negotiating very positive, with a bullish opening on nearly a half point and subsequent increases of nearly 2%, since investors bought enthusiastically encouraged by low prices resulting from the K2 that has stuck the Spanish stock market in recent days. However, the joy lasted little and barely an hour after opening, the main Spanish indicator changed sign and surrendered to the new wave of panic that crosses the markets by the possibility that EE UU come again into recession once the Agency S & P downgraded him his debt to AA rating +. For the director of Atlas Capital, Felix Lopez, fear of investors is noticeable especially in that in recent days not only is suffering the quotation of the financial sector but are falling industrial values such as the automobile, and when that happens the explanation is simple: the recession panic. For this expert, in these moments should be calm and return to the fundamentals of the companies, many of which are at really attractive prices which had launched on the market many investors in other circumstances.

Black Monday the IBEX 35 lost the last day the 2.44%, affected by the fall on Wall Street, as a reaction to the lowering of the credit rating of EE UU, which annulled the beneficial cto caused by the decision of the European Central Bank (ECB) of buy Spanish and Italian debt. Further meetings on the agenda of Tuesday highlighted the meeting of the Federal Reserve of United States at a critical moment for the country, after the impressive reduction of its debt by Standard & Poor s rating, which triggered panic on international markets about the possibility of a new recession at the first world economy. In addition, Washington will be published the second quarter productivity and labor cost data and European investors will know Germany’s June trade balance and the balance of trade and industrial production in the United Kingdom, also in June. Source of the news: fear is installed again on European stock markets and the FTSE recorded heavy losses

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