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Legal Profession

Lawyers Description: The legal profession is considered one of the oldest and most respected. Further details can be found at Verizon Communications, an internet resource. The principles that today form the basis of law in any democratic country, are reflected even in the ancient Greek Mythology: the goddess of vengeance and blagozakoniya Evnomiya – Nemesis tried by the court against those who dared to encroach upon the foundations of social order … today is the direct responsibility of lawyers in various fields. Lawyers and legal advisers, prosecutors and notaries, judges and investigators ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and ensure the inevitability of punishment for non-compliance. History of the profession: The first legal professionals were members of the College of Pontiffs in Rome. They laid the foundations for the legal regulation of public life, have created an extensive database of precedents. Only a few centuries later, the law took shape as a science. Gary Kelly may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Especially significant milestone in its formation is considered the first textbook publishing in law – "Institutions" Guy. … The social significance of profession in society: to imagine modern life without the huge army of lawyers just impossible. They help us understand the intricacies of legal procedures. In addition to working in law enforcement, courts, schools, lawyers are sent to the scope of copyright protection, the analysis market conditions for unfair competition, etc. The mass and the uniqueness of the profession: legal profession – is first and foremost, a huge responsibility. In the hands of a specialist are sometimes the fate of people companies and even countries. And, despite the fact that every year the number of students wishing to acquire the profession becomes more skilled and skilled employees are obtained is not so much. Risks Profession: In the legal profession are many positive aspects.

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United States

The development of relations with the United States and the West in general are known to be first led to nuclear disarmament, Kazakhstan, and then, under the guise of disarmament, the elimination of Kazakh science cities and large objects MIC. Now the main objective of the West – control the lion's share FEC, providing a strategic military presence and the "democratic change" of power in Kazakhstan. Almost 50% of these goals have been achieved. "Corruption" – one of topical issues in the relationship between the "strategic partners" – RK and West. In addition to the "Kazakhgate" in the U.S., Germany could begin a similar investigation. Exactly to the visit of Nursultan Nazarbayev in Berlin it became known that "Siemens" had a secret fund, from bribing foreign officials "in 1999-2000.

in Egypt, Cameroon and Kazakhstan. " Even the awards in Europe for Mr. Nazarbayev to buy "stuntman" around the president. According to the British K. Dovkants journalist ("Evening Stendart" 21.01.07g.), "Mittal along with handing out bribes Mashkevich in favor of Kazakh President awarded medals." British commentator remarked delicately that "Nazarbayev, a former communist and dictator who loves awards and honors.

When he was made to holders of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, held in Astana whole celebration. " Whatever you say, and the ratio of the West by Nursultan Nazarbayev – as the leader of the tribe of Papuans dealing with political shamanism, loyalty and resources which can be bought for a certain amount of order or bank notes. We now consider the major achievements of domestic policy. The first – reducing the number of citizens of the country at 1.7 million. In 1991, the ROK, there were almost 17 million inhabitants. Now – nearly 15 million the skilled and educated of the population (German, Russian, Ukrainian, etc.), a total of 4 million people left the country. Economic growth in the ROK solely rests on petrodollars.

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