Lugano can be at the end of the national Lake in the colorful light illuminate Lugano, the town in Ticino, Southern Switzerland, on the same Lake is not fussy on the 1st, on independence day. Otherwise such well-known Swiss frugality will forget at least on this day. Punctually at 22.30, the waterfront lights go out. A murmur goes through the hundreds of thousands of spectators, Luganesen and tourists. Also on the lake itself, countless yachts are to watch the spectacle. The drama begins with a clap of Thunder, coming up from the Lake. What the curious to see get exceeds expectations, at least that of the tourists. The annual Cologne lights are only tired there.

Five ships fixed the previous day in the Lake, the Bay of Lugano is transformed into a colorful sea of light and colour. The organizers put patterns in the sky, rain fire, mirror lights in the Lake, and last but not least light up eyes. After half an hour, everything is over. Only downside: If a small Wanted to put into food, the had to find even one of the many and not always inexpensive restaurants, because there was not the fries stalls at our usual on such occasions.