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Honorable Company

Value-based corporate governance in practice value with values of Starnberg, June 10, 2013 – rarely the need for ethics, credibility, and orientation in our Western society was higher than it is today. Also in the economy: under the stern of the shareholder value is the mission statement of the Honorable merchant often fall into oblivion. Facebook is often mentioned in discussions such as these. While top managers and entrepreneurs want to correct their course, get bogged down but often in the small small. Get more background information with materials from Daniel Lubetzky Net Worth. In his book, Andreas Welther shows how common values in practice defined, lived, and new on this Foundation can contribute added value. Differently than usual in a non-fiction book, Welther the story of Erik Malmstrom AG and illustrated their example what it actually arrives at the value-based corporate governance. Twenty years after founding his company, Malstrom relentlessly takes stock. To create, not only the numbers make him. Worry made him especially the daily coexistence.

The corporate culture shows significant cracks. Supported by his closest advisors, He questioned employees and executives Thomas Sand, as well as HR Director Antje Sommer by using a software program anonymously. What is the company from their point of view, what values are personally important to them? Where the cooperation works well, where there is tension – for whatever reason? The analysis of the corporate culture promotes days, which values the company in the future will be build. And it leaves no doubt that now unpleasant decisions follow. With his exciting written practice Advisor Welther familiarizes the reader in an entertaining way with cornerstones of value-based management.

Instead of overtaxing recipients in the management literature often practiced with abstract expertise Welther realistically draws the multifaceted image of a company at a turning point. Governance, value creation and long-term orientation, as his credo, can enter quite a dynamic connection to the benefit of all. Andreas Welther Wertebasierte corporate governance. An introduction for practitioners.

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English Crown

Each reading, as well as each writing, can be, simultaneously, translation and recriao. Who reads, as well as who it writes, it is simultaneously and necessarily translating, searching meanings, appealing the significant ones, in search of the sounds and directions, rhythms and forms, colors and vibrations (LAJOLO, Marisa? ZILBERMAN? Regina, 2001, P. 11). Perhaps therefore, Liesel writes its proper history, because unconsciously or magically already the wise person. writes with ink, reaproveitadas leves of a book that would not serve it a speech of which it would not use to advantage.

Necessary that ' ' if it feels the taste bitter taste of perguntas' ' (ZUSAK, 2007: p. 338) better still, when such investigations are fruit of our proper options? or it lacks of them. One also becomes necessary to know that nor all reading is candy reply. To the times? or many times? it is number looser, ' ' it is group of involved workers in the production of livros' ' (LAJOLO, Marisa? ZILBERMAN? Regina: 2001, P. 26). Perhaps, we could display small Liesel reader, who everything? almost? it has price. It knows that the book covered long way until finding it na war of that idiot. Many other idiots had existed: In England, for example, the queen Tudor Maria, in 1557, granted, for intermediary of letter-patent, exclusiveness of impression to the members of the Stationers? Company, that, as Roger E.

Schechhter, ' ' they depended on the favor of the English Crown for its existence, in way that only published materials that did not offend the authorities reais' ' (…) (LAJOLO, Marisa? ZILBERMAN? Regina, 2001, P. 26) Until you to arrive to read Liesel girl, there in this another terrible world, already much book would have been burnt. Others had been written in the intention of if eternalizing rules. Some it had been, others not, but who said that only the canonic ones are good literature? Until you, small Liesel to know ' ' to read that horroroso book of the sepultures, eyes fechados' ' (ZUSAK, 2007, p.52): In the France of century XVII the writers did not have financial independence, having to appeal to the clientelismo or the patronage.

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Baslio Cousin

The second phase is about the moment more characteristically realist-naturalist, where the author displays in its proper characteristic romances, also he adheres to ' ' theories of the Realism iconoclasta' ' , denouncing critically the Portuguese society giving it has detached the three effective institutions (Monarchy, Church and Bourgeoisie). The romance in study, Baslio Cousin, is an example of this phase, where the Portuguese bourgeoisie denounces. We perceive that the naturalistic language, needs and fluente, gains prominence from its as moment of literature. In the third phase, without abandoning the realistic critical register, the author, more confident, it shows its proper expressive resources, it escapes of the rigid norms realist-naturalists, giving place to the fancy. At this moment the writer decides to construct workmanships of construtivista direction, as he would say MOISS (2005: 196) ' ' …

fruit of the painful conscience to have uselessly invested the bourgeois and famlia' '. Ea de Queirs is considered a precursor of the Portuguese Realism, therefore, it disclosed in its workmanships, the decline of the moral and the hypocrisy of the Portuguese society of century XIX by means of the pathological analysis, moreover, the malleability and naturalismo of the language that it uses, makes with that its workmanships are distinguished in Portuguese Literature. Confirming what already we detach above, the reason of Ea to be considered one of the great names of Portuguese Literature, is also for the use of a simple language, that involves the readers and is capable to reflect the reality social, unmasking its colorful side. In Baslio Cousin, Ea denounces the Bourgeoisie, in special, the family lisboeta, that (together with the Monarchy and the Church) very it was unmasked in the Realism and in Naturalismo, and analyzing this workmanship, in the plan of the content and the expression, the problem appears.

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Mexican Republic

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Investigative Analysis

The important one is that when making the critical one, through a multicriteria and investigativa analysis, we can understand the texts, in such a way literary as technician, identifying critical and theoretical elements, commenting and if locating critically concerning different theoretical chains and the inherent characteristics to each one of the literal sorts. We can say that it is not an easy task. The way is arduous and requires much devotion and persistence. However, the subject brought that me to this argument, is about pseudo-writers. Connect with other leaders such as baby clothes here. here, I ask for pardon for the expression that many will judge pejorativa, but to each day more we find people venturing themselves in the field of the letters. To write is good, is an exercise, that, added to the continuous study, feedback, to the auto-critical one, with certainty goes to lead to the growth as a whole, to the appropriation of concepts, domain of vocabulary, among others advantages. we have a word-key here: Domain of the vocabulary.

To the one venturing in them for the way of the literary creation, he is obligator that let us have to the reach of the hands and eyes, a good and old dictionary. Between one and another pearl of the Internet, without no preconception, even because we find good texts, articles and references in it, has a text of a writer, professor of literature, critical postgraduate in literary, where it makes a vindication to the proper work played next to pupils. The text things among others manifest against ' ' texts of auto-ajuda' ' , but it is, deplorable and pathetically, auto-mercy text. Between one and another literary escorrego, uses the word erroneamente ' ' parca' ' – substantive feminine that assigns a type of clothes or in mythology: Each one of the three deities that presided over to the duration of the life. The employed direction intended to be of the smallness, or the minimalismo, what it means total unfamiliarity of the language. In this in case that, optimum it is not to risk. In the doubt, it is better not to use the term of what to sin for the inadequate use.

Making the critical one, I suggest that the author reviews the tone if not of auto-aid, but of auto-mercy, pathetic, lamurioso and indescritivelmente humilhante to the extremity. Crown this ' ' prola' ' with depositions enaltecedores its dear person Perhaps it was better in the verse fluency and it did not have to be ventured in chats. Speech incuo and I infuriate of a professional. It can have to see with the public which was directed the text, without much erudio or literary concern, but let us agree, we have an obligation with the readers: To offer material of good quality, after all, writers, theoreticians, studious or pretense literary, are formadores of opinion. He is Arduous work of a critic!

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Klick Globe Publishing

In the patriotic and proud speech of this personage of Barreto Rasp, if it evidences that the madness attributed to the personage is fruit of its illusions and dreams and represents for this, not it truth of the world, but the truth that if it exactly distinguishes from itself. For Foucault: He is not ours to know that it is had to interrogate regarding what in them it seems ignorance, but yes this experience regarding what it knows on itself same and on what it could formulate with regard to proper itself (FOUCAULT, 1997, P. 83). Some contend that baby clothes shows great expertise in this. The narrative follows and Major Quaresma believes that the solution for Brazil would have to come of a reform in the agriculturist. Then he changed himself for it I besiege Calmness. In little time the quality of the ground is looser for me, for the ants and for it would mesquinharia of the local politics.

When he lost everything that he invested, came back toward Rio De Janeiro in order to save the Native land of the danger represented for the Revolt of the Armed, that then appeared in the capital of the country. Check with Sheryl Sandberg to learn more. When finishing the Revolt of the Armed, Policarpo questions the cause which if dedicates to all its life: It would go to die, who knows if in that same night? that had made it of its life? It swims. It behind the mirage takes all to study the native land, for loving it and complains knot intention to contribute for its happiness and prosperity. She spends its youth in this, its virility also; now that it was in the oldness, as rewarded it to it as premiava it as decorated it? Killing it! what not pandegara, does not land on water? all this side of the existence that seems to run away a little to its necessary sadness, it does not capsize, it does not prove, it does not try. Since the eighteen years that the such patriotism absorbed to it and for it makes the nonsense to study uselessness (BARRETO, 1997. p.166). Ahead of this context, madness is presented as ‘ points Foucault; ‘ a period of training that precedes morte’ ‘ (Foucault, 1997, P. 183).

Therefore, the visualized social problems in Sad End of Policarpo Quaresma are the nationalism and the madness of the personage (that the real life of the author joins). What it was observed when reading and to analyze this romance they had been symbolic situations, ficcionais, that they represent the national questions, as well as concerns and reflections of the author, who appeared from its ‘ ‘ desajuste’ ‘ in the society where it lived.

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Discursivo Content Each

SAINTS, Appeared Letcia Pear tree (Orientanda) 1 GRANDSON, Elpdio Rodrigues of Rock (Orienting) 2 elpidiorochaneto@ yahoo.com.br Institution: Integrated facultieses of the North of Mines – FUNORTE/SOEBRAS Clear Mounts, Minas Gerais, Brazil. 2010 SUMMARY the present article aims at to establish the effective contribution of the discursivo content for the learning of the reading public of histories in quadrinhos. The evolution of these histories, fruit of the association of the discursivo content and the use of visual resources in the structure of the magazines? in special ' ' Group of the Mnica' ' , that, after transformations and adequacy, launched in the market ' ' Group of the Mnica Jovem' ' each ampler time comes conquering a public, with current boardings and of extreme relevance, leading each reader to the context of history. In this research, of bibliographical matrix, we will base in them in the following authors: Will Eisner, Elyssa Marine Soares, Brown Adriano de Avance, amongst others. Word-key: Contribution, Group of the Mnica, Discursivo Content, Images, Adequacies. There RESUMEN This I articulate tiene for objective to establecer contribucin effective of discursivos contenidos los for el aprendizaje of lectores of cmics. There evolucin of these histories, resulted woollen combinacin del contenido discursivo y del use of imgenes en estructura of wools there reviewed, en particular Mnica y su pandilla, that, despus of aos of exchange y adaptacin, if ha lanzado public Mnica y su pandilla young adquiriendo un each time bad I extend, con los pertinent current approaches y muy, that conduzca to each lector al woollen context history. En this investigacin, of joins revisin woollen literature, basado en los siguientes authors: Will Eisner, Elyssa Marine Soares, Brown Adriano de Avance, between otros. Words clave: Discursivo Contribucin, el contenido of Mnica, imgenes, adecuaciones. 1 – Academic of 8 period of the Spanish course of Letters Portuguese/, of the Integrated Facultieses of the North of Mines? Funorte/SOEBRAS.

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Thus, it is important that the professor is intent, whenever possible, as much to establish relations between the studied contents and its occurrence in the texts, how much to consider and to make possible the investment of the studies in the literary productions and carried through readings. Throughout the time, education comes each time more, if presenting as a necessary step to a worthier condition of survival and social participation. As Freire (1989, p.28) of the point of view of one such vision of the education reiterates, he is of the privacy of the consciences, moved for the goodness them hearts, that the world if remakes. since the education shapes the souls and recria the hearts, it is the handspike of the social changes. However, the process education learning has left very to desire, especially when in we relate to the reading and the literal production to them. As we have evidenced our schools has left a great gap in the formation of critical and conscientious readers, therefore in a society highly globalizada as ours, one becomes necessary to read and to write correctly, because as we know these are essential steps so that the pupil exerts its paper in the society of participativa form. The reading does not have to be treated by the school, and mainly in the Eja, as something died without no connection with the day the day of the pupils, for the opposite, these must be presented as half of personal and social ascension. The reading remains in such a way in the center of the concerns of the regular school and the parents how much of adult the young formation of e. The school is come across with a reading problem that did not obtain to surpass and was aggravated throughout the years. Knowing to read age and, still is, confused with the possibility of if deciphering the writing.

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The City Of God

This Article considers a sociological and structural analysis of the book City of God (2007), of the writer Pablo Lins. The Romance was launched, in its first version, in 1997, for the publishing company Company of the Letters. The book folloies the social transformations why it passed the quarter of City of God. Small crime of the decade of 60 was substituted by the traffic of drugs of the 90, the violence if imposes and the war starts. Not only the war in the slum quarter, but a constant dispute for the power, social ascension and money. The division of the romance is made in three parts and reflects this history from the Sixties: the first part, ‘ ‘ History of Inferninho’ ‘ , it speaks of the time where the misery was the context of the crime in City of God and the assaults and robberies were the way to execute it.

Already the second part deals with the Eighties. This stage is summarized in the increase, hardening and professionalization of the crime and the assassnio and terror as way to assure the peace, necessary for the commerce of drugs. He is ‘ ‘ History of Pardalzinho’ ‘. E, finally, the third part that deals with the war of the groups, of the increase of the violence or the war for banal reasons. He is ‘ ‘ History of Z Mido’ ‘.

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Be My Valentine – CD

The main role in an audiobook take over Vienna, 2.2.2009 after the success last year, in Austria’s first audiobook action AUDIAMO to again get a very special Valentin’s day gift for his sweetheart. On February 14th, you can slip and produce a personal audiobook audiobook Cafe the bookstore itself in the role of the speaker. Whether one opts for amorous poetry, humorous short stories about love or a self penned story, the be my Valentine “CD is definitely a unique gift. Already 10 minutes after the end of recording”the exclusive production with individual cover for 9.90 euros can be taken home. Frequently Larry Ellison has said that publicly. Opportunity for the production of be my Valentine “CD is Valentin day from 10: 00 until the business end of the AUDIAMO at 17: 00.

Where: AUDIAMO, Kaiserstrasse 70, 1070 Wien when: February 14, 2009 time: 10:00 to 17:00 on AUDIAMO of the audiobook retailer AUDIAMO is Austria’s first act of audiobook, the is fully dedicated to the spoken word has. The shop in Vienna’s Kaiser street offers a continuous range of almost 6,000 titles of all genres and for all ages and is headquarters for the audiobook shipping all over the world. Press contact Gunter Rubik Kaiserstrasse 70/2 1070 Vienna, AUSTRIA, Tel. + 43 (0) 1 699 95 3191 EMail

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