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Be My Valentine – CD

The main role in an audiobook take over Vienna, 2.2.2009 after the success last year, in Austria’s first audiobook action AUDIAMO to again get a very special Valentin’s day gift for his sweetheart. On February 14th, you can slip and produce a personal audiobook audiobook Cafe the bookstore itself in the role of the speaker. Whether one opts for amorous poetry, humorous short stories about love or a self penned story, the be my Valentine “CD is definitely a unique gift. Already 10 minutes after the end of recording”the exclusive production with individual cover for 9.90 euros can be taken home. Frequently Larry Ellison has said that publicly. Opportunity for the production of be my Valentine “CD is Valentin day from 10: 00 until the business end of the AUDIAMO at 17: 00.

Where: AUDIAMO, Kaiserstrasse 70, 1070 Wien when: February 14, 2009 time: 10:00 to 17:00 on AUDIAMO of the audiobook retailer AUDIAMO is Austria’s first act of audiobook, the is fully dedicated to the spoken word has. The shop in Vienna’s Kaiser street offers a continuous range of almost 6,000 titles of all genres and for all ages and is headquarters for the audiobook shipping all over the world. Press contact Gunter Rubik Kaiserstrasse 70/2 1070 Vienna, AUSTRIA, Tel. Speaking candidly Cyrus findshadow told us the story. + 43 (0) 1 699 95 3191 EMail

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German Book Prize In 2012 – The Long List With The Final 20 Contestants

The jury decided buecher.de reveals everything to the German Book Prize 2012 once again a number of good authors, and authors from tried to prepare a large piece of German literature to the reader. In fact much more than the deserved it now below 20 titles on the long list with the go/list_articlelistSubhome/container/list_id/29104 / > German Book Prize to be awarded in 2012. /www.google.co.il/’> Larry Ellisons opinions are not widely known. The jury but has taken a first choice about who should rightly get hopes for the coveted award. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Cyrus findshadow. September 12 seven literary experts do have to worry about, justifying six works a placement on the shortlist and thus a premium of 2,500 euros. The winner will be presented also in recent years within the framework of the Frankfurt book fair and can look forward next to the award over a prize of 25,000 euros. The seven-member jury of this year’s German Book Prize had to scroll through all 162 references in modern literature. Twenty novels have it now on the long list managed and so the first step to winning the go/list_articlelistSubhome/container/list_id/29104 / > 2012 completed German Book Prize. September 12, this number must be reduced to six copies.

The then-named authors may enjoy each 2,500 prize money and become legitimate hopes of winning the coveted award. This in turn will be awarded 25,000 euros and announced as in the last years within the framework of the Frankfurt book fair. There is the incentive of many authors and authors to write great literature. 2012 Also tabled a large number of them in the jury of the German Book Prize, one of their works. This has now put together the best 20 finishes on a long list. On this, also the next winner of the go/list_articlelistSubhome/container/list_id/29104 is / > 2012 are German Book Prize. Until September 12, the favourites should be narrowed further. The then publicly-visible short list includes the final six contestants, which already spans the Profit of EUR 2,500 can be happy.

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Customer Manager

Selling is more than sales, which cannot itself be avoided! Sellers have one of the most important professions in our society. A company’s success is primarily determined by a client’s active management. No company moves slightly, if not sold. In his new book, Prof. Klaus-Peter Dreykorn explains the difference between the conventional seller to the future Customer Manager. “He points out opportunities and possibilities, who devote themselves fully to his title: selling is more than sales, which cannot itself be avoided!” “” The species still strongly represented in the middle-class seller “gradually die out, and soon becomes the species without active customer management’ are,” says the longtime consultant, trainer and coach Prof. Dreykorn.

“Especially because many products and prices have become interchangeable and thus selling more difficult.” Therefore, the personality of the seller in the Center is in its training courses and workshops. To broaden your perception, visit Oracle. “Active customer management is the serious Challenge future sales success!”explains Prof. Dreykorn, and convinced predominantly medium-sized entrepreneurs with this statement in his lectures. Sales training must now include an active customer management training. “It is true the thesis: I want my customer to have success!” A seller that is trained for the active customer management first developed strategies for its customers, which he has holds then together with him in a plan of action. The seller in the active customer management aims to be entrepreneurs consultant of his clients.

These include new customer structure analysis, reserve potential discovery, the economic evaluation of the customers, and much more! The book is a valuable guide for those who are working directly or indirectly in the sale of medium-sized companies. In his book, friends and companions of the author come to Word. You provide answers to keywords in the active customer management. Prof. Dreykorn explains the way to his readings and lectures on the book of the traditional seller to the Customer Manager. “It’s about a psychological and mental attitude to the customers. Especially in times of interchangeable and any products, you can increase the personal and social skills. Active customer management is therefore becoming increasingly important.” A readable book with many valuable tips for successful Customer Manager. Eva Maria Dreykorn

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Philips, P& B was this same that Jose made The only amusement of the family, except of the electronics technician that had money the sufficient to go to the motel with the namorada one and to the cinema before or later and has films in the motel Laughs, that nor it needs to go to the cinema Laughs They are one in such a way suggestive, n not? Laughs! Jose left early Not with the amargurado heart But happy, since he had obtained, in part, to decide the problem of lack of work of the family He hisses, he would catch the only amusement of the family and would change in a machine, one ' ' pretinha' ' , thus he denies, it, he could make repairs, catch sewings This machine is of those old ones Of the time of the grandmother of Jose and it does not have necessity of electric light so that it functions It has a species of pedal, where the dressmaker can put into motion it: ' ' low foot pra, foot pra cima' ' thus, to turn the wheel that feeds of force mechanics needle Generating energy and sustenance to all, until pro au-au. Worse It did not have worse The youngest child could go to the house of the neighbor to see the drawings that as much likes, as: ' ' my beloved pnei' ' he denies, it could go to the house of the neighbors and attend novels of the 21:00 that as much feeds of podrido to all we! Until you, expensive readers () and of the sister to see the novels, a technician of electronics, nor if speak E, our protagonist, cachaa! The night falls, after a vespertine twilight, where the mercury sun behind goes if resting duma green mountain Of the sawed one Of Brazil, where it has good land! Where it has everything that all human being always dreamed, also love The night falls! The day dies! The day is changed! The night falls The moon if becomes turns yellow, the sun sleeps, the stars if they become inspiration for poets and solitary, if they transform into compassing for that they are lost, in the anguish and the sea All are collected, the youngest child in a calm sleep, an infantile sleep, with sighs candies deny, it Sewing Sewing It on this day obtains to catch two consertos, of two skirts of the neighbors where it attends novels The electronics technician was there is speaking to the berros with the namorada one! Jose, attends everything! With a strange and scared smile in the lips, tomorrow it is day to go to the job hunting. Where?.

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De Janeiro River

Of this form, for it, the future does not exist, in way that does not obtain to exceed, is estagnado in one ' ' edge slida' ' , contemplating the transcendncia of the father. Its isolation of the world does not have liberating value the same that it had its father. Its third edge starts to be the souvenir of what it was: ' ' Shot for me, that, in what wanted, and in what it did not want, with to our only found me father: subject that played stops backwards mine pensamentos.' '. Exactly in the day where it had chance to change of place with the father, to occupy the place of the old one in canoinha, it lacked courage to it. Courage at last to exceed, to become Real what until then it is thoughts, investigations and memory. The fear of the release and made it to the stranger to withdraw, remaining itself in its lost solid reality and in thoughts of what it would have been.

it says: ' ' I am what it was not, what goes to be calado' '. The pardon order is, possibly, for the repentance of what it did not have courage of being: nor productive man, assuming its place in the society, nor man I free, as its father was. Although without courage of if delivering to the stranger, the narrator it knows that its place he was in the deepenings of the river, would only find fullness there, therefore it says: ' ' I know that now it is late, and fear to shorten with the life, in the evennesses of mundo.' ' (grifo ours). therefore asks for that, when dying, they deposit it in one canoinha they launch and it, river below, river measures, river adentro. CONCLUSIONS With the reading of the story of Pink Guimares can be perceived that the malleability found in the water served as conducting for the self-knowledge of the personages. The river became local ideal for the transcendncia of the father of the narrator, place this where it could contemplate its existence and its facts, having as company the solitude and silence.

Leaving itself to lead for the vagareza of the current water to know the deepening of its proper existence makes with that the son dedicates the life to contemplate the attitude of the father, but without courage enough to exceed. Its search is restricted to the past, the reasons of the father and what proper it could have been. But as to be what it is not understood? How to become equal without understanding the model? Had to as many doubts, the son is imprisoned in its ' ' reality slida' ' , without reaching in fact the release offered for the water. PINK BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES, Guimares. First Estrias. Rio De Janeiro: New Border, 1998. BACHELARD, Gaston. The water and the dreams.

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Context Professor

A phrase carried through for the same informing ' ' it is that literature does not have to be strabalhada in its function ldica' '. Affirming this it is possible to perceive to queapesar of oprofessor to know asfunes of literature, it does not obtain to mensurar its representation. Martins (2006.p.85) goes to make the following rank: He is necessary that the school extends more suasatividades, aiming at the literature reading as playful activity of construoe reconstitution of directions. … the professor would have to collate the pupil eats diversity of readings of the literary text, so that educating recognizes sensible queo not this in the text, but is constructed by the readers in interaction comos texts. Naverdade does not advance the professor if to accomodate ahead of the competition of the meioseletrnicos, of computer science and any other technological inventions. Dentroda classroom the space belongs to it, therefore the aresponsabilidade the same fits to always create strategies that despertem the attention of the pupil.

These must always be renewed since in the mesmice the professor loses it alunosem this to need to leave of the room. Ensinar a challenge that it demands to it well more than what an academic formation; the educator um perpetual student why he has a necessity of both the parts (of it and pupil deseu), that it if prepares, if brings up to date. The literary theory would be of grandeauxilio, but the reading of literary compositions will be able to awake in the prprioprofessor a new position. CONSIDERAESFINAIS a research with this would fococontribuiria in equal value the two parts: one to the researcher that in a next contatoto with object, given the nature of the research, got a huge experience; another one for the institution where if 2 secondary school of Acara. Although the sample> not to be so ample to erepresentar only the context of a school, we can verify that muitospontos related in this study if they make gift in the behavior of literaturacomo disciplines, for the investigated professionals.

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Frei Poem

VISES OF the PARADISE IN EPIC POEM CARAMURU ELENICE HISSES AND SILVA* SUMMARY the central subject of this article is the study on the Vises of the Paradise in the Epic Poem Caramuru, based on the epic narrative ' ' Caramuru' ' of ours illustrious Frei writer Jose de Santa Rita Duro, who made a boarding concerning the Paradisiacal Vision since the primrdios of the settling of our native land. The intention of this study was to demonstrate in the epic narrative the approach in the aspects that in send the reflected paradisiacal vision to them in the proud description, locating in the epic poem stretches that they evidence these information and finally determining for the society the historical and literary importance of the Caramuru epic. For the development of this study, initially a bibliographical research was made to describe theoretical beddings that they approached on the cited subject, this work was divided in three chapters, standing out that the considered work is not limited only in the paradisiacal vision, being thus, to break of the epic poem caramuru can be developed other theoretical conceptions, contributing for the production of the knowledge. Words key: Paradise. Settling.

Caramuru. RESUMEN El central subject of this trabajo you are el there wool studio visiones del Paradise en Caramuru epic poem, basado en ' ' there narracin epic Caramuru nuestro' ' illustrious Frei writer Jose de Santa Rita Duro, quien hizo un approach on there Visin Paradise since el native woollen beginning colonizacin of nuestra. El intention of this studio fue to demonstrate el approach epic narrative en los aspects that hacen reference visin celestial if refleja en descripcin del fanfarrn, locating en there there los pasajes epic that muestran that there finally determined informacin y there sociedad there literary epic woollen importance historical y Caramuru. To desarrollar this studio fue to describir initially joins investigacin theoretician who if centr en el subject, this trabajo fue divided en three chapters, sealando that el trabajo propuesto in if limits slo visin there celestial, as that since el epic Caramuru poem posible to desarrollar bad theoretical conceptos los, lo that contribuye there produccin of conocimiento.

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Infantile Literature

Also he is valid to stand out that, according to Aguiar (2001), Lobato Hunter was the first author of READ Brazilian who, in 1921, gave voice to the children through the personages, reproducing the questionador and imaginary universe of them, defying new discoveries. However, in if treating to Ana Maria Axe, its concern in writing for a so peculiar and special public can be said that it gave continuity to the proposal of Lobato, demonstrating, who is the infantile one. On the basis of the brief done communication previously, we detach here the importance of Infantile Literature for the formation of competent readers. Of this form, (…) it is important that the educator has an including vision of infantile the lingustico and intellectual development, so that can adjust the text to the reader (…) (AGUIAR, 2001, P. 58). 3,2 Difference between speech text In view of our proposal of work, we detach some consideraes on the speeches, a time that, had the polissmico character (different felt) of the language, that materializes the ideologies gifts in the speeches, becomes necessary to focus some vises on the distinction between the speech and the text.

The speech can be pointed as being an ideological device, by means of which the conflicts between the different social status occur (Example: dominant dominated X). Already the text would be considered not as a speech, but as the relation of the speeches of distinct positions (MUSSALIM, 2006). Moreover, the speech is the environment where if it establishes the relation between the language and the ideology, thus understanding the direction of the language. It also understands itself that the speech does not park in the interpretation or one alone truth, therefore aims at to the understanding of as the study object makes direction, and as it is invested of meanings for the citizens (ORLANDI, 2002). In this direction, Orlandi (2002) affirms that the speeches are produced from determined production conditions, which includes the citizens, the situation and the discursiva memory.

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WEB Reader

Porqueh very of what to treat I will speak, especially, of the process of produona edition of these texts, because, appears, thus, a new reader, acreditoque each more conscientious time of the contexts that format the umescritor opinion. It, the reader, it will have chance to investigate, to search to ereconhecer realities before not to the reach of the pages printed, isso a reality. It will be able to verify some treatments given to a temaespecfico or to a subject of its interest and to think the sources and, many times, to verify the bibliographical references, everything to seualcance in one alone click. Limitations always will have as much what it reads as oque writes. Being thus, it must one in such a way as another one to orient itself for when always possible selective umaleitura. To entertain is good, but we will sequeremos to conquer assduos readers and fidelizados, we need emitiridias and data with the had precision and credibility. Dotadode more contextual information, in deep dialogue with the gnerosliterrios, the new reader and the new writer find here indispensable uminstrumento for its formation, as well as a challenge to emlidar with the democratization of the access propitiated for the net noendereamento of its ideas.

All we are, here, very next dacoletividade. Our expectations interests despite they are muitopessoais and they want to provoke reactions of most subjective in other devemrespeitar to that they sail and that they are forming its opinion, the suapersonalidade and its character. I know that my pupils are of eye in queescrevo. I believe to be healthful to register what I think about the spaces where oexerccio of this freedom does not disrespect the values and the principles deuma culture, of the good behavior and of what he makes to generate citizenship. Graas Internet and to the empreendedorismo of the publishers of tools WEB, aquiacorrem famous and anonymous writers.

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Thus the most possible creation desregionalizava at the same time that a national and geographic ethnic concept obtained the merit to conceive Brazil literarily as homogeneous entity =. (LOPEZ, 1974, P. 89). It indicated the importance given for it to the necessity well to use itself says Brazilian to it in cultured level to consolidate the conquests to happen of this desregionalizao. For this citation its idea of that, to be Brazilian, would be to reach, for the ways of the unit, proportionate can be understood in the idea in addition of the man limited for geographic borders, a personality universalizada through language spoken, of vulgarisms regional, by means of which, searched carefully language of the written language would be identified by intermediary of the literary language Not it that advances the turtle steps, but of it speaks common day to day that are malleable and rich being, at the same time of one and all. 13 It is concluded from there that it hears a search of this unit, leaving of the parts to create all, for the legends that if occur.

Therefore, beyond describing myths, it, in an immense irony invents, them as, for example, when the holy ghost of the creation in the myth of the legend of the automobile invests of the power; Andrade (2000, P. 124) ‘ ‘ – Knot time of Dante, young men, the automobile was not machine that nor today not, was medium brown ounce. If called Palau’ ‘ , or of the origin of the carrapato; Andrade; (2000, P. 121) ‘ ‘ carrapato already was people that nor we one made’ ‘.

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