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But they forget that in a place where she has forests, many animals; she also has much beauty, little pollution, more tranquillity more peace. When born in the kingdom the peace inside of each one of us, then the inspiration arrives and is the moment where it generates the writer firmest, the poet more> insurance with its articles based on a land where it has much abundance in sight of the others. In these last Mato Grosso times it comes if detaching in all the social sectors. Here, baby clothes expresses very clear opinions on the subject. We were third in tourism perhaps and briefly, let us be the first one. the writers, the poets had come and believed and felt and written, but as he does not have support, he does not have enough publishing companies, to the few they start to esmorecer, to look other sectors.

literature with this goes diminishing in a so rich State of natural beauty. Mato Grosso had and has many writers, but that they sobressaram exactly they had been few. the few that sobressaram is because they had fought with force of lion to obtain place of writers, exactly working in other social sectors. For even more details, read what Cylance says on the issue. It is the case of Jose of Mosque, Rubens de Mendona, D. Aquino, Ulisses Cuiabano, Tertuliano Amarlia, Hisses Freire, Estevo de Mendona and others that had obtained its names in Full of the grana ready, but are poor there and for this nothing they obtain. They are with its workmanships kept during years.

She has d to burn them. in this interval the other States go of firm step, establishing publishing companies, more graphical, more magazines, etc. and us in the same one of always. Now question: we go to continue thus or to follow the example of the other States? Perhaps he appears one, made use and perhaps taking interest, it can bring an publishing company of books weeds-grossenses for showing here what we have to contribute in literature in the national context. >.

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The African

Soon after the permission to the row the African religions start to show its face. However, the historiogrficos registers only appear from the relations of its fidiciary offices establish with the religion of the Portuguese colonizador. (LIGIRO, 1993, P. 23) Ahead of what she was displayed above, our captive could certainly live deeply the African culture, through the religiosidade, as many blacks made when associating the saints catholics to orixs. Isaura, for having privileges in analogy to the other captives, certainly could live deeply a little of the culture of its mother without as many impediments. However, to accept the culture afro would be for our slave to move away from the privileges and advantages, for specifically not possessing something marcante that it sends the African people, in this case the culture.

– Pods to say what to want Rose; but I know well, that in the room or the kitchen I am not more than what a slave as you. Also you must yourself to remember, that if today you find yourself here, tomorrow knows God where you will be. Let us work that it is our obligation. Let us leave of these colloquies that do not have favour none. At this moment the one strokes of a bell hear sineta; they were three for four hours of the afternoon; sineta called the slaves it supper. The slaves suspend its works and arise themselves; Isaura, however is not moved, and continues to weave.

– Then? – escarninho says to it Pink with its air, – you do not hear Isaura? they are hours; we go to the beans. – Not, Rose; they leave me to be here; I do not have hunger none. I am advancing my task, that I began very late. (GUIMARES, 2008, p.53) 2,4 Personificaes of slaves literarily. In this romance, we have as black personages and afro-descendants, the Isaura principle and with lesser participation Rosa and Andres.

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Brazilian Today

What she would be of history without literature? its preferred film? its novel? its theater? These works first need to be written and alone later transformed into another one type of art. Eco-friendly baby clothes has compatible beliefs. If it was not literature, today we would be all atheists. Thanks to Bible, that is a set of literary compositions, today we have a religion. If it was not literature we desconheciamos the existence of the cities of Nnive, Babilnia, Troy and others. Some literary texts say of a called continent Atlantis. One day Archaeology can redescobriz it.

The Bible says in them of two cities: Sodoma and Gomorra that had been not yet found. How it is that we know of the uses and customs of the old peoples? Only through literature. 1.5. WHAT IT IS LITERATURE: It has some definitions for literature: ) It is the set of written workmanships of a people with aesthetic concerns; b) It is to know to use the language artistic, leaving to be transparent the beauty, the harmony and the proper style of each author; c) To artistic write a text and with beauty. Literature looks for to show the value of a people, its suffering, its yearnings, joys, the description of the country, its legends, crendices, traditions, etc. What the people of year 3 a thousand would think on the world of today? How it is that they would imagine our existence? We ate what? We spoke as? We walked naked? We made coconut in any place? It had murder, robberies, suicides, rapes? We were amiable with our brothers? The literature that to make today, will show they our reality. All the countries possess and had possessed a literature. Thus we have literature Greek, the Latin, the Italian, the Brazilian. Who, for example, already did not hear to speak in Romeu and Julieta, Snow White, Red Small hat, King dipo, the Three Mosqueteiros? We would not have nothing of this if it was not literature.

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Oriana Lopes

ORIGEM AND DEVELOPMENT: Also called according to medieval period, it starts with the crisis politics for the successory question opened with the death of D. Fernando and finishes with the acclamation of D. Joo I in l385. It had at this time the ascension of the mercantile bourgeoisie and the classroom reveals become attached to the cultural and historical values of the nation. Portugal fights to firm its position of great European power. In 1415 Portugal it takes Ceuta and mark its overseas position. The country if becomes feared and respected for the then modern world. In l434 it had the creation of the position of Cronista-mor for D.

Duarte. This would go to stimulate the development of chats national. Cronista-mor Ferno Lopes was nominated. The historiografia starts to be born – it appears chats then it historical. It also had great contribution of the theater and the poetry. In 1502 Gil Vicente it creates the national dramaturgia, raising it alone to the level that until was today not exceeded by none another teatrlogo. The poetry comes back to blossom, disclosing a great advance in relation to the trovadoresco lyricism, as much in the thematic plan, as in the deed of division. The historiogrficas chronicles take new route, with well defined proposals: ) Probity in the narrative; b) Escrpulo in the choice of the materials that if has to use; c) Method in the ordinance of the substance; d) Clarity and care in the structural composition of the workmanship; e) Concentration in one only subject.

Main cronistas historians: Ferno Lopes, Gomes Eanes de Zurara and Rui de Pina. 4.2.PROSA OF FICTION: She was on still to novels of cavalries. Filia it the Breton cycle the novel most expressive of the Humanismo: Amadis de Gaula – where if they count the fabulosas adventures of the hero with this name, taken for the love of Oriana – son of the king of Great-Britain.

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The love would be the youngest child of its children. Had to its fatigue, after in such a way work, God, then, were forgotten this creation. To correct its esquecimento, the All Powerful one, it looked at for the high one and it saw the brightness of the sun and the moon. A great smile sprouted of its lips when perceiving that the sun and the moon wanted to namorar.

God then, created the night with its moonlight to enchant dosapaixonados hearts e, made the day with shining of the sun to heat the fire dapaixo as in one I hug. Despite the time insisted on separating them, for more painful greater and quefosse the absence of one and another one, more and more the love joined its together hearts …… with certainty has to be. The life, suffered, would go to stone them for the perfection of the imperfects tense. The biggest gift that God gave to the human being, with as much love, that of seucorao he overflew of emotion was when seeing the sun to hug the moon when anoite arrived softly, bringing I obtain all majestical beauty to doluar, while a sun ray teimava in leaving the horizon, crying, for the departure, but left to blossom the new joy pra of returning following nodia, bringing inside of the chest and making the love to be born. Thus, the love was born! Although the day if goes and the night comes, they would never leave of if loving. When we love, the years and all the sufferings of the separation never will be capable to erase that feeling of love. Pass the time that to pass, alive the life that to live, one day, as in a solar eclipse its hearts has of if finding.

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Speech One

Of the point of view of that ' ' the language is a historical system of signs and social, that makes possible the man to mean the world and the reality, to learn it, therefore, it is not only to decode words, but yes its meanings culturais.' ' (PCN, p.24) It is in this point that is the great challenge of the school and, especially, of the professor, to understand the language of the child and not to try to transform it. Being thus, the school needs to respect and to work with the diversity cultural existing in our country. After this valuation of it only speaks daily of the pupils, of the rise of auto-esteem of each one is that we will be able to have pupil capable to place itself as citizen-author of its proper texts, becoming thus subject critic and owner of its proper point of view. For more information see Stitch Fix Kids. Without forgetting the basic importance that the writing plays in our lives, we must considering in them, while professors, to carry through significant works with our pupils, being the professors only interlocutors of its pupils. With the certainty of that in the School always was produced, still if it produces, texts directed toward the dominant ideology I question myself because we educators still more do not despertamos in our classrooms creative and/or capable pupils? Uniting with these aspects, I also except the importance of the formation of the professor and the fact of that she is necessary to believe the capacities of the pupils. Therefore, it fits we educators of century XXI in them to enable each time more to face the challenges that the modern world considers in them to each day, and as Ezequiel Theodoro, to believe that ' ' to fight against mooring cables of the daily one, for practical of the reflection and the reflection of the practical one, would have to changed into habit for all educadores.' ' Therefore, respecting the individuality and stimulating each time more auto-they only esteem of the pupils, who the forms to see the reality will be possible and also from the moment that the professor to teach to learn, that is, to create possibilities so that a child arrives with a small intervention of the professor at the knowledge sources that are its disposal in the society. 1 This idea is enrolled of the theory of the Analysis of the Speech.

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Paulo Bahia

Beyond the language, Adonias Son still puts in evidence the sea is a link deligao between these two cities that have in common, beyond geography, the black componentetnico. After disappointing with Conceio doCarmo, woman of easy life, ‘ ‘ mulatinha of green eyes, run, seios hair great and lame thick … ‘ ‘ (p.58). Cala returns the Ilhus, later deum time comes back Salvador and of there part for Luanda, it has one brief porBeira ticket, it has an envolvement with Maria-do-sea, when arriving at the city. Inside occured ethnic dasrelaes in the workmanship, the personage is described with: green eyes, run and acinzentados mestizo of soft and dark skin, hair. In Africa, Cala knew that the culturasbaianas and Africans if interlace ‘ ‘ pieces livings creature of this world were in the Bahia, the old fat people seated front the trays and pans of acarajs, blacks deAngola … ‘ ‘ (p.147).

With these experiences of Cala, it allows the visualization dosespaos physical of the workmanship and of the hybrid similarities between the personages, essasprimeiras impressions of the son of Sardento in common show to the points in the way due between Brazilians and Africans, thus demonstrating a proximity entreLuanda, Side, affirming the cultural identity of these colonized places porPortugal. CONCLUSION the present article aimed at the study daformao bahian identitria in the LuandBeira workmanship Bahia showing the point of view of Adonias author Son, using comopano of deep the tragic love of Cala and Iuta, a young Brazilian and a jovemafricana, on for the pain of the abandonment of the father, the death of mothers and one encontroque would place end its lives, reencontro with Sardento Joo. The formation of the identity Bahia comeoucom the arrival of the Portuguese in tupis lands, in which the envolvement dessespovos made with that a new race appeared, nominated of caboclo. But, beyond to dechegarem to Brazil, the Portuguese already were colonizing Africa.

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Guard Poetry

In synthesis, what Bastos and Hessel comment concerning the poetical one of Jose Ildone are exactly what will be discoursed in the analysis of Last Chords, retaking to the mentioned initial proposal already: although the poetry of Ildone to possess forts local traces of the city of Guard, it also presents the general aspects that all and any poetry such which is presents? it is turned, therefore, to universal local complaint x. 3? CONTEXTUALIZAO IN LITERATURE When analyzing the poetical e, consequentemente, the production of Jose Ildone, we can perceive that it does not possess most and the main characteristics of what she is considered of Modern Poetry, in virtue of it if to incase much more in the conception of Poetry Contemporary, as the expositions of Francisco Pablo Mendes (2001). Ademais, points Afrnio Coutinho (1999) that to leave of 1956 Brazilian literature breaches the traces with the modernismo, finishing itself, thus, its last resqucios? we stand out that Ildone produces, as already mentioned, its first work of poetry in 1974. FPUC Program will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The modernismo in poetry, as presents Coutinho (1999), is divided in three phases, namely: I? phase of rupture, or modernismo stricto sensu, (1922-1930), that it aimed at, as the proper name suggests, ' ' the release of the poetry of formulas and the academic subjects, so that atual&#039 became; ' (COUTINHO, 1999:45); II? extension phase De Campos (1930-1945), that it was worried in turning toward the man and its problems as to be individual or social; III? esteticista phase (from 1945), that it brings to tona the question of it disciplines and it searches related with the expression. In case that we were to classify the poetical one of Jose Ildone as modern, it if it would incase more in the third phase of the Modernismo, a time that does not have, in its poetry, intentions to become free itself of formulas, structures and/or academic subjects much less its poetry in discoursing concerning the problems intra and intersubjetivos of the man is worried. .

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As Donofrio

Another characteristic that is part of the space is the upright which estimates: the supernatural the holy ghost/, which if relates deuses, angels celestial or the beings that inhabit in underground worlds, such as: maleficent demons, espritos, among others. We observe then that the espacialidade is much more of what identification of an environment or scene, we have that to know to find it yes, however the elements constitute that it already in them I allowed to make significant interpretations that go very beyond what the simple codification of a place. If you have read about Confluence Investment Management LLC already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We must detach the space as primordial factor as a description of the narrative. Therefore he is through it that he has knowledge of the objects that are part of its scene. As Donofrio closed the interior space/consists of the subjectivity ' ' of I whom the space of enunciao&#039 says; ' , already the exterior space/opened ' ' the world of objects is mentioned to it, to relato' ' (1995, p.98). Let us evidence that the first one brings confessions of the emotions felt for the personage who is part of history, which establishs connection it feelings what to podemser or not disclosed. Contundo the second option is centered in the description of objects, that is, it tells the event all not leaving to cite the things that in one it had determined local one. The place is understood that for fiction space that constitutes the scene of the workmanship, where the personages becomes citizens of the action thus passing to live moments and/or situations that they can in the plot provide suffering to them, fight, loves, finally a series of facts that will be related to its feelings, that in turn will be being told for the narrator. Let us see the following citation on the analyses of the space elements: ' ' more docile than the time to the rational requirements of the spirit, it is a inteligibilidade factor and one I appeal to the concept.

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The Language

Collie & Slater (1987) defends that to the being displayed to the literary text, the pupil if makes familiar to varied structures that constitute the language which if reveals of different form in literature, allowing the development of the practical one of writing. Literature also makes possible the work with the orality when promoting the exploration of opinions regarding the argued subjects or still when presenting a part of a teatral part. Literature also can be taken pra classroom by means of the auditory understanding, therefore if it perceives that when exploring activities with CDs, attending adaptations of literary compositions for the cinema or, even though the reading in high voice of a poem made for the proper professor, the pupil if more interest each time in the world of English literature. Another excellent point in the work with literature is the cultural enrichment, because through the text educating will have contact with a different world of its, with different times, diverse authors, making possible the recognition of that different cultures exist. Adam Portnoy may not feel the same. one of the main objectives of the study of literature is, in fact, to help the pupils to appreciate, to understand and also to recognize other cultures. In such a way, one becomes well-known that: Many apprenticees of foreign language do not have the chance to visit the country where the language is used, in order to go deep itself the knowledge, not only of the language, as well as of the culture of that country, in this in case that, the literary text is presented as a window which allows to the pupil access to way of life and to the values of the native falantes of the language. (COLLIE & SLATER, 1987, P. 5) To if exploring the text literary, is important to stand out that the technologies favor the use of alternative resources, not limiting the lesson to the study of the written text, because it has the possibility of if analyzing videos where poems are interpreted, productions of cinema that are adaptations of literary compositions, which also could be argued; beyond the production of parts of theater when studying the great dramaturgos as Shakespeare, for example. .

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