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What is management accounting company? Why is it necessary? Who uses it? Who is reporting? What information should appear in the reports? Such questions are increasingly being asked by managers of small and medium business. From accounting and tax reporting are more or less clear, at least, the information on these kinds of statements are widely represented on the Internet, publishes many magazines, written enough articles and books. Plus all you can get information on courses visit the accountant or thematic workshops. By and large, the accountant makes these reports especially for supervisors. And what about the management statements? This article will try to help you with this.

So what is management accounting? Management reporting – this is one of the most important sources of information on the performance of the enterprise, based set of financial, sales, marketing, production and other indicators. Who uses the management reporting? This information should primarily be of interest to be actively used leaders, founders and owners of the business for which it is needed? The data obtained are essential for the analysis of all activity. And this in turn helps the time to identify the causes of possible deviations from parameters that are defined strategy, as well as to show reserves (financial, material, labor, information, etc.), which until then were not used now. Who is reporting? Since management reporting – a set of different indicators, which are calculated at different levels of information flow in an organization, we can say that the reports are nearly all employees. If you are trying something control, you should be able to measure it In order to effectively manage a business, company, etc., should receive high quality management reporting in real time. There are certain obstacles to obtaining high-quality management reports. Hurdle number 1. Most managers are free to determine what information they want to receive from the staff.

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Programmer Information

During the crisis, many leaders strive to reduce costs of the enterprise. One of the fundamental measures is to reduce staff. But as you know, not all categories of staff can be attributed to the so-called 'office plankton '. For example, a very important role in the management of electronic documents is a staff programmer or the appropriate IT department. Not for whom, it is no secret that the contents of the staff of specialists in the field 1C programming is very expensive. Given the fact that the account in your organization have long been shipped, we can safely say that the loading of these professionals have not been such as to the period when there was introduction of a software product of 1C.

From this it follows that to maintain in working order of your information system will be enough to cause third-party experts in the field setting 1C (programmers), for current challenges. And depending on the complexity of the problem will be sent to specialist qualifications. To date, there are many companies offering a wide range of services in maintenance of your information system. Options for cooperation can be negotiated and approved by the relevant treaty. For example, we can conclude the subscriber agreement, which you will register the number of hours per month should give you an expert to solve the problem with the configuration of 1C. Or you can call a specialist in on-demand 1C. For more interoperability company you trust services, may configure remote access to your information system.

Any of these options will be cheaper than a programmer on staff. Another advantage of this variant of interaction is that you do not have use the services of one company. You can spread the execution of various tasks among different companies. For example, networks, office equipment and system software deals with one company and accompaniment, updates, and advice on another program, 1C, or just an outside freelance programmer.

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