When we needed to realise activities with groups of children, young people, majors or any other group with common characteristics, it is very important to know the characteristics that unite to their members to be able to apply the best educative techniques for them. The group dynamics is activities that we can carry out with these groups and that will help us to achieve the social objectives that we needed to obtain with them. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bernard Golden . Thanks to the dynamic ones of group we can instill values in the members of the group, to secure social objectives or simply to happen awhile pleasant and funny with them. According to the moment of maturity in which is the group and the primary target that we have with them, we will have to apply different types from dynamic. Phil Vasans opinions are not widely known. By it is, we can classify them according to the following categories: Dynamic of Presentation the objective of the dynamic ones of presentation is to present/display to the members of the group so that the names of the others can aprener as rapidly as possible.

Also they incorporate knowledge about tastes, experiences and other data that puden to be interesting for the people who form the group. Dynamic of Knowledge When already we know the names of the members of the group we can deepen in knowing something more envelope they. The dynamic ones of knowledge help us to strengthen the information received in the dynamic ones of presentation and to know better our companions. Dynamic of Affirmation the objective of the dynamic ones of affirmation is to consolidate the knowledge that already we have of each one of the members of the group like unique person, that is to say, of each of our companions individually, as well as those of the complete group like group unit in the society. Dynamic of Distension the dynamic ones of distension help us to improve the participation and the communication between the members of the group within this one and to increase the same degree of confidence with the one and the rest of companions group. Dynamic of Cooperation By means of the dynamic ones of cooperation we learn to help the components of the group to work in equipment, we were able to favor collaboration and communication between its members and we taught to them to work in equipment with others.