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Country Houses

Country Houses of planed lumber to begin with that reservation, that it represents timber. This beam has a rectangular cross section. Usually it is made of softwood such as spruce or pine, and fairly widely used material for building wooden structures, building you a bath or, indeed, the house walls in this type of houses, building on what size he planed timber, are the thickness of 150 and 200 mm. More info: Verizon Communications. Wooden home from a bar in the 150 mm well insulate the heat inside the room that they become comfortable living for a comfortable stay from April to October. But, summer houses of the same timber 200 mm have sufficient thermal insulation properties for any length of stay in the house. It is essential that the wooden houses of this type are collected only on the Nagel – large wooden nails.

Planed timber has a number of excellence in front of wooden building material of another generation: has good properties in terms of exploitation, including strength, it is several times cheaper than glued or profiled bar; pleased that the house of timber can be constructed in a single step: it is enough to keep them under the gaps, as shrinkage of rims is uniform over the windows and doors; connection technology boards "in lock", no options given to it, how long should be a wall it may be what your heart desires at once angular engages "the castle" or "bowl" perpetrated on a bar is much easier than on a log, in addition, such connections are secure and warm: they regularly hold internal temperature country house, and they do not wind blows; timber is lighter in weight than a beam but parallel to this is good for the construction of powerful carrier systems: trusses, lag, large section beams, the house of the plan are built quickly, is of ecological material itself, the process of manufacturing lumber tends to high purity treated surface: it becomes smooth, which makes it possible not to spend large sums on the external and internal house decoration. However, planed timber, such as material, has undeniable flaws. Over the shrinkage at its side surfaces often cracks. Compensatory cuts, which are performed on contiguous sides logs, provide an opportunity to a large extent avoid such a situation. This makes it possible to transfer power in the wood on the outside of the inside walls, without violating the specifications. For insulating joints between the logs in the corner and the butt-joint in wooden houses from planed timber is used which consists of flax. But beyond that, laying technology carcass – the so-called "podvertyvanie – allows optimal sealing compounds, seams and joints.

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Subject Door

The more so because in a modern apartment on the design doors should correspond to the interior of the premises, and in color and texture coating – furniture, which furnished room. But do not think you can just buy them at the nearest building market: door unit – complex technical product, which you will operate, can be again for decades, and his choice must be treated very carefully. Not needed here and unjustified variance: this tells us folk wisdom and bitter experience of many frustrated customers. On the interior doors in a scientific way what you need to know the buyer, not to make mistakes when buying a product that should have been for many years to decorate his home? First of all – the right terminology. After all, if it does not know the seller, he probably does not know the subject matter, but merely utters phrases learned by rote. Then it is hardly trust his advice.

Everyone sees a door several times a day, but nobody has ever wondered whether the very definition of the term. In fact, a door used in buildings – a technical device, which closes an opening in the wall, specifically designed for the passage people and move through it objects or goods, separating the volumes of any two spaces or separating the room from outer space, limiting its unwanted visual and physical access, and slimming air, sound and heat transfer between two rooms or space and the environment. Moreover, the correct name of this device – door unit, which includes a door frame and door leaf.

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Country Construction

Country Construction today is becoming increasingly in demand. While referring to difficult economic position, the current building materials must be characterized, and considerable technical merit, and affordable cost, and durability. Moreover modern building materials and oformitelnye must demonstrate a relatively small own weight. In particular it is able to relate to materials that are used for roofing. Since the greater the mass of such material, so much more expensive will be building with all the additional reinforcement to beams withstood a lot of weight. In addition must take into account the likely increasing workload, for example, in the winter months, when the roof also may lie a layer of snow. In order not to further strengthen the support and the roof base, the best option – this polymer tiles, especially popular in every modern roof materials such as cost and the durability and aesthetics. Solely thanks to the latest technology, creating a polymer roofing tile was real.

Because of its production are used specifically created for the local climate indicators elements. Only with their involvement can not get a really insensitive only to low temperatures, but also to the constant change of temperature has shingles. But, from this material is not just a tile, as well as paving slabs. Much strength and quality factor in a variety of parameters promises the highest quality, offering polymeric tiles. In addition to high resistance to weather changes, polymeric tile is allocated a high degree of aesthetics. Attractive the roof will provide an opportunity to create a truly unique look for your country house or mansion.

With such a construction does not require additional investment. Polymeric roofing shingles in fact very little time ago, produced only a Western organization, but for today and Russian suppliers of reliable building materials provide the technology – in the adjusted format. Since this is for a resident of snow in Europe – is a natural disaster, and domestic natural conditions, it is a logical indicator of the next season. For this reason, queries such as selling of polymer shingles on currently quite plentiful. The buyer wants to find high-quality building materials and at the same time know that this kind of materials are suitable for domestic weather factors. Only in such a scenario investing in this kind of building materials is really clear. Buying high-quality building materials from the domestic manufacturer, you will get really reliable results.

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