Where to treat cancer: domestic or foreign clinics? Treatment Abroad has a distinct advantage, since the diagnosis of the disease include oncologists with no less care than most to treat. This is followed by preparatory stages of treatment. In various clinics of Israel, studying in depth the process of emergence and development of cancer, prefer different approaches to treatment and predprotsedurnomu period. Medical Tour Israel cooperates with clinics that specialize in the use of modern medicines for treatment of a particular type of cancer, surgical treatment of cancer, in various forms of chemotherapy as well as the clinics have the most modern equipment for luchevaoy terapii.Peredovye methods of therapeutic, surgical and radiation treatment for cancer, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and successfully treat: The treatment of lung cancer in Israel Cancer Check Up Retinoblastoma Cancer of the larynx treatment of gastric cancer treatment in Israel for thyroid cancer in Israel, Breast Cancer Cervical Cancer Ovarian Cancer Pancreatic Cancer Bowel cancer Rectal cancer treatment of prostate cancer Israel Leukemia Lymphoma Melanoma Mesothelioma Cancer of the esophagus a few arguments for treatment in Israel. Professional point: who we are working abroad? The main advantage of the company's Medical Tour Israel is to cooperate with the best cancer clinics in Israel. MasterClass is a great source of information. Medical Tour Israel – one of the leading companies on the organization of medical services in obstetrics and gynecology, dermatology and allergology, cardiology, clinical radiology, radiotherapy and Radiooncology, oncology, neurosurgery, urology. In Israel, the clinic practice leading experts: treatment of cancer – its profile.

Company Medical Tour Israel is ready to take over the organization of medical care in any of the Israel clinics, regardless of the type of illness and volume of services required for the treatment of patients. Referring to the Medical Tour Israel, you will find that treatment abroad is not only efficient but also affordable. The benefits of treatment in Israel can be safely include the cost of services, which is an objective comparison is commensurate with local clinics that offer the same level of service and looks much more advantageous when compared with prices of U.S. hospitals and clinics other countries. Treatment abroad, in the ratio of price and kachstva, it becomes more profitable.

Technological aspect: the treatment of the latest methods of cancer treatment requires medication and procedures require not only extensive knowledge but also the regular practice of professionals. Domestic legal system in healthcare vigilantly protects patients from the Russian innovation in the pharmaceutical field – any drug must undergo a series of clinical trials to obtain approval of highly skilled professionals. This, of course, protects us from the role of "guinea pigs", making treatment safer. But a significant minus – dozens of commissions, a great number of papers with the stamps, audit the high officials … At the time of final approval of the drug has time to just date. The Western legal system, under strict approach to controlling quality, still allows the use of cutting-edge products and technologies much faster. That is why cancer treatment in Israel, many patients are doomed in Russia can be a surprisingly effective and prolong life for many years. And it gives me hope.