Telephone conferences help to save the personal Exchange quickly and way expensive meetings with employees, customers and suppliers is essential and important for a successful company. However, there are many ways in which a personal coming together is not absolutely necessary. Many meetings consume a lot of time for the arrival and departure, even though only a few a few open questions have been clarified. Faster and cheaper, this goes beyond a Conference of all contacts in a virtual conference room be interconnected. Here all parties can exchange quickly and efficiently, without having to leave your respective work place. So for example the weekly team meeting to take place on Monday morning on the ride to the customers.

By selecting a landline telephone number only low single choice costs the participants. Telefonkofnerenzen are thus to optimize an efficient tool to work processes and to generate significant cost savings. Modern telephone conference systems are also other practical functions. So Conference calls can cut with, invite participants via email and SMS, and the Conference Room against access are protected from unauthorised use. Also in the area of construction projects, telephone conference can significantly improve communication. Instead of the builders, customer individually to call on suppliers and architects, all in a phone conference can be zusammgeschaltet.