Who is blind or severely visually impaired, may require from his health insurance costs for an open reading device with Braille. He needs are not satisfied with a closed reading device. This derives from a judgment of the Sozialgerichtes of Marburg by the 05.03.2009 (AZ. S 6 KR 66/08). Learn more at this site: Oracle. In the underlying facts of the case, the blind plaintiffs applied for providing an open computer reading system from his insurance company. This is the Braille display equipped with a screen reader.

This, the person concerned not only – as a so-called closed reading program – can read printed materials, but carry out also searches on the Internet. The health insurance company thought it was unnecessary and approved only the costs for a closed reading program. The judges of the Sozialgerichtes of Marburg lined up on the side of the person concerned and gave place to his lawsuit. According to their needs settle for a blind man not with the limited capabilities of a closed system of reading, but has the Health insurance according to 33 SGB V also has a claim on expenses regarding the screen selection program, which contains a special text-recognition software. Only a sufficient balance is created for the as a result of malfunctions existing disability. Also the ability to obtain information through research on the Internet is one of the basic needs of people. This allows a self-determined life blind. This decision is now final.