This instance is also known by the name of roaming management, since the guide is moved by all sections of the establishment, the school runs, talks and takes an active role. From a formal perspective, we find at this stage the evaluation and monitoring. As for the observation of classes, is considered an essential activity of the educational manager, as fixed in their intended teaching chore, as will encourage reflection, and decide to lead projects that promote and enhance not only student learning but also the professional performance of teachers. This aspect is considered crucial to promote change processes. In relation to the symbols, rituals, and the example, the director must be a permanent reference throughout the school. l a grown, tends and protects the rituals and symbols that the concept of community building. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. Scott Kahan has to say. An example of this action in schools is the creation of the honor roll and conducting graduation galas each day with a ceremonial Baroque.

Another action that is considered essential, is basically to promote the moral, or as permitted inspire and lead the educational organization to achieve a long-term competitive advantage. (Nikos Mourkogiannis, 2006). The moral purpose is a value that appeals to the innate sense that people have about what is right and what is valuable, which is the basis of change in education. Finally, all efforts are concentrated on encouraging teamwork. Under the current paradigm of the Chilean educational system, it is essential to promote teamwork to achieve goals and institutional objectives. The theme of unity is strength, and results in a synergy that enriches the entire educational sphere, favoring a common discourse, constructive, consistent and effective.