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Circo Hermanos Alvarez

Also, in the category of children’s and youth theatre has been honored the Aracaladanza company, awarded for his commitment with the performing arts for children and youth; for his work in the field of the dance, based on a visual and poetic dramaturgy that brings children to the new languages and for its aesthetic demand. Circo Hermanos Alvarez awards are winners in this category by the high quality of its number of aerialists in the technique of double elastic cord, and its openness to new forms of circus-like expression, both in their own artistic creation as well as in the shows that have been promoted from the circus sensations. Prize of photography Jose Manuel Ballester (Madrid, 1960) has been awarded for his career personnel, from the fine arts and crystallized with rigour in the field of photography, for his unique interpretation of architectural space and light, and for his contribution leading to the renewal of photographic techniques. Award of Paco Rabanne fashion design (Pasajes, Guipuzcoa, 1934) has been awarded for being the Spanish fashion designer alive more universal; for its innovation and its contribution to all areas of the culture of the 20th century, creating a new concept that escapes any conventional classification, fashion become plastic expression of his time. Additional information is available at Federal Unemployment Compensation Program. Award for restoration and conservation of cultural goods Rafael Alonso, Restorer of the Museo del Prado, has been distinguished for its exemplary professional career as restaurateur and his expertise in the technical knowledge of the work of El Greco, which has become one of the maximum national and international ED of this artist’s work. National Television Prize award has highlighted the 23-F miniseries, day harder King (Miniseries), which issued RTVE, to having recreated historical events with high level of exigency and broad acceptance of the audience. Also Narciso Ibanez Serrador (1935, Montevideo, Uruguay) has been recognized for its exceptional relevance as the creator of a permanent television language. Source of the news: they are the new national culture prizes.

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Mauro Armino

Literary critic and essayist, was the main theorist and dnsor in Catalonia of historical realism. Poetry: he has reciprocated it to Jose Maria Millares Sall (Vegueta, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1921), deceased in September 2009, for his notebooks (2000-2009). He founded with his brothers Manolo, painter, and Augustine, poet, poetry (1948-1951) flat collection. In subsequent years he devoted to the preparation of craft books. Narrative: Novelist Javier Cercas, (Ibahernando, Caceres, 1962) has received this distinction for his Anatomy of an instant. He is a graduate and Spanish doctor in Spanish Philology and literature professor at the University of Girona.

His novels the tenant, the belly of the whale and soldiers of Salamis are also known. Essay: Anjel Lertxundi (Orio, Guipuzcoa, 1948) has been awarded for his work Eskarmentuaren paperak. Writer, literary critic, journalist and television writer. Your production embraces genres such as children’s and youth literature, narrative, essay or poetry, usually written in Basque. Dramatic literature: Lluisa Cunille (Badalona, 1961) has been honored for his work that infinite air.

Theater author, writes indifferently in Spanish and catalan. Children’s literature: has gone about Eleazar Cansino (Seville, 1954) by his work a room in Babel. Professor of philosophy, his work has focused on children’s and youth literature with titles such as: pencil that found its name or a disaster movie. Better translation: In this category has been featured Mauro Armino (Cereceda, Burgos.1944) by his translation of history of my life of Giacomo Casanova. It is a literary critic, journalist, and translator. Work of a translator: Adan Kovacsics, (Chile, 1953) has been awarded by the Assembly of its work. Of Hungarian origin and naturalized Spanish, she studied romance Philology, philology English and philosophy at the University of Vienna. History of Spain: has corresponded it to Pablo Fernandez Albaladejo, awarded by the Crisis of the monarchy work. He is Professor of modern history at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

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Captain America

The new Captain America movie provokes his cartoons are very popular again. Bernard Golden has firm opinions on the matter. It was created in the 1940s, when the villainous major who could face was Hitler. After World War II, their stories had to change to engage readers. If a few days ago it was Green Lantern (Green Lantern), now it’s the turn of Captain America. The premiere of this film has led to the publication of several comics about the most Yankee of superheroes, whose classic adventures can now enjoy in the comprehensive volume the living legend. The character was released in 1940 through the Timely editorial, that years later would change its original name by Marvel Comics. The company had grown during the Decade of 1930s thanks to its huge catalogue of pulp magazines, but sales had fallen and a change of direction was imposed. Martin Goodman (owner of Timely) decided to hire Joe Simon, a writer and cartoonist used to team up with another artist named Jack Kirby.

The hiring of Simon also meant the arrival of Kirby, and the work of this team would become fundamental in the trajectory of the editorial, explains Raimon Fonseca, expert in comics, in the prologue of the living legend (Panini). Working on the realization of superhero comics, Simon and Kirby thought often need to imagine great villains. At that time, just when the second world war ravaging Europe, what villain greater than Adolf Hitler himself?, asks the reporter. The creation of a superhero who put in place the nazi dictator was imposed, and could not be other than Captain America. It was a character of nature patriotic, capable of synthesizing the values of freedom and symbolize the struggle of democracy against fascism, says Fonseca. The idea thrilled Martin Goodman, who decided to give his collection to the Sentinel of liberty, an unusual decision and the that rarely characters enjoyed again cuno.

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British Parliament

The exdirector of the tabloid appear before the British Parliament. Brooks says that the use of investigators to salary was common in the British press. The exj Rupert Murdoch, who appeared earlier, apologized to the British and delegated responsibilities. Rebekah Brooks’s profile. The who’s who of the case. Rebekah Brooks, delegate exconsejera of News International, has admitted Tuesday to the British Parliament that in his time as Director of the News of the World used private detectives to get information. After the final question, the exdirector has asked the Committee that when the case is clarified invite him again. Brooks has however clarified that the employment of researchers was a common practice in much of the British press in the 1990s and beginning of the 2000s, when he stopped due to new laws on the confidentiality of data but has denied that it sobornase to police.

The journalist has ensured that it didn’t use to detectives when in 2003 went on to run The Sun, another of tabloids owned by Rupert Murdoch. Brooks has told the Commission that the first time that News International executives knew the extent of the illegal wiretapping of the News of the World, that they have triggered a serious scandal, was at the end of 2010, when they acted promptly and decisively. Brooks has appeared in the Committee’s means of communication of the House of Commons British nothing more conclude the statement of your exj Rupert Murdoch, Chairman of News Corporation, who asked for forgiveness and said he was embarrassed by the wiretaps of the tabloid. Suspected of approving illegal wiretapping journalist was detained on Sunday nine hours by police on suspicion of approving illegal wiretapping and paying bribes to police officers to obtain exclusive for the tabloid News of the World. He has also apologized for the wiretaps of the News of the World, which ran from 2002 to January 2003, when he underwent the mobile phone of a murdered girl.

What happened in the News of the World was terrible and dreadful, he said before a Committee without public due to aggression produced minutes earlier against Rupert Murdoch, without consequences. Rebekah Brooks had resigned Friday as CEO of News International, British branch of Murdoch Empire that includes the daily The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times, as well as 39 percent of the BSkyB television channel. News of the World carried out for years, apparently in a systematic way, a spy from mobile phones of celebrities, journalists and ordinary people.

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