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International Monetary Fund

The first plan of Greek rescue, of 110,000 million Euros, was approved in 2010. The payment will become ctivo the 15 of July, once gives the approval of the IMF. The Parliament of Greece approved the plan of adjustment to be able to acquire this fifth section of aid of the EU and the IMF. Papandru confirmed that the second rescues Greek will surpass 100,000 million. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Rory Sutherland. The Greek crisis: chronology of two years in the abyss. The ministers of Finances of the zone Euro have decided east Saturday to unblock the fifth section of the Greek rescue, that will facilitate to Athens 12,000 million Euros to do against its more urgent needs.

The payment will become ctivo the 15 of July, once counts on the approval of the IMF. According to it has announced his Presidency in an official notice, the Eurogroup has given green light to the concession of the part that corresponds in that package (8,700 million) after the approval this week to him in the Greek Parliament of the new plan of adjustments raised by the Government. Frequently Rory Sutherland has said that publicly. The rest, 3,300 million, must be authorized by the International Monetary Fund (the IMF) in a next one meeting, although the institution already has said that it is at readiness to facilitate them in the short term. Commitment of Greece to approve the aid " The ministers approve the payment of the fifth section of the present facility from loans to Greece for the 15 of pending July of approval of the Meeting of the IMF, as inicialmente&quot were planned; , he indicates the official notice in the name of the president of the Eurogroup, Jean-Claude Juncker. According to the note, the ministers of Finances (that maintained a videophone conference) gave the welcome to the progresses of the Greek authorities and, especially, to the parliamentary approval of " key laws for the fiscal strategy and privatizaciones". .

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Euros Investors

REUTERS/EP In the last weeks, the investors have applauded the exits to Stock market of companies of Internet and have inflated the prices in the first transactions. Many experts fear that a crisis like the one of ' puntocom' for one decade. The rvescente market of initial supplies of action of companies of Internet has waked up ghost of the passed bubble, which leaves the naked one little that it has changed to everything in spite of the demands and investigations arisen after the apogee of " puntocom" . In last the five weeks, the investors have applauded the exits to Stock market of companies of Internet and have inflated the prices in the first transactions of those titles, as it were the case of the network of contacts LinkedIn Corp. and of the motors of searches NV and Inc. Renren. The papers of Renren, nevertheless, have fallen below their price of positioning. The Web site of Inc.

Groupon coupons presented/displayed Thursday a request to the regulator for highly waited for Oferta Pblica Inicial (OPI). Investors still are waiting for announcements of Facebook and Twitter. Twelve years back, an explosion towards action of Internet finished with thousands of million dollars in losses. After eight years of litigations, colocadores agents who include Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., Credit Suisse Group Ag and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. reached an agreement by 586 million dollars (400 million Euros) in the 2009 to solve hundreds of demands of investors. The critics of then said that the colocadores manipulated the market against the individual investors to favor to the corporative ones and to obtain better commissions. The banks deny any incorrect action. The lawyers of the plaintiffs are paying special attention to the new wave of initial public supplies. " We are watching carefully to assure to us that the irregularities of the bubble of ' puntocom' they do not repeat one decade later and that does not invent new tricks that cause the same implosin" , he said Stanley Bernstein, partner of Bernstein Liebhard and lawyer leader of the investors in the agreement by the previous OPI.

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Meteorology State

The Cantabrian cornice will register weak rains while in the rest of the peninsula locally moderate showers will be able to occur and some storm. Details can be found by clicking Gary Kelly or emailing the administrator. The high temperatures of these days will take a break in the way as of this Thursday. To thus it indicates the Agency it of Meteorology State (Aemet), that anticipates for this Thursday a locally remarkable reduction of the diurnal temperatures in points of Galicia, of the Cantabrian cornice and High Ebro. The temperatures will stay without changes in the third this peninsular one, the Balearics and the Canary Islands and in moderate reduction in the rest of the peninsula. The sky will be very cloudy in the Cantabrian with weak rains. In the rest of the peninsula very cloudy cloudy sky to with locally moderate showers and occasionally with storm, safe in Galicia and the coast this peninsular one where there will be cloudy intervals.

Little cloudy in the cloudy Balearics and intervals in the Canary Islands, with possibility of some rain weak in the north of the western islands, tending to little cloudy. The AEMET also anticipates mists and morning fog banks in Galicia. The wind will be of moderate North component with intervals of fort in the loose coast of Galicia and or with intervals of moderate in Cantabrian and the Canary. In the rest, loose wind generally, with some interval of moderate of the south in the Balearics and the east in the Straits. Prediction by independent communities: Galicia: at daybreak, cloudy or very cloudy sky with some occasional weak rain in half North, later tendency to little cloudy in the south, and at intervals cloudy in the north, although in Marine A will stay cloudy or very cloudy with some drizzle.

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Better Sales

We share a report realised by the monitoring of consumption of Guiaempresaxxi.com for Spain. From the vacations of Christmas season of purchases it is the most important moment in the calendar of sales retail, the professionals of the retail industry, the investors and the analysts are obsessed with making the investigation and to make predictions exceeds how the consumers to make purchases and behave. In a year of economic uncertainty, the interest in the expenses of vacations of Christmas, purchases, purchases and sales retail the predictions was particularly strong in 2011. Every year, the National Minoristas Federation (NRF) carries out its intentions to the Consumer of vacations of Christmas and action of the survey in a effort to predict the result of the season of Christmas purchases before the season of Christmas purchases has begun. What follows are some of the key predictions of the expenses, purchases, purchases and sales for the season the 2011 purchases of Christmas holiday, with base in the survey of NRF realised between consumers.

The tendency already is marked. After at night Good arrival, another round of interchange of gifts begins, but not of people to people, but from people to stores. Within the great tendencies of consumption already the day 25 and 26 like fhcas considers keys in which it continues the article consumption of gifts like the change and new election on the basis of the individual tastes. You want to better change the bad Christmas presents by something, or simply to enjoy something new in this " Lunes&quot mega;? Here they are the five better supplies of the buyers found when they returned to the stores and commercial centers in this day after Christmas. 1: Console of games-Kinect and 4 GB of Xbox: Games with more sales: – " Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" it is of $ 39 (regular price $ 59). 2: Portable Inhales Core i5 screen of 17 " $ 425 3: Accessory Electronic-HP photographic paper shining of only $ 2 (regular price $ 4: Ropa and HogarMedias of the women and the averages and underclothes for men with 25 percent of discounts in stores like Calzedonia, and electrical appliances of Conforama were the winners.

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Ramon Lloria

Jose Ramon Lloria has explained who has approached to see the bolardos of fence after have known through Internet of his appearance, an idea that seems to him " he cheers and divertida". " They would have to make all the more colorful and thus gladder Carmen, " , it has indicated. Also Enriqueta Rico, who works in the zone although he resides in Torrent, has indicated that it deals with an initiative " very bonita" and " very chula" and, like Lloria, has urged to that more bolardos are decorated. " If they can put a few more, mejor" , it has said. In his opinion, he is much more " bonito" to see the bolardos decorated with colors that see tins of beer by the ground of this district, one of the most frequented of the Valencian nocturnal life.

A Valencian group of weavers and ganchilleras has vindicated in his blog as the person in charge of the covers of ganchillo that from the past Sunday a ten of bolardos of the historical center of Valencia adorns. In its page of Internet, the group Urban Knitting the past assumes proud its action, carried out Sunday at noon and for which they had summoned to his followers, having contributed the measures of the bolardos and announcing his intention of " vestir" those urban elements that avoid the invasion of sidewalks by the cars. Urban Knitting is defined as " a form of claiming and pacific expression " whose objective is " to cover or to cover part of the world that surrounds to us with woven wool, a movement artistic of graffitti inofensivo". Source of the news: They decorate bolardos in Valencia with covers of ganchillo

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Alexis Chilean Sanchez

He is optimistic to take Supercopa of Spain. It assures that about Real Madrid &quot worries to him; todo". It has not confirmed if Cesc will play to title. Yes it is summoned. The trainer of Barcelona, Pep Guardiola, has recognized that its equipment still is " just a little bit behind " of the Real Madrid, with which this Wednesday the first title of the season will gamble, as far as preparation.

Guardiola is conscious that, in the away game, the white set was superior. " For that reason, I have the sensation of which there are to play better than we played in the Bernabe to gain the Supercopa" , it has aimed. Nevertheless, the three days that the Bara has had to advance in its completion, the result of the away game (2-2) and the fact that the return gambles in the Camp Nou – " the public has to arrive where we not lleguemos" , he has indicated make him be relatively optimistic. " We have been a little better than for three days and now we must ahead give pasito that will not reach us to arrive at its level, perhaps but it reaches us to take to us ttulo" , it has affirmed. The technician of the azulgrana set has not wanted to advance if Cesc will leave to title and yes also Xavi, Piqu or Sergio Busquets do, outside the eleven in the going by diverse annoyances: " We will make a last training, we will see how they are all and decidiremos".

Asked for the new signings, Guardiola is outstanding " humildad" that it has demonstrated to the Alexis Chilean Sanchez in these first days like azulgrana. " The important thing is that it has already gained his companions, because the other day ran by seis" , there is outstanding. Of Cesc it has remembered that will not practically need adaptation. " It knows the majority of people and plays soccer very well. He is a boy who has depth in happens, very good arrival to the area and can play in many positions. It only lacks that it takes the mechanisms, than nothing more dnsivos, because the offensive have todos&quot almost; , it has explained. About Real Madrid, to the trainer of the Bara &quot worries to him; todo" and it has not wanted to argue on the aggressiveness that is used to exhibiting the set Madrilenian in ' clsicos'. " What we must do is that the ball circulates more express, than arrive less and than there are less contacts. The others, no longer are question ours, but of rbitro" , it has concluded. Source of the news: Guardiola: " Still we are just a little bit behind the Madrid"

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