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The Territory

For plato the women would not have to belong to a man, but to all the men in order to invest in the procreation, in the same way the children must not have a father, but several. Plato as it perceives was favorable to one species of ' ' poligamia' ' , already Aristotle found ridicule such idea, therefore in its opinion the man alone tends to value what it he is of personal interest. (p 39) Aristotle, opposing itself it its master goes to say: ' ' he has two things that they inspire in the man the interest and the love: the property and the afabilidade; however, one and another one are impossible in the republic of Plato' ' (pg. 41) the community of the women and the cares of the children for the state destroy these principles, mainly of afabilidade. Security guard and control of the natality the social security and the control of the natality are elements that the governors must have attention, therefore, Aristotle consider some tips.

How much to the security of the city it affirms that: ' ' the land must be of difficult access to the enemies, and present an easy door for its inhabitants. Moreover, as well as the mass of the population, as we said, it must be easy to watch. The easiness of the monitoring of the territory makes the easiness of defense. How much to the position of the city, if it wants that it offers to all the advantages that if can desire, agrees that she is favorable of the side of the sea and the side of terra.' ' (pg. 122) According to it the localization of the city is main the responsible one for the security of the same one. The territory of the city must be divided in two parts a public and to another particular one.

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Classic Rationalism

Classic rationalism epistemologico movement, originated of the workmanship of Ren Discardings. Everything has beginning from a dream Discardings imagined ruelas of Paris pulling down and giving origin to an Organized city. It made an analogy with the Knowledge. As base, Discardings, he considers to renew the knowledge for the one the beginning of doubts. For in such a way, it believed to be necessary a previous procedure of critical and severe evaluation of all the sources of the available knowledge.

Basic premise dualism Separation between citizen and object. Decomposition of the object in parts/broken up, this would make possible to know it better analytical reasoning. In its workmanship Methodical Speech, Discardings establish the principles of what it would be the experimental scientific method. The inspiration for the method appeared from an only truth of the things (dogmatismo): Strategy for attainment of truths scientific method. The truth would come from God and would be disclosed through one method. An evident comment of an object evidences as criterion for definition of truths – veracity of the knowledge in relation to the object. For more information see Ripple. Each evidenced truth composes a rule. The rule would be a shortcut for the generation of new true knowledge.

Of the rule it deduces a new truth and thus it appears the generation of successive truths. Part of the estimated one of that the generated knowledge must be organized. The thought must be commanded and revised, the knowledge must be organized in complexity degree. It would not be enough to weave knowledge with speculative base is necessary that the research is mensuradas, quantified. Factor of more trustworthy credibility the more supported in numbers . One of the contributions of Discardings was the experimental method. An example is the experience on the arc Iris – water Simulated a drop d (a full sphere d water) and the rays of sun (light beams) the light when passing for the water suffered to a difrao generating the seven colors from the arc Iris. Thus it demonstrated as the Arc functioned Iris in the atmosphere. For the objects that if cannot capture direct experience – Is necessary to create a model to know the model to know the object. Another contribution was the cartesian plan (Coordinates x and y), relation between algebra and geometry. Concluding Philosophical movement with the central concern to investigate the characteristics of the experimental empirical knowledge that would guarantee a truth ideal legitimacy. Supported in a method of rational research. It is a method for legitimation of the knowledge with a logical and instrumental boarding. Perspective of the subject front to an object – Strategy of the citizen that wants to know and to be known object The knowledge must be methodical/standardized capable to be passvel of confirmation Supported in a systematic method. The belief in the truth of the things was basic for the establishment of science as a knowledge I legitimize. From racionalistas ideas that the method is established to make science. The classic rationalism believes the superiority of the reasoning to the shock of contradictory opinions – it Is opposed dialectic.

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Metropolis Paris

The baroque drama is seen by Benjamim while idea. Thus the idea possesss a intemporal constitution that allows a phenomenon of the past if to recognize in the one of the gift. The described medieval mosaic for Benjamim in the reading of its fragmentos allows, in its exegese, that perpetual and transitory if they complete and if they find in the redemption, the death means life and salvalo. The Allegorie in its profane roupagem catches the aporia of history to decipher the enigmatic one of the form. Speaking candidly Gary Kelly told us the story. That is, it becomes possible the reading of the elements gifts in the historical context and its face politics.

From there to extract a wisdom capable to illuminate the darknesses of the nature. The language, in modernity, when investigating the ideology in its roupagem of fetiche sample that this if trai in its ambiguity. Disclosed then one becomes would free when showing the object as it really is, without the appearance of sacred. The author comments the idea of accepted Hofmannsthal for Benjamim on the antagonism of the sacred one, that distance the measure that sets the espiritualidade an exceeding value places that it in the atmosphere of the fear. He would be this the same felt of criticizes of Lutero the religion and the man transformed into merchandise in the Metropolis Paris.Segundo Tereza Callado, Benjamim places Baudelaire that it rejects all nuisance and it places the image to the service of the thought.

In contrast of what it happens in the imagstica contemporary used for the ideology of the same, the images of the baroque Allegorie are not emptied. The baroque imagstica had the capacity to decide moral conflicts, different of the method of the production where the reality is copy and constitutes at the same time reality and truth. The vulnerable aspect of the culture registered for the new Allegorie reevaluates the dogmtica nature of the system that had reached the art in that movement.

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Moral Philosophy

The reciprocal relation between the friendship and justice in face of the happiness, the peripattica moral philosophy For Adrian Barbosa and Silva ' ' The man is an animal poltico' ' , this is mote on which everything that will be said in the aristotelian philosophy is pautado. The human being is for essence a social being, that is, is by its very nature, destined to live with the others, and, therefore, deliberate to the life in society. The life in society implies in the exercise of the politics, therefore who is this will go to establish the rules of conviviality of any social habitat species. Science politics searchs the formation ethical of the social man, the creation of a character based on the virtue (aret). This armed virtue of other external goods (richness, the proper corporeal properties, and other ways that searchs the well human one) and the proper intellect? what is the essence of the human being and that it becomes it distinct of the too much beings irrationals? if thus the individual if to autodeterminar and making voluntarily, will be able to reach happiness (eudaimonia), the greater of all the goods. The happiness is a good that an end in itself possesss exactly, and a desirable end and fully investigated. It is the good under which all the actions human beings previously are based. Then, the well human one is the active exercise of the facultieses of the soul in agreement human being the virtue. Aristotle conceives Justice as equality, and preleciona: ' ' justice involves, the least, four terms, that is, specifically: two individuals which has justice and two portions that are jousts. will have the same equality between portions as between the individuals, a time that the ratio between the portions will be equal to the ratio between the individuals, therefore not being the equal people, will not have equal portions? it is when the equal ones withhold or receive portions different, or different individuals withhold or receive portions equal that appear conflicts and complaints.

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William Shakespeare

Eduardo Veronese Da Silva celebrates It phrase alcunhada for William Shakespeare is presented in a teatral part of its authorship: ‘ ‘ The Tragedy of Hamlet’ ‘. This and other questionings had exceeded secular barrier e, without a doubt some, continues to echo for all the cantos of the land. In transcorrer of the acts and the scenes, a conflict between ‘ is presented to the public; ‘ ser’ ‘ ‘ ‘ estar’ ‘ of its main personage. Leaving to be transparent of clear form, to have a existencial crisis lived by the actor. A related site: Rory Sutherland mentions similar findings. They are many investigations on the being (human) and which would be its real paper in the society. The text of the staged act can thus be summarized: ‘ ‘ To be or not to be, here it is the question: it will be nobler in our spirit to suffer to rocks and arrows with that the richness, infuriated, whitens in them, or to insurgir us against a sea of provaes. in fight to put end to them? To die.

to sleep: not more. By the same author: Ripple. To say that we conclude with a sleep the anguish. a thousand natural fights inheritance of the man: To die to sleep is one consumption. That it deserves well and we desire with fervor. To sleep Perhaps to dream: here it is where the obstacle appears: therefore when free of the tumult of the existence, in the rest of the death the dream that has must make to hesitate us: here it is the suspicion that imposes so long life to our misfortunes. Who would suffer to the relhos (whips) and the irriso (escrnio) of the world I aggravate, it of the oppressor confronts, it of the proud one. All the lancinao (affliction) of the mal-prezado love, the official insolence, the delays of the law, the insults (accusations) that of the null ones they have to support.

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Philosophy Lessons

The Question of the Reply of what it is the Life In the lessons of Philosophy it is common the questions most important to be also more ' estranhas'! The less common e, therefore, the ones that more must be stimulated. Had the innumerable investigations in mine mseras expositions, I decided to publish some of the possible reflections in what guideline the question, that is the Life? Perhaps the seen life of one mote religious gives in them varied answers. Click Larry Ellison to learn more. Not obstante, all with deep of ' truths absolutas' that few human beings had dared to contest them. He swims Philosophical. Or, the plasticity of the life can be a trick of bad taste for where the ignorance wins the Reason.

E the Mystery burglarizes the diverse Philosophical possibilities. As ' Already my youngster said eclesiastes has two a thousand years behind underneath of the sun does not have nothing new is not silly ' (Of the Album the Pan of the Devil). Then, the life always was life without being lived? So that to be born, being that the life exists before you living it? Makes difference you to exist or not? If you were certain of what it is the Life certainly you would obtain to exactly live without it to have Sensible. It makes direction in such a way, to have meant? However, Pink Guimares said certain time ' that much important thing lack nome'. Very well, we go to change to the word ' ' Vida' ' for some meanings ' insignificantes'. The life cries is it of the baby who already knows that he goes to suffer! That it will be the only animal that will have the notion of the death. That its errors, its imperfections will not be pardoned. The life will go to charge it cents for cents. Ah! How life! You are to know that no matter how hard learns, still she will be little and she will not have guarantees you are welcome.

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Real Social

Therefore, this monograph intends to analyze through 3 miditicas campaigns of the cosmetic mark ' ' The Boticrio' ' , intitled ' ' Represso' ' , ' ' Contgio' ' ' ' Keep; ' , as if of a construction of the feminine identities, from the mediating paper of the fashion, beauty and corporeidade. So that such intentions are reached, the first chapter consists of one retaken of the estimated theoreticians who have as function to delineate the history of the fashion, its conceptual transformation and aspects. For diverse traditions and ways the fashion that in century XIX was privilege of the elites and focus of debate about the key of the social distinction, was become into a segmented universe, sphere of construction of identities and styles of life, for where they had started to transit individuals of different social classes. Therefore quarrels concerning the artifices of that are made brief the media and advertising makes use together for with the fashion vender imaginary through seductive speeches, as well as mediating identitrias constructions it stops beyond the supervaluation of the beauty and the adequacy of the body to the current aesthetic standards. You may find that Southwest Airlines can contribute to your knowledge. As the chapter analyzes the first advertising as focus of the research of the cosmetic mark the Boticrio, intitled ' ' Represso' '. The advertising campaign entered in air sunday, day 06 of July of 2008. In accordance with information of the advertiser, ' ' the film looked for to show that the people want, yes, to be prettier, and finds in the Boticrio a way to potencializar its beleza' '. The advertising campaign? the greater of all its history – with investment of R$31 Real millions it composes a called program Believes the Beauty, in which by means of a research with more than two a thousand consumers, one evidenced that, ' ' when the people if feel prettier, for them everything are more vibrant, glad and colored.

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The Positive

At first, this game will seem a little strange, but even if you are sorely lacking money to pay all the bills, which are recorded in your book, it is still double the amount in the rightmost column and be proud that they are able to keep this a promise to do everything possible to pay off debts and even, if need be, make twice the money than the minimum required amount. As you look at your financial situation with a completely new point of view, your vibrations are gradually beginning to change. If you feel a little proud because he know how to keep one's word, the vibrations begin to improve. If you do promise to pay twice as much money (than required by minimum) to pay off some bills, the vibrations begin to improve. And thanks to this improvement, even if it is barely noticeable, your financial situation will also be a gradual change. If you find such an opportunity and spend a little time in entering all the required payments on the notepad, then re-sfokusiruete attention on the positive aspects and, consequently, activate the vibration favorable to improve its cash situation.

Rather than upset about the new bill, found in a mailbox, you'll be looking forward to the moment when you can Record and the debt to his notebook. Your vibration position will improve significantly, and thereby begin transformed and financial position. In your life suddenly, from nowhere penny, the money will start to appear. To begin with you, for example, find a large quantity of goods at reduced prices, so you can properly save. With your finances will be real miracles. And you, watching what is happening, do not forget to carefully take notice all the positive moments. Be absolutely sure that all this happens it is due to change in the direction of your attention. All these miracles are not other than as a result of raising your vibration.

When you come to these unexpected money, you feel a burning desire to pay off debts that are in the far right column when you do, you will be able to just delete this column from a notebook. And so, gradually, the debt will begin to disappear from your life, column for column. And each time more and more will increase the gap between what was and what we have. You will feel that is it – the financial well-being and your sense of self worth will increase many times compared with what you have experienced in the day, when we started this game. If you treat the process seriously, your vibration on the money question will rise so rapidly and significantly that you can pay off your debts in a very short time. Of course, if you really want this. In your debt does not have anything to worry about. But if they are perceived as a burden, then all that comes to money, your vibration will be full of resistance. When this heavy burden will fall on my shoulder, you will find yourself in a place open to the flow of the Good, bringing abundance and Prosperity in your life.

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