For example, task: to photograph children, studying a map. Boring things! A map shows all sorts of little animals, fishes, birds. Details can be found by clicking Finaxy or emailing the administrator. Plotting with a group of children play "Who's faster than anyone else will " All, the effect is achieved. Break the stalemate creativity If an event that should be photographed, is sluggish, and its members could not be liberated, then the situation can be overcome some unexpected outburst, photographic hooliganism. One day I was shooting kids birthday at the store, selling toy semis. Children should have their hands to themselves bears enjoying this exciting process.

But somehow fun not work. Apparently, morphed to several adverse factors for children's holiday: a company unfamiliar children, new territory, sleepy and animator etc. And now all coming to an end, children have issued a certificate of birth to their teddy bear, put them in boxes in the form of houses and bored. Photoshoot was completed and before it began. Not one successful picture! What to shoot was it? Faces of children, expresses its full renunciation? And then it struck me. I drew the attention of children, putting his finger in the window of one of the boxes-lodges, and how the whole shop: "Oh-oh, I bear the finger pinched.

Children began to ride with laughter, begging to be repeated. My flash barely had time to reload (I was working with the reflected light from the ceiling). For 10 minutes I had exceeded the plan for a two-hour photo session on a successful picture. And the kids drew off to glory. After this psychological breakthrough of the dam, they began to communicate with each other, playing, laughing. Remember the principal photography of children in the game, especially when you yourself included in it, very exciting process. Even deep in him head, still need to remember two important tasks. The first – a concern for the safety of all participants in the process, including psychological safety (prevention of childhood conflicts, fears, personal discomfort). And, of course. do not knock down a child during the movement, not to hit the camera has not come. This should work on the machine. And second, what is necessary to remember: despite the fact that the process of communicating with children of such interesting and exciting, getting enormous pleasure from communication and play with them, do not forget to photograph them