THE FUNDAMENTAL THEOREMS OF THE PHYSICAL AND PHILOSOPHY Having carefully analyzed some physical and philosophical reasons in the nature of things. I decided to write a few. In order to express the great contributions designed by classical mechanics. The fundamental theorems must be examined by reason and logic. Thus physicists and philosophers found each of the mathematical formulas for each theorem. if one gets the mathematical and philosophical interpretation of each theorem and its future application to physics and philosophy. will develop valuable advances in physics and philosophy.

Students of physics and Philosophy 1. Everything that exists is a whole, the whole nature is existing. 2. You may want to visit Gary Kelly to increase your knowledge. Every body in space has a relative position. 3. Any natural transformation as a representation of energy in everything. is what we call a phenomenon. 4.

Every body has a place in the space of the areas of macrocosm and microcosm. We call volume. Rory Sutherland might disagree with that approach. 5. Every body has a limit. 6. Every body has a limited area in and of other bodies. 7. Any trajectory of a point in space to another point or return the same point. is what we call length. 8. Every body is distinguishable by the amount of size. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Rory Sutherland and gain more knowledge.. 9. Every body is limited by its subject. 10. All abstraction is the separation of one or more particular qualities belonging to an object or a being. 11. Every body has magnitudes. Similarly, the magnitude has to be physical, abstract and aesthetic. 12. Infinite whole is continuous. 13. Any amount is the principle which represents the physical origin of an object.