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Colors, only colors The candy and renegada soul more paraded On red rocks of vigor Of a hell tenro onipresente Where the angel badly rested its virtues Poor of its soul fugitive of the paradise Where the envious yellow put it in opposition the entire truth and interrupta Of the mind insane who the universe created Colors orange blow up the firmamento Between new stars, new stars will come the orange of the desperation contradict the green of the hope live madnesses Blue are the sea of infinite lies Where marine they suffer the destruction From this animal that deferred payment in the man Of this cloud black that it inhabits the hearts Universe in disorder You are in explosions Clouds and never dantes seas enxergados fallen Stars in futures of hopes Colors and colors, males and males Laugh, parties. Soluos of Choros joy compulsory of delayed happiness That finds in the death the fallen angel. Everything does not pass of runs passing. Caleidoscpio.

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As to decide problems in the life. To register the events, facts and the ideas. To demand optimum, without contemporizao or tergiversao. To say the truth in any circumstances. To identify errors, to correct shunting lines, mainly of behavior. Botar the heart and the reason lined up to the objectives. To investigate the market in search of trends.

To clean the environment, the mind and spirit. To introduce one politics of development. To never deviate from the shortcuts at least to consider them. Update technique and generality, always and systematics. To give what it is asked for, without egoism, egocentrismos. To choose to learn which optimum one way: reflecting. To leave the comfort zone to exert proactivity.

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Poetry Stop

What I really want Is a machine that converts all my dreams into reality. Therefore what you have to offer to me it does not pass of lies and chances. Its beauty is cursed and nobody never if of the account of this, its light is a plague that makes with that all are in the ignorance of the greed. We go, is arisen I go to take it even so, stops far from everything this. It forgets what you lost There under, You finished to take off this weight of the coasts Is alone to leave it and to fly far for Poetry? It is not to hear its voice in my mind Investigating enxertando images and desires.

She looks at as they run, as they look at stop backwards seeing what its eyes had left stop backwards, and still thus they cry. I have! We go, I arise myself I want to take it even so I stop far from everything this, and what he is yours that you lost I leave it now There under. You finished to take off it of coasts and this gives to fly for far. Problems with the life? Who does not have! It sees what it has to be stops backwards, certain chances. It is arisen and we go Acceptance even so my Estufe arc its chest pra it are It is prepared already arrived the hour. still thus they cry.

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