Contrary to what pundits say the law of attraction, no We come into this world to satisfy our egoic desires (which are nothing more than a trap that perpetuates this illusion of world), but to achieve awareness of our true identity, and because we have forgotten, at some point we need to start work of relearning, remembering, walked back the way … There is nothing wrong with wanting a bigger car, a couple related, a lot of friends, a perfect and healthy body … but knowing at all times that this is not the ultimate end, and having very, very clear, that’s not is spirituality, but ego disguised as “good intentions.” In my opinion, is very important that you set your priorities, a kind of declaration of intent. Looking to meet a wide range of material desires, or what you care and really takes is finding the spirit?. It is essential that you choose, you define it, as this set yourself in one way or another. You can not know your being and pursue worldly goals, because what you are, NOT OF THIS WORLD, how this world can aportarte, then, not a single witness to your spiritual identity?, yes you will find, if it decided to focus your search, symbols that lead you to your experience of the divine. You want to decide which master to serve, either both will be fine, but you will keep exclavizado in the world of illusions (ego), while the other set you free from any limitation (spirit).

I believe this clarification of the utmost importance because often the students of the law of attraction, in a lax practice of its meaning and purpose, a practice which of course feed all the “teachers of the law of attraction” confuse materialism spirituality, as both concepts are mutually exclusive, and each of them come from a completely different world. I’m not saying we should give up the things of this world, it would be absurd as we live in the world. I do say that in pursuing the spirit, where our main objective, the things of this world are totally relegated to the background, left to matter. And when success comes, whether economic, professional, family, or whatever form is just a natural result of our internal state. The law of attraction is a spiritual law, which in recent times has resulted in pure materialism.

It is a spiritual law, by the physical manifestations, it shows the contents of your mind. Its purpose should be to help you become aware of the state where your mind is that not encourage you to pursue dreams of a world built and fueled by ego. Being aware of the state “sick” of our mind, we can begin the healing work.