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Oh, Women! They want everything at once and not expensive: costume, evening dress, beautiful shoes! Where did all this to find? The answer to this question can be found in a comparative review of women's clothing on the website "The minimum price of Moscow." The site The goods and prices of different shops in Moscow. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kyle Sanders has to say. In a review of lingerie shops in Moscow are ZAO Cheryomushki 'Factory' Christy ',' Milavitsa 'supermarket lingerie and tights' Stilpark' store stock 'Lingerie Bazaar', 'Alain-Marc. " First of all I want to note shop 'Stilpark'. You'll be surprised a large selection and the prices are 10-20% lower than in other shops in the city. I advise you to just visit the shops factories 'Christy'.

Prices here really low, however, the choice of underwear inferior supermarket 'Stilpark' at times. In a review dedicated to shoe stores in Moscow are considered shoe store chain 'Mattino', 'Shoes-City', 'shoe factory "," Tsentrobuv' 'Monarch', 'F', 'The Paris commune', 'Francesco Donni', 'The German footwear', 'Unichel' stock shoe store 'Crocus Moscow', 'Mascotte', store sales 'Alphabet'. The stores 'Mattino' and 'Unichel' large selection of shoes in all sizes. For buyers who interested foreign manufacturers advise to visit the stores' City-shoes' and 'German shoes. " Need a business suit? If you're a business woman, business women, we suggest you see an overview of women's suits stores in Moscow.

In this review we present: the company 'Ryan' stock shop 'Zarina' wholesale and retail women's clothing store 'Intel-Elite', a network of women's clothing stores 'Ellen Kloss', 'Thing!', 'Sasch', 'Incity', 'Paninter', 'Fashion Bazaar', 'Dress Code'. The company 'Ryan' is a huge selection of women's clothing business in affordable prices. Costumes, "Ryan" will help accentuate your personality and style, as in the store are a few fashion trends. Shops' Ellen Kloss' and 'Dress code 'just surprise you a good selection and affordable prices. We need not a business suit? In this issue, you will help stock the shop "Zarina". In a review of salons and wedding gowns are salons 'Carmen' 'Milinda', 'Veronica', 'Aelita', 'Alice' and fair 'by Helen'. The best prices were in the salon of wedding dresses at Cherkizovsky. Salons "Carmen" and "Veronica" offer the largest selection of dresses of different styles. The cost of dresses these stores from 8 to 15 thousand rubles. In the salons 'Milinda', 'Aelita', and 'by Helen' dresses are sewn to order.

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Social Insurance Fund

– Evidence of tax registration (Assignment TIN). – Protocol (decision) on the appointment of the head. – Passport leader. – Charter. From the founder – the foreign company is required: – Extract from the trade register or a certificate of incorporation in country of origin (or any other document proving the registration of a foreign company). Gary Kelly is actively involved in the matter.

– Power of Attorney for the actual person who is authorized to sign documents on behalf of a foreign company, including opening accounts and perform all actions related to the registration of companies. 4) Economic activity One of the mandatory provisions that must be mentioned in the founding documents of your company – "Types of economic activity. " An important document that tells you prefer a certain type of activity is the National Classification of Economic Activities (NACE). You must Classifier choose those activities in which you want to do, but not more than 20. The first place to put the main activity.

The main economic activity is the kind of economic activity, which generates the largest portion of revenues. Determining the principal activity is necessary for you to also assign a specific insurance rate in the organs of the Social Insurance Fund (SIF). The insurance rate depends on the class occupational hazard of the primary activities of your company. 5) SELECTION OF TAXATION Today we have the following system of taxation: – traditional – simplified – a single tax on imputed income for individual activities. In the traditional system of taxation, the firm is obliged to calculate and pay all stipulated by the legislation taxes and fees (federal, regional and local). Use simplified tax system provides for the replacement payment company – corporate income tax – value added tax (VAT) – Sales tax – property tax – and the unified social tax payment of the single tax. There are two forms of the simplified system: – 6% of revenues – 15% of revenues, minus expenses. The newly created company wishing to go to the simplified taxation system, may Apply a transition to a simplified system immediately with an application for state registration of the company. Therefore, before registering a company is first necessary to define in the selection of the taxation system.

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Installing ACSAccess Control

Most leaders have set themselves the task of limiting access to the office staff, staff from other departments or deny access to unauthorized persons. There is a possibility without having to install access control systems in office establishing a regular lock, make keys for each employee, and give forth to work. Thus the problem is solved, and if employees are not 10-20, but their 100 chelok or more, in this case be placed on each key issue and control is difficult, and expensive to be, especially since not everyone can shut the door behind him with a key. Now let's imagine how much time you need to open the door key, and close it behind him. I think at open 20 seconds, and the same amount at closing. Long enough, is not it? Especially if yours is still worth 5 people to pass into the room … thinking about? Now imagine that to open the door you will need less than 2 seconds, and close it is unnecessary – she closes the lock. Thinking about? For such problems, there is an access control system access control that will do everything for you, it will save you time, money and understand.

Access control system office will help you organize your business, prohibit unauthorized passage of personnel and speed up the passage of the office. What do you need to install this system? From what hardware is it? Access Control System for office consists of: Controller – the basic equipment of the system that keeps the memory key codes that are allowed access. Reader – an external device to read key codes. Identifiers – the keys may look like as cards, key chains, key "pill", a bracelet, a sticker, may be in the form of waterproof wristband, which can go into the pool – designed for SPA facilities. Lock, depending on the door, magnetic, latch, mehanicheskiy.Dovodchik door for certain types of doors and body weight. How does access control system for office? Installed controller (distance from the door up to 10m), which is powered by a 12V power supply or with BBP battery.

The reader from outside the door (entrance), for easy reading have IDs. Pick up the door lock, magnetic – suitable for all types of doors, latches for doors with frame opportunity to embed the mounting plates, or a mechanical lock. In this collection of system access control access control for office might work, but for full functionality and convenience to stare at the door closers, self- closure. The last thing we do is put the exit button that you could get out of the room. ACS access control system for an office, preferably combined with an intercom, which is located at the Secretary or at Reception. In If guests arrive, they can call in intercom, outside panel about the reader, and the Secretary for video and intercom, identify incoming and opens the door, with intercom button. Each employee issued ID with which the doors open, in some cases more convenient to install the reader with a built-in keyboard, which can be used to dial a combination of numbers and open the door. ACS access control for office can help you organize and expedite your business!

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I like the modern computer designer, is often asked: Slide show – what is it? I will try to briefly and clearly explained. Digital photography has enabled us to make unprecedented number of shots. Traditional paper-based photo albums with photos is now replaced by a huge amount of unstructured folders with digital photos on CD or on your hard drive. It's no secret that it is now often the best photo forgotten, and are not shown to anyone. How such a huge amount of pictures to represent family and friends? One of the best-create a photo slide show. Slide show – this is a film from your photos on DVD.

Typically, a slide show consists of a number of photos that turn over with colorful transitions and is accompanied by pleasant music. Online sample slide show (35 MB) on "The Knights Tournament" (no Remember to turn your speakers on! =)): This example is taken from the site Erzuli What you need to slide show? For a slide show need your digital photos. The talented designer's hands to turn any number of photos into a memorable photo film, decoration of your digital collection. And SLIDESHOW – a great original gift! Which can easily surprise and please everyone. You can make a case to back up a slide show and it is not only the most loved photos, and video elements. Spectacular transitions, music, greeting the inscription.

Such a gift can become a main theme of the holiday! Congratulations, raduyte, amaze! For any event and for themselves favorite! Topics may be different: Wedding slide show Kids My favorite photos Parents On the anniversary of a love letter or recognition My trips to resorts Graduation My Favorite Memoirs Photos Our large The family is a gift to friends slide show for exhibitions, promotions, presentations, is well known that the slide show – one of the fastest to implement, low-budget, informative, high quality and very effective options for business roller. Very popular videos for exhibitions and presentations – a special genre of representation business, whose mission – to attract new customers. Their main goal, as a rule – talk about a specific proposal, the product, service. This slide show will include a company logo, perhaps a variety of charts, diagrams, graphs. In the slide show can be activated and animated effects. When combined with dynamic music and professional voice narration, films for exhibitions and impressive slide show looks very clearly, persuasively and attractively. To order a slide show, please visit Erzuli:

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