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The Bologna Declaration

Researchers and scientists, experts from the University Administration and management staff have a comparison and decision support. More and more Studienwillige and students, academics and academics, managers and managers define University and University of applied sciences education to the professional skill also in the sense of lifelong learning and continuing education. College dropout are hoping for a new start through better information. Knowledge-based society. Users not only an overview of all courses of study and degrees, but also their historical development, in particular the Bologna process and its impact on Science and higher education. The Bologna Declaration (1999), with which the EU in scientific research and teaching, to establish in the world competition at the top is looking contains the targets to a common European higher education area: mobile students and teachers, greater University autonomy, quality assurance and standardisation of the courses they offer and the degrees (Bachelor, master). The entire sites of universities and colleges, the faculties, departments, subject groups and courses, study and examination regulations, as well as curricula research a springboard for academics project target – employees. So far, the Inua College database provides the data from more than 15,000 courses in Germany available, which conclude with academic degrees.

By updating new records are added, users are up to date. Hochschuldatenbank.com listed up to 20,000 hits a month. Phil Vasan has firm opinions on the matter. Cultural diversity – the scientific assistants and wizards the Inua College database come from Germany, the European Union, the former Soviet Union (Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan), from the Arab region or South America. As academics and academics they can draw on a diverse, scientific knowledge: for example, to a degree, an academic degree on different expertise and experience. Practice lab – the Inua gives them a work in an academic environment under complex scientific issues. You can bring their skills in your database project and expand during different phases of the project within clear assignments. Research, acquisition, structuring and programming, organisation and presentation of the collected data material, methodology, logistics and environment make up the work on the College database. Job perspective – employees have new professional experience: in varied projects intercultural teams, interdisciplinary communication.

Hochschuldatenbank.com enables the knowledge of the parties, creates new personal perspectives allows contacts to research and teaching, to institutions and companies and gives it specific career opportunities. More information for those interested in, press and company: Inua e.V. Andre Saheed mountain str.

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Association Offer

Interview by the 25.10.10 with Wolfram Laube, CEO of ats S. L., providing company ats on learning systems based on accelerating teaching and learning. Why use accelerating methods”? Applies whether in education or work, everywhere a flood of information on us rushes in, to deal with it. This is with conventional methods difficult to create. To learn quickly and effectively an absolute key qualification is in the 21st century.” How much experience do you have in this area? We have over 20 years experience in the field of education and are now internationally.

We are the pioneer and market leader, we have developed learning systems, tested and introduced to the market. While we are always innovating and always have improved our offers.” What distinguishes your products? All ats learning concepts based on the findings of brain research, psychology and pedagogy. We put their theories into practice and offer unique learning concepts, with which learning interesting, motivating and even fun!” That sounds good… How do you do that? “There are many elements that contribute to the enormous acceleration of learning, characterized our learning: there are many senses addressed (multi-sensory approach”), takes into account different learning styles, Association and visualization techniques are applied, the learning is playful gives you forget old-fashioned timpani, which is often boring and requires lots of seat leather. ” For which areas of the learning offer you products? Our bestseller”is the system computer write in 4 hours”. We developed this product years ago because every other work with a computer is connected and you can afford any more basically, only with 2, 3 fingers on the keyboard around to hack… “Special didactic approaches, we have now even more improved this product, so that we now only 1 hour computer writing ‘ offer.

It is the fastest learning concept that there are worldwide, to learn computer writing! We have developed this novelty, because again and again customers ask us are approached to develop a concept for even shorter. Also this ats system is suitable for anyone who efficiently and professionally will use the PC keyboard with 10 fingers. In the field of foreign languages we offer different programs for different age groups and levels.” What groups of people are suitable for your learning systems? For everyone from 8 to 80 years old.” How do you market your products? Our customers are schools and coaches who complete a type of license with ats, then offer the learning concepts to their participants. We have fine 5000 people in the German-speaking market certified, 40% of the VHS in Germany alone are working with our products and about 400 trainers offer computer writing according to the ats method.” Thank you, Mr Bower!

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Good deals for creative culture does not exist in the market space. With its Kulturcoaching range that offers economic assistance RKW Hessen creators. Eschborn/Kassel, October 05th, 2010 – commercial success and artistic self-expression is both quite compatible. Over five years the project Kulturcoaching shows”the RKW Hessen, how. The aim of the project is to offer tangible support in their business and marketing-relevant issues businesses and self-employed in the cultural industries. Connect with other leaders such as Henderson Law Group here. In Hesse alone more than 120,000 workers in the so-called creative industries working.

And rising. There, it is not surprising that Kulturcoaching is very popular. “With the project we want to promote the culture as instead the creators themselves”, explains Thomas Fabich, head of RKW Office in Kassel, who coordinates the Kulturcoaching for Hesse. Our target group are creative and cultural professionals, the your company He explains have already established, it want to stabilize and go for a solid growth”. Also in this year started again three project runs in Kassel, Frankfurt and Wiesbaden.

And again, the participating individuals and institutions cover a wide range of creative activities. The participants are active in the fields of graphic and product design, photography, culture and event management, music, Museum, publishing and the Visual Arts. The Kulturcoaching offers you a wide range of knowledge. In the ten-day group workshops per project run, they deal with important issues of corporate governance. Topics such as controlling, networking, funding, sponsorship, project management, marketing, personnel, as well as goals and visions are on the agenda. In addition each participant an intense one on one coaching for two days, to the own business check, acquisition strategies, as well as liquidity and profitability planning. A stronger market orientation promotes new business ideas and collaborations. That is easily recognizable even to the halfway point of the current project runs”, stated Thomas Fabich. Building of existence of and business development in the workshops there is an open working atmosphere, which allows even the mutual learning”, Thomas Fabich describes the concept. The participant Eva Reichenberger, who runs a small science publishing house in Kassel, is enthusiastic about the offer: the choice of the subject shows a pleasant cluster effect. I then check my work life and my ways of working. Exchanges with the participants, the fact that all all seminars take part in, time stretching of the seminars as well as enthusiasm and resistance my Communicator employee proves to me extremely fertile and contagious”.

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Wolters Kluwer Germany

What VBE and the Carl link Publisher are particularly proud. In addition to lectures, special emphasis is placed on exchanges of practical experience. Renowned speakers provide ways of working, as despite a costly workload the innovative development of the school not neglected. This involves, above all, to develop strategies as school can again be all parties fun and offers a fair chance for their future all children. Team training, instructional development, modern school management and quality assurance are just a few points that will be particularly highlighted on the DSLK. School management encompasses diverse fields of action which may burden not only on the shoulders of the school.

That’s why is another goal of the German Congress of the headmaster, to create networks where you are helping each other and benefit from experiences. Schools also depend on interdisciplinary exchange, which promotes the German Congress of principals: look beyond the edge of the plate and to the economy allows new perspectives. Human resource management and public relations is can work here among other things significantly, how. But also soft skills are becoming increasingly important: the neuroscientist Prof. Dr. Huther shows how effective learning is possible, and the Swiss reported football referee Urs Meier, how is a team of Rangers. The cooperation of our partners in the economy makes it clear that decision makers there have recognized that well-trained recruits just out of good schools with good school leadership can come and that they invest in their business future with their support.

“Carl link under the brand Carl link” Wolters Kluwer Germany offers solid and reliable trade information for school management, teachers, principals and school boards. The comprehensive range includes books, magazines, continually updated lots of collections as well as online databases, electronic media and innovative management software. For more information, see:. About Wolters Kluwer Germany The Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH is a knowledge – and information service provider, which in particular are right, economy and taxes offers in-depth technical information for professional users.

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