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Managing Director

Markus Jung, Managing Director of distance learning, Infos.de, gives tips how to successfully communicate the distance in the interview. HR estimate private training engagement and that recent studies show the method of distance learning * large training provider. But distance learners make often other experiences in the interview. A survey of users of the portal of distance learning, Infos.de shows: every third remote-learner meets with reservations in the interview or conceals his distance immediately. A correspondence course plays well, if you already have it in the bag\”, so Markus Jung, Managing Director of distance learning, Infos.de. It is still, skepticism is high that it could affect the job.\” Distance parallel to the job: please not too time consuming, this experience portrays also user Alexa2001 in the survey on distance learning, Infos.de. Since the question of Personalers, as she wanted focus on work in addition to their studies, she try tend to avoid the issue in the interview.

A \”Reservation of recruiters is mainly the time factor: after I assured that I one or two days would lack only for some exams, I’ve got the job\”, tells users Engel912. Every fifth company training may take more than one week per year, according to the forsa study of the ILS and the European School of remote. Graduates score in the interview even if HR are skeptical over the still-students: graduates of distance learning they prefer even candidates with presence study according to the forsa study. They positively especially the close intermeshing of study and profession. If the distance to the vacancy fits, you should mention be sure it\”, explains Markus Jung.

More than every second Chief of staff pays attention to the accreditation. An academic study counts much in the interview, but also the State exam or the Chamber of Commerce exam are required\”, so young. At remote schools with internal-only tests one should in the application be sure the concrete contents specify.\”* on behalf of ILS and the European School of remote managers interviewed forsa in the January 300 companies from 150 employees to the topics of education and distance learning.

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Coaching Education

When choosing a training coach, different criteria to consider are coach as coach can? This is meant not as an invitation to coach locker away. It is the encouragement to look closely, to recoup in the course of a training of the own coaching potential and as a coach to be so good, as each client deserves it. Because coach is not the same coach. Quality and defined standards are unfortunately still not self-evident in this relatively new industry. Who is with the idea of a training, should look carefully. A few years ago, an exotic note attached to coaching. For many executives, it was a service that was better in secret claim. That has changed dramatically.

Coaching is an accepted, so respected instrument in the company today. Click Eric Kuby for additional related pages. It supports people to develop the growing needs in their professional and private lives. So much coaching into won in recent years until in the boardrooms of acceptance, is that inflationary the term itself but used. A distinction to the consulting, training and consultation and psychotherapy does not occur often. Systemic business coach the coach accompanied a process in which clients using different tools and questioning techniques to achieve goals, finding solutions, initiate changes. The coach leads the client through this process, to its strengths to peel out and strengthen its resources.

He supports the clients here, his own solutions, answers, to find alternatives and findings. The coach is an expert for the process, not the subject and accompanies its clients with this expertise. The coach gives no advice, but teaches the client to reflect on themselves. Without reflection, no change, and change can apply only in the me. To accept it, is the first important step in any development process. The systemic teaching consistently represents the approach that each change, the head of a man himself, inevitably affect be Environment has its system.

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