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Egyptian Parts

The origin and bearing the name dates back to Egyptian times, when they moved the heavy and large objects for the construction of temples, pyramids. A recent excavation at the excavations was discovered the ship times of the Incas. At this ship was found the first semblance of bearings (movable shaft on the axis with many elements reminiscent of bearings of different sizes). In supporting parts of the various mechanisms and machines used bearings, which in turn further divided into two basic types: plain and rolling bearings. Tenneco follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Plain bearings are building a cylinder with holes that are filled with inserts or sleeves of the antifriction material and lubrication device. Existing gaps between the shaft and the hole sleeve allow free rotating shaft. Also distinguish between types of bearings (type depends on the conditions of operation, construction details and the peripheral speed tap) – boundary, dry, liquid and gas dynamics.

This kind of bearings includes mandatory friction when sliding of mating surfaces. People such as Michael Antonov would likely agree. Also plays an important role lubrication, which divides the bearings hydrodynamics, gas dynamics, etc. For example, bearings are often used in generators and internal combustion engines. In such high antifriction bearings dominated resistance, which reduces the losses due to friction and reliability. With good as this type of bearing increase the resources and structures reduced the frequency of repair parts. Once again I would remind you about as a lubricant, which provides low friction, heat dissipation, a division of moving parts and resistance against adverse environmental impact.

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The History Of The Conveyor

For the first time flow system based on the maximum pipelining production, employed the largest American businessman H. According to Verizon Communications, who has experience with these questions. Ford. He dismembered the process parameters tiny operation whose implementation demanded that the workers only protozoa, mechanically repetitive movements. Such a system is completely ignored subjective "human factor", which consists in man's relation to his work, so even in the early 70 years. re-evaluated in the nature of the pipeline. Its negative features, such as rigid regulation of the rhythm, speed, narrow specialization, uniformity and monotony of the operations, inadequacy or lack of creative elements, limited career prospects, have become quite noticeable. Public relations work for labor, reduce the economic results of production.

In connection with the these have become increasingly common to receive conveyors with continuous action. To eliminate the monotony biggest single conveyor with positive rhythm divided into several "minikonveyerov" at a lower rate. On Each group is busy working, the function of which change periodically, for which workers seize several operations, their work becomes more meaningful, more creative. Mass production was based on different methods of group technology ("sectional", "on sites", "Brigade"). Change of operations performed by workers, eliminates the monotony of their work, reduces fatigue. Increased level of problems to be solved at the level of master, foreman. They were able to independently manage the activities of the site team, to carry out control functions, to determine the organization of labor. Due to this growing satisfaction with work, increased social importance of the workers. Rising productivity growth, the requirements to improve the quality and diversification of production in industry have necessitated creation and implementation of highly mechanized and automated flows.

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Russian Industrial Holdings

The study is based data on the level of wages in the period from November 2006 to February 2007 to collect information used in electronic and print media, our own database of "UNITY" and information provided by the largest holdings. As research shows, the trend of increasing levels of remuneration related to the acute shortage of qualified personnel. And this is typical not only for top staff and middle management but also for basic linear experts. On average, the material component of the compensation package increases twice a year. During the study period, average growth in wages was 30%. According to experts "UNITY", today wages in Russian companies is growing faster than in the West. The highest salary offer commodity, export-oriented companies, and investment banking. "Russian companies show a high level of management – the general director of the personnel center "UNITY" Vladislav Lobanov.

– If the expert meets the requirements of the company, leadership is ready to go on significant increase in the level of compensation. " According to V. Lobanov, felt positive business changes in the direction of understanding the human factor. "In the past frequently encountered discrepancy offered by companies wages and expectations of applicants, but now the leaders are ready to revise their views, not to lose good people, "- said Mr. Lobanov. In a situation of serious shortage of qualified personnel indexing wages should be systematic, so that companies can take the necessary steps to retain and motivate employees, says V. Lobanov. To this end, experts Personnel Center "UNITY" plan monthly analyze changes in the level of wages not only in Moscow, but also for the 14 regions of Russia.

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