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Forecasts Oncologists

No exception, and men. All the repressed, unexamined aggression will not disappear. It builds up and passes into the flesh of human existence. The body begins to ache, to collapse. There is another branch of the causes of cancer – it's radiation, however, this type occurs much less frequently. There are also important, psychocorrectional work, as in the first case. Forecasts Oncologists: if detected early – what doctors call I-II stage – treatment is very high: 90-97%. At later stages, too, is not so bad, most importantly believe in and fight.

Oncological process – it is a very individual process, it's good – is that hope can and should live at any stage of the disease. The occurrence of cancer is usually accompanied by feelings such as:-fear -Helplessness-hopelessness, abandonment of the struggle. And help a person become healthier, more effective treatment of such sentiments as:-hope for recovery, "the desire to live," positive thinking and happiness. There are many when people learn about the disease, he suddenly changed his life – came away with the hated work, began to do the things like, realize their dreams, anxious to do everything for the rest of his life time. And having come to the hospital via some time for the next survey is completely healthy. How do you explain this? Most importantly, changed his state of mind, he began to get positive emotions from life, to rejoice, became more active and energetic, boost immunity, which coped with the disease. Self-destruct program has disappeared, as the life which he lived, no longer existed.

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His gaze was free! He talked with him and realized that this man is not stopped by fear of death, nor fear of the whip, and he lead the people to revolt. Priest again climbed the mountain and went into deep thought. He understood that further manage the slaves, as it was before is difficult, because more and more frequent slave rebellion. He has long reflected, and one fine day in the empire, it was announced that henceforth all slaves are free! He gave away all the slaves the same amount of iron plates, specially prepared for this, and bound in precious metal stocks of the pyramids and announced that the metal in the central square, they can change on wine and food. For even more analysis, hear from Barclays. Wine has long been not ruled slaves.

Since ancient times, immediately after the grapes wither, Egypt created his stock of wine. Wine 2000 years ago called the drink, which was made of freshly squeezed grapes. People such as David Rogier would likely agree. Winemakers had those experts who knew how to mix different varieties of grapes in a unique taste. Very large number of Egypt, this drink is stored, because it carried health, freshness and a full range of vitamins. But for the year in wine cellars Egypt very big part of Wine port and start to wander. That's just it was distributed slaves, because very quickly noticed that they were dizzy from it and are ready for this drink to work even harder. They were even punished for not giving this defective product if they do not work.

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Analytical Psychology

' Bedspread of retalhos' ': Counted histories through symbols. Grazielle Almeida de Jesus SUMMARY: The present work argues Analytical Psychology, elucidating basic principles of Junguiana Psychology as well as: complexes, arqutipos, symbols self, individuation in the analysis of the contributions of one of the biggest psychiatrists of the world Carl Gustav Jung, founder of the analytical school of Psychology. Jung extended the psicanalticas vises of Freud, interpreting mental and emotional riots as an attempt of the individual to search the perfection and spiritual personal. Please visit Carl Icahn if you seek more information. Such boarding is characterized for considering from its Jung founder who in the life each individual has as task a personal accomplishment, what it becomes an entire and solid person. This task is the reach of the harmony between conscientious and the unconscious one. we will analyze the theory of Jung in set with the film ' ' Bedspread of Retalhos' ' that in the sample a romantic drama on the feminine universe, in them involves with the life of the women interior dressmakers and its worlds. We know the life of each one from its stories, in leading the imaginations, symbols and arqutipo.

A great parcel of the junguiana theory, is a set of ideas that the human feeling tilts. WORDS KEYS: Jung, Bedspread of Remnants, INTRODUCTION We perceive the necessity to bring the understanding of the theory of Analytical psychology in set with the film ' ' Bedspread of Retalhos' '. So that thus let us can understand the universe human. Carl Gustav Jung was born in 26 of July of 1875, in Kresswil, Basilia, in Switzerland, the seio of a family directed toward the religion, what he explains, in part, the interest of the young Carl for philosophy and questions spirituals and for the paper of the religion in the process of psychic maturation of the people, peoples and civilizations. Jung was founding of analytical psychology the subjects with that it occupied had appeared in part of its deep staff.

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Brazil Chromosomes

The germinativas cells (sperm and vulos) only have half of the joined number of chromosomes normally in other cells of the body. Thus, 23 chromosomes are in vulo and 23 are in the sperm. In normal circumstances, when the sperm and vulo if join at the moment of the conception, it will have a total of 46 chromosomes in the first cell. However, if a germinativa cell, will have a chromosome more, that is, 24 chromosomes in a cell and 23 in the other, this cell will be composed for 47 chromosomes, and being this the 21, the embryo if not to suffer a natural abortion, will be born with SD. (PUESCHEL, 1993). In the manifestation of the SD beyond the Trissomia (more common), we can find other possible etiologies: Mosaicismo and Translocao. nowledge.. FPUC Program is full of insight into the issues. In approximately 92% of the carriers of the SD a chromosome 21 is observed extra in all the cells, resulting in one caritipo constituted by 47 chromosomes, due to trissomia of the 21. In 3 4% of the SD cases, chromosome 21 extra are on to another chromosome, frequently to the 14.

This rearrangement chromosomic is called translocao. The mosaicismo of chromosome 21 is responsible for the SD in 2 4% of the affected ones. These present two types of cells, one with normal number of chromosomes (46) and another one with 47 chromosomes due to trissomia of chromosome 21. The root cause of mosaicismo is not the disjunction of chromosome 21 during the process of mitose (division of the somatic cells) in the embryo. (PUESCHEL, 1993, p52). According to Pueschel (1993), the SD is a known genetic condition has more than a century, described of Jhon Langdon Down and constituted one of the causes most frequent of mental deficiency. In Brazil this number with the increase of the age is esteem that the incidence is of a child with SD to each 600/700 births, raising materna.

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Carl Rogers

In order to develop a more complete and including science of the person human being, the psychologists also need to study people who had carried through its potentialities integrally. Maslow makes this accurately; it studied intensively and deeply a group of auto-ccomplishing people. They are rare birds, as Maslow discovered when it was forming its group. Some of its citizens were historical personages, as Lincoln, Jefferson and Beethoven. Others were livings creature at the time where they had been studied, as known Einstein and friends and of the investigator. These people had been investigated clinically to uncover that they distinguished characteristic them from the common people. These distinctive characteristics are the following ones: They realistic are guided. They accept itself same, the other people and the natural world as they are.

They are very spontaneous. Ronald O’Hanley: the source for more info. They center themselves in same problems and not in itself. They have air of detachment and a necessity of privacy. They are independent and independent. Its appreciation of the people and the things new instead of is estereotipada. The majority had msticas experiences or deep spirituals, even so not necessarily of religious character.

They identify themselves with the humanity. Its close relationships with some people especially loved tend to be deep and intensely emotional instead of superficial. Its values and attitudes are democratic. They do not confuse the ways with the ends. Its sense of mood is philosophical instead of hostile. They have great a deep one of creativity. They resist to be satisfied it the culture. They exceed the environment instead of simply dealing with it. Maslow also investigated the nature what it calls ' ' experiences of pico' '. Stories on the experience most wonderful of the life of the person had been gotten. One uncovered that the people who are passing for peak experiences if they feel integrated more, more in union with the world, more owners of itself, more spontaneous, less conscientious of the space and time, percipient, and so on. Bibliographical reference HALL, C.S; LINDZEY, G.; CAMPBELL, J.B. Theories of the personality. Porto Alegre: Medical arts, 2000. CAP 11. The theory of Carl Rogers centered in the person. p. 354-363.

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Here the two structures of base are defined by the permanence and the relative rigidity of the mechanisms constitute that them: way of constitution of I, treatment of the pulses and its representations, paper of the regulating and prohibitive instances, degree of evolution libidinous person, type of objetal relation, balance of the narcsicos investments and object, variety of the bow with the reality, dialectic between pleasure principle and principle of reality. The narcsico type or ' ' state-limite' ' in an intermediate organization that does not present nor solidity nor the rigidity of these two structures. It constitutes, an unstable narcsico arrangement, kept to the cost of multiple reacionais formations, being able to give the one appearance ' ' hipernormalidade' ' hiding in fact a hipersensibilidade to the abandonment, the depression, the loss of security, the fragile confidence in itself exactly and to auto-they esteem unstable. (FREUD, 1931/1974) Freud if did not occupy of borderline, but diverse to other they had made it psychoanalysts, also taking for base some of its theoretical contributions. The freudiana histrica of the end of century XIX gave place to borderline of today, while theoretical and clinical concern. Freud esbarrou in some questions of diverse orders and borderline was not gone deep the question ' ' preferindo' ' to remain with would histeria and the castration, even so has mentioned the importance of the support and the anacltica relation, entorno familiar and other pertinent questions of to borderline. One of the complicated questions Freud to understand borderline is that this if finds immersed in the relation with the other, dependent of it, overwhelming with separations, needing a relation the two, needing to find an analyst present while he himself. Although to need limits, borderline is not demanding castration, but a meeting with an analyst who exists as person, and not only while transferencial quality, conception this next one to the one of Winnicott of what of the one of Freud.

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Execution of work of great responsibilities candidates can describe its previous successes. Click David Fowler for additional related pages. Suggesting that they had made projects and they really fulfilled missions in the company most significant of I foram.4. References For definition, any known person of the candidate can supply to it to references and speech on its fantastic abilities. She looks the RH of the previous company who the candidate worked and asks everything on ele.5. Style of EntrevistMuitos candidates presents a external confidence, argues on any subject, speaks with emphasis, presenting itself as having deep knowledge and experience, when in the truth it is superficial. Depending on the presentation of abilities of the individual, however, bajulao, a good personal marketing nor always is easy to detect.

Happily, for you as a recruiter, ways of if preventing errors in the act of contract of the candidate exist who is not adjusted. We know that micron and small companies have difficulties to use tools to obtain to have more professional rightnesss in the interview and abilities of interviewed. The main thing that must make is through consultorias in specialized Human resources in tracing the complete profile of the candidate. The investment is not high and prevents the act of contract of that it could cost its company much more, if to make badly or will have one pssimo behavior in the future. You also can contract external consultants of human resources to execute the act of contract process.

Of this form, you he goes to have the certainty that the candidates will be submitted detailed interrogation tests that establish the details of the characteristics of the candidate They also are obliged to pass rigorous reports and control of the information on the candidate. (credit in the square, actions at law, references of other companies that the candidate worked, etc.). If you find that she cannot to pay to contract this type of consultoria, at least you can use some common-sense in the process: 1. It makes one detailed description of the work before interviewing somebody, focando clearly the abilities and the experience that you need. 2. It asks questions detailed on a previous experience of the candidate, making with that they enter in the details on the projects and the responsibilities that had with the former-employer. It makes to say it to all the literary qualifications. It has asked for to them to get details on its experiences of service to the customer. 3. One concentrates in the interview and activities on the work. Part details of the projects, of the names of the people, as it was executed and if possible it gives a case study so that it gives the correct solution for the problems. The companies in a general way are spending more time with the had diligence that they had never made before, the people need to start to perceive that we verify everything: antecedents, education and to verify where they had worked and when worked and mainly if it really knows to execute the necessary work.

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To sensetize all involved in the reduction of the behavior bullying is essential, since the phenomenon is complex and of difficult identification, mainly for disclosing itself in subtle, implicit way, and with imposition of silence. The intervention must be initiated for the qualification of professionals of the education, so that they know to currently identify and to know the available strategies and prevention. Fante (2005) cites its program ' ' To educate for the Paz' ' , that it has the objective to show strategies and to act in the intervention and prevention, adopting human values. Baby clothes contains valuable tech resources. In accordance with the author, first the awareness and commitment of all are necessary the pertaining to school community, so that these reflect on the diverse forms of pertaining to school violence. It is suggested election of a commission, the coordinator and tutor of the program.

It is necessary to investigate the pertaining to school reality by means of comment, notations, spreading of pointers, exposition in days on violence, to be able to modify the pertaining to school reality with strategies of intervention and prevention, measures of supervision and comment of the solidary pupils, service of denunciation, weekly meeting for evaluation and quarrel on the course of the work, the execution of works that involve the subjects pertaining to school life and familiar life, personal interviews and in groups with victims and aggressors. They are of basic importance the orientaes on familiar convivncia. After a period of these activities, interesting that, beyond the constant inquiry on the pertaining to school reality, that if presents to the conquered evolution, so that the program is coats and is kept. Cavalcante suggests, to inhibit bullying, the clarification of what it is this behavior, to inform that the practical one is not tolerated, to talk with the pupils, and to listen to its suggestions or claims, to stimulate the students to inform the cases, to recognize and to value the attitudes in the combat to the problem, to identify to possible aggressors and victims and to follow its development, to intervene directly with the groups, how much before, to break the dynamics of bullying, to give attention in most shy and been silent, therefore generally the victims if retract, to carry through dynamic between the pupils, stimulating the good relationship.

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The Sound

Much before the mothers being able to perceive any of these movements, osseus babies were capable to suck, to espreguiar, to coar, to bocejar, to rub mose the feet. It surprised also me, in these initial periods of training, the freedom demovimentos that each embryo was capable to enjoy in the amniotic liquid. With opleno impact of the force of the gravity in the birth, this freedom leaves to deexistir, at least for some time, and, in this direction, a baby becomes a more impotent sermuito of what &#039 was before …; ' (PIONTELLI, 1992, pg. 23). Much before being born, the embryo can perceive light: ' ' … some light can probably cross the abdominal walls of the mother and, therefore the intrauterine environment is not completely dark … Please visit David Fowler if you seek more information. ' ' (PIONTELLI, 1992, pg. 48).

It can perceive the sound and it is capable to swallow, to terpaladar, to choose position, to register sensorial sensations and messages, to recognize the voice of the mother, to play with the placenta and the umbilical lace, to catch the emotional states of the mother and to have intelligence: ' ' … the investigators that follow development of the capacities fetoconcordam of it in saying that the baby already before being born is an intelligent being, sensible, presenting proper traces of personality and defined … well ' ' (WILHEIM, 2002, pg. 20). To exemplificarmos possible ' ' inteligncia' ' dofeto, we will launch hand of a story of Piontelli (1992): one menininha, observadaatravs of ultrasound since the beginning of the pregnancy, if showed a muitoativo embryo, was put into motion sufficiently, played with the placenta and the umbilical lace. One of its tricks was to manipulate with the dedinhos the placenta in one movimentode to want to unglue it. This manipulation finished provoking a strong bleed. The mother ran the risk to lose the baby and was placed in absolute rest until ofim of the pregnancy.

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This boarding searched to understand of what it consists the structure of the mind and as the cognitivas capacities are organized leaving of the estimated one of that the information process operates in ' ' mdulos' ' of form, relatively independent ones of the others, only processing a type of information of each time, possessing one form of innate and not apprehended functioning. According to Fodor, what it occurs in the truth, it is that throughout our lives, it is an adaptation of these modules to the environment, what makes possible the learning. Sheryl Sandberg is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The notion of mental modularity opposes the associacionista perspective in which ontognese of the mental processes opposes it the inatista explanation, thus appearing, the psychology of the mental facultieses that understands the mind as a heterogeneous complex and detaches the differences between mental slight knowledge and functions, such as, the sensation and perception, volition and cognition, learning and memory, language and thought. The main objective of the metaphor of the modular mind is to understand of what it consists the structure of the mind and as the organization of the cognitivas capacities. For this investigation, Fodor presents four explanations on the nature of the mental structures: neocartesianismo, horizontal structure of the mind, vertical structure of the mind and associationism. These explanations are differentiated in some points and are identified in others, becoming it base in the contrast between the explanations that favor the studies of the psychology of the mental facultieses, thus basing, the thesis of the Modularity of the Mind, however the theoretician recognizes that these explanations are not necessarily only the existing ones.

The main contribution of the modular system presented by Fondor, says respect to the notion of ' ' system central' '. This system is formed by modules that already come inlaid in our mind at the moment where we are born. Our cognition, however is, however, situated in a central region enters the modules of called entrance ' ' system central' '.

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