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Body Image

The adolescent one starts to have a relation with the compromised body, therefore the inherent unreliability to would histeria places in check the legitimacy of the ticket to the woman condition, especially because the mother is common to continue to see the children adolescent as children and to treat them as such. The look of the mother finishes for bringing intense discomfort and the refusal to the food reflects the refusal to the familiar dynamics that if tries to impose. As food and affection if permeiam in the unconscious one, that one if becomes efficient instrument of repudiation the position materna. The anorxica patient costuma to present you say of the type nothing has favour in my life, therefore nothing it is everything that it considers itself to receive, is everything who it has, become this nothing one object with which it interacts in all the segments of its life, also in the sexual sphere, therefore it starts to occupy with priority status in the libidinal economy of the citizen. Special care must have the analyst when verbalizar for the patient its diagnosis. The certainty of being anorxica can place it num place stanches to emascarar its particular relation with its symptom. It is exactly to break dessaparticularidade that if must investigate the relation of the anorxica with its desire. It is common to hear of the patients engaged in the treatment you say of the type ' ' I very wanted to feel desire, but not sinto' ' , what he is perfectly understandable, since it stole itself of its desires, he forbade themselves to have pleasure and he enjoys essentially in the lack, as is inherent to the histrica. What more it worries the analyst, in the case of the histrica anorexy, is that this lack surpasses the affection desire, therefore the patient acts in the body, in a self-destruction process.

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The Positive

At first, this game will seem a little strange, but even if you are sorely lacking money to pay all the bills, which are recorded in your book, it is still double the amount in the rightmost column and be proud that they are able to keep this a promise to do everything possible to pay off debts and even, if need be, make twice the money than the minimum required amount. As you look at your financial situation with a completely new point of view, your vibrations are gradually beginning to change. If you feel a little proud because he know how to keep one's word, the vibrations begin to improve. If you do promise to pay twice as much money (than required by minimum) to pay off some bills, the vibrations begin to improve. And thanks to this improvement, even if it is barely noticeable, your financial situation will also be a gradual change. If you find such an opportunity and spend a little time in entering all the required payments on the notepad, then re-sfokusiruete attention on the positive aspects and, consequently, activate the vibration favorable to improve its cash situation.

Rather than upset about the new bill, found in a mailbox, you'll be looking forward to the moment when you can Record and the debt to his notebook. Your vibration position will improve significantly, and thereby begin transformed and financial position. In your life suddenly, from nowhere penny, the money will start to appear. To begin with you, for example, find a large quantity of goods at reduced prices, so you can properly save. With your finances will be real miracles. And you, watching what is happening, do not forget to carefully take notice all the positive moments. Be absolutely sure that all this happens it is due to change in the direction of your attention. All these miracles are not other than as a result of raising your vibration.

When you come to these unexpected money, you feel a burning desire to pay off debts that are in the far right column when you do, you will be able to just delete this column from a notebook. And so, gradually, the debt will begin to disappear from your life, column for column. And each time more and more will increase the gap between what was and what we have. You will feel that is it – the financial well-being and your sense of self worth will increase many times compared with what you have experienced in the day, when we started this game. If you treat the process seriously, your vibration on the money question will rise so rapidly and significantly that you can pay off your debts in a very short time. Of course, if you really want this. In your debt does not have anything to worry about. But if they are perceived as a burden, then all that comes to money, your vibration will be full of resistance. When this heavy burden will fall on my shoulder, you will find yourself in a place open to the flow of the Good, bringing abundance and Prosperity in your life.

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