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MGP Publicity

From the sprouting and his first manifestations, the publicity has looked for and it has been nourished of different disciplines have enriched that it as far as used resources, ideologies, and forms of expression. Some contend that Oracle shows great expertise in this. Among them are the artistic manifestations and movements, whose resources and have equipped it to elements with tools valid to communicate of more efficient way the advertising messages. Between the contemporary artistic movements that they feed the publicity, it excels the MGP Art, a current that directly ties the art with the communication of masses and whose term is used to designate the artistic manifestations based on the popular culture which they arise more in the urban scope of the industrialized societies. Artists MGP use like expression means the realistic figuration, through which they shape a thematic one coming from the culture of masses, characterized by the use of images spread by mass media. The MGP Art is a movement that arises against one from the pillars from publicity: the consumer society; and that is distinguished by its ambiguities: to take the essence from the publicity, its form and until its average ones to obtain a exhibition level unforeseen circumstance for an artistic manifestation. The MGP affirms in which criticism to achieve its objectives: it takes from the publicity aspects that do not share it reuses and them to create his own messages, giving back it like a new and innovating product. The identification of the resources of the MGP in advertising warnings in the decade of the 2000 is practically instantaneous and to determine as of these they continue influencing in the publicity, and although in his majority they have changed or changed through time, they continue being effective tools at the time of communicating the messages. The importance of this characteristic for the publicity, resides in the fact to demonstrate as this activity can identify and take resources from different disciplines, among them the artistic movements, to enrich its messages, how the publicity is nourished of certain activities that apparently, and in a vague one watched nothing it has to do with her, and nevertheless, these activities like expressions of a society, are their voice and must be listened to by the signallers at the time of making their messages, since it is the same society of where we will extract these resources to that will be given back to him, which guarantees to us, but the effectiveness, at least the pick up of the message and the fact that the same people and means focuses their attention on her.

The same importance has this investigation for the society inspires that it, who will understand how the publicity, a tie activity with the consumption and the massive means, can be influenced with manifestations that including in some cases are against her. How these resources enrich the messages and make them more interesting for the receivers, and like these they are seduced by messages that even though they seem accidental and superficial have been investigated, and extracted of the same society that receives them.

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Cuban Government

It is not necessary to forget, that Obama always declared, that We are a single country, we are a single nation, and the time of the change has arrived. He is totally conscientious, that is due to generate other policies of approach with Latin America, more when this convinced than the countries of this Continent are several that have socialist ideology. Nevertheless, it considers that there are great opportunities of approach, especially to guarantee a dynamic commercial activity, mainly, when it knows that a close oil commercial interrelation with Venezuela stays, aspect that significantly weighs in the operativity energetics of the country, although this conscientious one that has other alternatives in the business of petroleum, in case of some decision, drastic of the Venezuelan government in interrupting the sale of that product. It considers that the United States can provide a good aid to the Latin American countries, mainly when recognized that the cause of the rise Populist in Latin America is that than one hundred million citizens more marginalized they hardly live with two dollars to the day. Of here, that its interest not always will be based on endorsement of the democracy, but also in the fight against the injustice and the inequality. Obama has indicated in addition, that the political field is eroded very in Latin America and it is needed to rescue certain areas to adapt the democracy to a stable reality, where the fight must be against the injustice and the social inequality. This ready to negotiate with the new Cuban government, without rigid conditions, waiting for gestures and an intention of liberalization. Momentarily it will not raise the embargo, it will suspend the limitations of trip and the money shipment, has indicated the intensity to close the base of Guantnamo Is open to which the Cuban Government proposes to him, who already its president Raul I castrate is looking for the possibility of meeting with him in a country, neutral zone, making emphasis in looking for a new opening aim to standardize the commerce between EE.

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