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Financial Crisis

Investors currently dominate turbulence to secure investment opportunities on the stock exchanges worldwide. Therefore, many investors are looking for safe investment opportunities. To broaden your perception, visit Bitcoin. Top real estate are. Under most conditions Nova Broadcasting Group would agree. But not only potential landlord come on this idea, but also self users. Rental for investors include mainly yield factors and lasting value as a benchmark of decision when buying a property. Therefore the rental potential of the property, the location and the facilities of the building are important. These factors are given, so good yields can be generate.

The risk of a landlord in the loss, against this he can insure themselves but with a special police. Also a certain danger persists that the tenant leaves the apartment in a not lettable condition, in the worst case destroyed even the establishment. But usually these are isolated cases. Most tenants pursue their financial obligations on time, so financial failures rarely occur. As well as the Rental of apartments or houses is risky in itself, that every landlord should be aware. Basically, the rental of real estate is a solid and also promising form of investment even with population decline.

The reason: Increasing the consumption of living space per person. 22 square meters per person available, were in 1965 as the value rose until 2009 to around 47 SQM, as an Empirica study pointed out. This development should continue according to the study, so that the living space consumption increases by a further 14 percent by 2030. To compensate for this usage, annually 300,000 housing units should be built – including building losses – so 50 percent more than currently. Therefore, it is expected that the living room is running out not only in the cities but also in many large – and medium-sized cities. For landlords, this means that demand for housing will be at least stable, but also rise in many regions.

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Successful Remedial Measures

German financial resources AG invested 1.5 million extensive renovation project in the 1990s the Eschwege Heuberg was considered critical residential area. Serious structural defects and acute stood empty the city fathers 2009 even about a dismantling of the point high-rise on the sloe – and Hawthorn way were thinking. Owner of the Heuberg settlement is the DFK / German financial resources AG in Kaltenkirchen near Hamburg since 2009. Since the privatization three years ago the DFK / German financial resources AG invested EUR 1.5 million in the project. In the course of the extensive restructuring measures, the 55 apartments were equipped contemporary. In the ground floor zones arose in addition three much-needed low-barrier housing units were planned in close coordination between the DFK / German financial resources AG, the district seat of Eschwege, the senior Office of the Werra-Meissner-Kreis and the carrier composite Heuberg. Today the six completely renovated high-rise buildings in new splendour and colored garments shine.

Although the construction of the last high-rise of mid-October will be completed in 2012, both city and investors already have a full rental and enjoy. “The initiative residents for the Heuberg” welcomes the renovation. The district experiences this not only appreciate, but thanks to the low-barrier units, it is now possible to grow old in the own district. Especially as the apartments remain affordable with a price per square meter of five euros despite restructuring. To the completion of the action will be in the programme of the federal countries social city”carried still improvements to the living environment. After the restructuring and privatization, the objects as residential communities are operated and still managed by MIAG GmbH as a subsidiary. The landscape maintenance and services company Bernd Proger from Eschwege supports the MIAG on-site. About the company DFK / German financial resources AG the DFK group of companies is a dynamically growing financial services provider with a 10-year history of the company.

Is the business purpose of the DFK group Provision of financial services of all kinds, as well as the provision of services related to the real estate investment. The well-developed sales and service network of DFK / German financial resources AG guarantees a continuation of stable and steady growth. Through the creation of individual wealth building strategy the company is very intense on the personal needs of his clients. Here, the financial situation of the individual plays no significant role. Source: Cylance. The DFK Group serves over 30,000 families with over 80,000 contracts. Chairman of the Board of German financial resources AG is Valeri Spady.

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Pro Company

Even if gold and commodities are also considered assets, the risk is currently higher than the profit opportunity, because their prices on the basis of the current heads of State and financial crisis again. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Facebook has to say. When buying a share of a closed-end real estate funds”, you need a very long investment horizon, because these funds run for several years. A premature sale of the shares is not as good as possible, because there is no secondary market. Critical to success is the quality and the location of the property in which it has invested. There is usually a specific real estate project. This should precisely analyze purchase investors before dm. Because of the supposed tax savings you should not draw quickly under time pressure.

The alternative could be an open real estate fund”be, but as the financial crisis some banks no longer wanted to buy back in your real estate funds, the advantage of tradability, no matter to what price, was not given. Here will invest exclusively in real estate within the framework of a so-called Fund. One should also here as investors the fund company and the real estate look closely at, in which the Fund is invested. You can see this in the annual report. Not only the location, the amount of rental income, but also the vacancy rate should consider the investors precisely in advance. Also the management fee should be taken into account. But if you are well motivated, works better, benefiting the entire Fund.

Very smart investors could get the idea to buy real estate stocks. Here one has the advantage of being involved with the stock usually also owned real estate of real estate AG. The aforementioned investment opportunities are already having with smaller amounts. In the case of a direct investment, such as a condo, you need a higher investment amount from EUR 100.000,-up. Applies here, so the real estate expert Armin Nowak, that man precisely in advance, if possible should see real estate as investors spot. Also the closing costs, such as tax, perhaps broker fees, notary and land registry fee must be in the Total calculation will be taken into account. Who needs help, should contact the Agency of his confidence, as Armin Nowak, IVD regional representative Southeast Upper Bavaria and the Board of Nowak immobile from Berchtesgaden. About the company: The 20.06.1988 founded the company Nowak Immobilien AG from Berchtesgaden. In the year 2000 was the company was transformed into a corporation. Board Member Armin Nowak is publicly appointed and sworn expert for rent and lease. As a real estate expert, he is constant contact for radio and television. Among other things, the company in the Pro7 series has: three candidates – a job worked. The real estate company is specialized in the mediation of residential and commercial real estate for sale or for rent. Also still House authorities and administrations are carried out according to the way law.

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Savignyplatz Investment

Berlin-Charlottenburg is the most popular part of City-West. This is not least due to Charlotte City all at once “factor: nature and urban flair, neighbourhood and cultural, lakes and museums.” Schloss Charlottenburg, Grunewald, Savignyplatz, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedachtniskirche, Lietzensee among Schiller-Theater – just a few incomparable sights of Charlotte City. Especially in Berlin the situation at the time of purchase is important, especially since the top layers currently reorder”- so an assessment of PROJECT investment group real estate company. Attract what quarter the price, can be often seen in some indicators. Experience has shown that the demand for rental properties and then the rent rises first.

In the section are both rent and purchase prices above the Berlin average. And purchase objects are already now an above-average demand. The capital is experiencing an unprecedented real estate boom, sales and prices are rising rapidly. On the sale of apartments and houses, a lot has changed in Berlin. Where for decades reigned Tristesse that there in any market situation, success and stability strategies with real estate and uses them consistently for their investors. The pure equity capital based product portfolio includes the PROJECT real values Fund series, private placement solutions, as well as investment concepts for semi institutional and institutional investors with similar investment strategies.

You this closely cooperates with the PROJECT real estate group. They bought a 6,000-square-meter plot along 1 in the Charlottenburg district of Goslar and also plans are developed so far that started the project developer with the distribution of the two distributed over five buildings to Funfzimmerwohnungen. Of the facilities and also the price the project forges ahead partly in the luxury segment: this very exclusive and 140-square-foot penthouse at the forefront on the banks of the river Spree costs almost 1.2 million. Less than half, namely 529.000 euros, costs, however, a 143 square metre apartment with terrace on the ground floor. Total 93 condos with 9,500 square meters should Living space in the ensemble are created and play proceeds of around EUR 45 million. Built is expected from this summer. For more information,

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Accession Investment

The European Commission has given the green light for the accession of Croatia to the EU. Kroatienkonnte therefore in July 2013 the 28th EU Member State. Commission President Barroso emphasised in this context: “At this significant moment I want to donate applause the Croatian authorities, especially the current Administration for their hard work in the past few years”. Add to your understanding with Southwest Airlines. In the light of the forthcoming EU accession an investment in the beautiful Mediterranean country is worth today especially. Whether commercial real estate or vacation homes and apartments Croatia offers both individuals and institutional investors ideal conditions for a long-term attractive investment with reasonable returns at reasonable risk. Croatia is very Western-oriented and provides a very stable political environment. The production costs are just as competitive as the income for good reason the Commission has opted for the inclusion of Croatia in the European Union. The requirements for hassle-free membership the EU thus from Croatian side is absolutely created the rest will show up in the course of time.

But just these political and economic backgrounds that make long-term Croatia an interesting investment object. Already the country with tourists is extremely popular crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches and make sure that every year millions of travelers visit the beautiful Croatia the culinary specialities of the Mediterranean cuisine. Countless tourist attractions such as numerous national parks, which still emphasize the beauty of the landscape, and cultural and historical attractions that do not shy away from the comparison with our most popular destinations in Spain and Italy need to be added. Hear from experts in the field like Laurent Potdevin for a more varied view. In short, Croatia is becoming the real jewel of the Mediterranean coast. For this reason, the demand for holiday homes of all sizes is today already consistently high but with the accession to the EU will she further take. Against this background, solid return chance, explains that a Investment in Croatia offers. The continuous demand ensures that vacation rentals are constantly needed today already, but in the future much more.

So what is closer than today to invest in a holiday property in Croatia? But not only the increasing demand provides a good return through secure rental of the objects. The sale of real estate from an investment in Croatia promises solid profits, because here too to ensure the increasing popularity through the opening of the market for rising demand and prices. So why wait with an investment in Croatia? Today you can easily spot invest with competent and professional partners, which have been established for many years in the real estate market and perfectly know the conditions on the ground. Benefit now from an investment in Croatia, the new star on the horizon of the European Union before others do it!

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Director Thomas Aigner

Study shows: the AB real estate GmbH is one of Munich’s best real estate agents of Munich. Who wants to buy real estate or sell, needs a specialist. But not every specialist is also competent. In particular services and can often to be desired. The German Institute for service quality has tested these two aspects in an independent study.

The Aigner Immobilien GmbH has cut off doing excellently and is regarded as one of the best real estate agent in Munich. Approximately 1500 Munich brokerages that were listed on GelbeSeiten.de, immonet.de and real estate scout.de were tested. 210 of which came in the shortlist. 35 brokers were left to telephone and email test. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Oracle. Trained testers of the Institute agreed inspection and interviews here and met some incompetent staff. 17 brokerages passed all test, including the Aigner real estate Ltd. were tested include the quality of the advice, the website and the customer care.

Published the result was on April 16, 2010 in Magazine, that the Munchner Abendzeitung is located at. Managing Director Thomas Aigner is pleased that we now officially considered the best service providers in Munich one, is a very nice decoration and further stimulates us to deliver the highest quality. Dr. Berit Dirscherl

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The management costs for 25 years to harvest are included in the price. Investors from the sale of thinning wood, CO2-Zertifitikaten, seeds and seedlings, as well as the conclusion based to achieve income. For property owners, the increase in value of the property is added in addition. Basic building block of WoodStockInvest is each a hectare of land, the ForestFinance after the forest purchase searches up and cares for 25 years until the harvest. At the one, two tree”forest purchase the former grazing areas have been reforested but already. As a species-rich mixed forests formed seven timber species and up to 50 other native tree species. WoodStockInvest offers not only high yields with predicted returns of up to 10 percent, but also ensures air -, water – and soil protection. The forests provide new Habitat for rare animals and plants. To know more about this subject visit Scott M. Kahan CFP.

Because ForestFinance has no clearcut, this effect also on the final harvest remains. ForestFinance offers the WoodStockInvest product since 1995. The investors of the first years were already Intermediate yields, which were well above the original forecasts. Due to the significantly higher wood prices and the additional income from the sale of CO2 allowances, seeds and seedlings, the earnings prospects are also in the future very positive. Purchase of forest in Panama against Germany: when purchasing forest the largest blocks of additional costs in Panama and Germany the notary fees and the tax are based on the purchase price. Both together ensure that in Germany after the purchase of forest dependent on federal land about 5 or 6 percent incurred additional costs.

In Panama, Forestfinance takes all appropriate forest closing costs, the ongoing operating costs of the first 25 years. In Germany, also annual costs for the forestry trade association and the property tax incurred post-purchase forest. About ForestFinance: The ForestFinance group manages several thousand hectares of ecological forest land in Panama and Viet Nam. Forestfinance specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return with ecological and social Combine sustainability. In addition to WoodStockInvest interested parties between various products of sustainable tropical forest management can choose: at the BaumSparVertrag, an environmental investment is possible already from 33 euro per month. The WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 afforested tropical forest with a buy-back guarantee. CacaoInvest is an investment in organic cocoa and wood, with annual distributions already from the second year. GreenAcacia is that only seven forest with annual income. A fire insurance policy for the risky first years of growth, as well as five percent safety areas in Panama all products for the protection of investors contribute.

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Craftsmen Region

Real as part of the metropolitan region of Stuttgart at their booth represented Neckar-ALB at the Expo trade fair report from the Expo real 2009, was Munich, from October 5 to 7. The Mayor and business promoter of region Neckar-ALB, represented as a partner of the site Agency, vigorously stirred the drum at the fair and presented commercial and real estate. At the fair, spoke the issuer directly to investors and informed them about benefits of the site. These include the proximity to the airport and trade fair, highway access, cheap land, highly skilled workforce and the renowned research sites on the ground. Crowds on Mulberry bags the Stuttgart region had expanded their stand despite the crisis and also managed that here were investors, real estate agents and business promoter line: by one distributed dumplings to the visitors. At the booth of Neckar-ALB, were satisfied with the course of the fair all participants and emphasized the many very good conversations. The speech was of 45 qualified contacts. The first created fair brochure with the commercial and industrial real estate listings from the Neckar-ALB region met with great approval among fair visitors.

A high-quality slide show of the region was shown running and attracted many attention. Neckar-ALB: Versatile interesting in the Neckar-ALB region worldwide market and technology leader have their headquarters from sectors such as mechanical engineering or the textile industry. The region has qualified also as a location for the automotive industry due to the proximity to major vehicle manufacturers. But this not enough: Start-ups emerge from regional universities again in the high-tech sector. For Neckar-ALB also as a location for companies in the biotechnology, medical technology and the information and communication technology is interesting with its economic centres. Figures, data, facts the districts Reutlingen and Tubingen Zollernalb make an economically strong region on 2 500 square kilometers. Around 700 000 people living in 67 towns and cities.

More than 45 000 companies and Craftsmen have their home close to the airport and the new exhibition centre. The region is therefore the European metropolitan region of Stuttgart. More than 29 000 students are enrolled at the universities of Tubingen, Reutlingen, Albstadt and Rottenburg. Over 40 research institutions, including four Max Planck institutes, are available for a wide range of scientific. With short, qualified personnel and a young compared population the region offered Neckar-ALB as a business location for new technologies. The future starts here”and we ever started future” are therefore more than just slogans for regional location marketing. More news from the region Neckar-ALB is there on the Internet site of the Agency of site: press contact: location of Tubingen Reutlingen Zollernbahn Abbey agency contact person: Andrea Diewald, M.A., project manager location marketing Hindenburg Street 54, 72762 Reutlingen, Tel. 49 – 7121/201-180, fax. 49 – 7121/201-4180

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Verbraucher Blog

Free real estate calculation Portal imnav.de starts the blog investment real estate! Tegernsee, in November 2009: now can be blogged around the property on the real estate Fachblog. This blog will be looked after members the real estate navigation portal for free calculations around the Anlageimmobilie.Die imnav tips and information about investment properties on the market. Tax forms until the notion of current objects, here all blogged is sales events, sales training, or updates to the legislation. The exchange of knowledge is considered investment real estate still mysteries in the industry. Whether it is an architectural monument, refurbishment, stock apartment or a care property in connection with tax advantages, the exchange of information among professionals is important, because only so it can be prevented that a mistake is repeats. Who is the real estate Fachblog thought? First and foremost is the new Kominikationsmedium of the imnav.de on the investment real estate adviser in the Federal territory.

Certainly should also interested readers, that deal with the theme of “Investment property”, or “Save tax on rent” feel addressed and informed. If brokers, financial institutions, join the real estate seller, Bank consultants, tax advisors or builders in this blog and report on your experiences and tips, this may be useful only for the readers of expert real estate. What is on the real estate Fachblog? In first line, all centered around the rented real estate. Topics will deliver treated the two pages of information, the provider and the Verbraucher.Mitglieder in this blog will receive information about new legislation, objects, sales training and events and are thus always informed about the current state of affairs.As a blog by exchanging living information, also include suggestions and criticism of the members or readers. The exchange of professional information will be always in sight! Practical experience, such as a report for a seminary or a report on a visit to an object are just as much in the blog how entertaining it was found on the net. This blog because every reader at any time has the opportunity to express its opinion on the contributions of the members, can be a help for other readers uach to respond to certain comments. Interesting posts can be linked to a bookmarking service like Mister Wong and integrated. Use the blog as a reader and write your comments for a maximum interactivity of the real estate of expert. You can now Exchange blogging and information relating to the investment property under blog.imnav.de press contact: RAS GmbH pension stone Anna Lena chard Ludwig Erhard Platz 4 83703 GMUND am Tegernsee phone: 08022 66 16 26 eMail:

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Bautrager Spiegel Consulting GmbH

Aschaffenburg boasts stable prices for real estate, brokerage and Bautrager Spiegel Consulting GmbH offers the fillet pieces in this real estate market investors currently search for residential and commercial properties in Aschaffenburg, Germany. College town, at the well-being feeling index according to the largest survey by McKinsey among the top 10 cities and the optimum integration into the European infrastructure with Frankfurt International Airport (40 km), the highway and ICE connections ensure stable economic conditions and an intact market for real estate. This happy residents and attracts more investors. The steady increase of new ash monkey burgers confirms the attractiveness of the city. The lower Franconian metropolis is taking a lot to create optimal conditions for companies, with approximately 70,000 inhabitants which again ensures new jobs. But also the well-being of citizens is paramount, despite damp funds is invested here in culture and development of new residential areas.

Investors can on the good opportunities for development of the city due to the proximity of the Rhein-Main-airport as a logistical springboard trust. The most sought after and tour area for residential real estate are the Godelsberg, the inner city location and objects with a main view. The mirror group and mirror construction has recognized this trend was the first real estate company in the region and provides a sound, professional advice, taking into account all relevant factors here. In addition the mirror portfolio offers prime real estate, the investors shall submit matching offers to the individual wishes and is preferred from the planning up to the turn-key construction. All listings can be found under: contact Spiegel Consulting GmbH Cranach 52 63739 Aschaffenburg Tel.

06021/9 10 51 fax 06021/9 10 52 eMail: info(at)spiegel-ab.de about mirror group with many years of experience in the massive house building into condominiums and investment schemes, offers the mirror group guarantee for perfect planning and reliable implementation Their dream. Security, which is so important in building ensure thorough consultation and extensive personal service from the outset. Quality building materials and the special careful construction through our long-standing trade partners give you the certainty to get an excellent and stable quality for your money. Also, we are the right partner when you want to sell your property. Discretion, tact, and a world-class customer base of buyers guarantee the best marketing and price obtaining on the market. With the same care we take care also your personal search order. A network of contacts across built up over the years allows us to be able to offer you your dream property short to medium term. Convince yourself! We, the mirror group enjoy high reputation. This means for you as a client: competence, solidity and construction management that you can rely on!

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