Jibaja is prey by drunken and aggressive scavenger, Wally Saenz can go to jail for thief, matter more than criminals, rapists, assassins – already almost turned into superstars – continue bringing brightness to its curriculum of lumpen-proletarians, i.e. who imported thousands of cirrhotic, and cancerous who matter to those who need Corneas. Medulas Hosea, kidneys, heart and lungs can be news that a corpse can save 8 people? NO and always NO, we’ve tired of touching these doors and listening to us for mercy but never discussed anything, the kidney they have that be daisy-chained and bleeding their glasses on the doors of the insurance to make take them a photo and comment two lines in newspapers and newscasts, are some Congressman interested in this topic? NO and always NO, never managed activities but there are cameras around, some Minister is moved to tears by these patients? nobody! LO SIENTO my dear liver, still defends you onlyyou’re polyglot but here do not speak the language of love (the one that you dominate), here will speak the language of the bribe, show media, the language of silence, the scavenger language – that dialect emerged from the barricades of the Colon-, solidarity is only a mask that it placed a few crooks, for varnishing your hypocrisy and appearing on panels, recipesnewscasts and newspapers, sorry friend! Nobody here speaks your language do QUEEEE? babbled the Grandote, but and the laws-whispered timidly, Calla Grandote! that laws speak?, counting with the Constitution, laws, codes and resolutions here there are more than twenty legal norms which intersect and stumble among them while your still dying, it is that you forget what you always say more than good laws is required for good govern-men but don’t worry that if we went out with life of this attack you promise that SERE Congressman! promise it you before Goddo, homeland and the thousands and thousands of Peruvians who require of? organs to continue living, they vote for us since the Congress will do everything more viable, more simple, we educaremos to the population and society as a whole will be like you, will be helpful, supportive, integrated, franca. you will see! deja de llorar, see we are embraced by your ducts, through your vessels and remove their dirt those retrovirus that circulate in our blood as gang beodas and evening dry those tears! And fight by my side..